Tell a Story with iPad #4881


Course catalog description:

The iPad is one of the most robust creative devices available to students and teachers: a video camera, a photo editor, a video editor, a communication device all in one. The iPad enables students to express creative stories through pictures, sound and video.


In this course, participants will learn how to use apps to tell polished stories and share them with the community using the iPad. Apps such as Adobe Spark and Tellagami can replace a static poster in communicating ideas. Teachers can share information about their classrooms to parents by making the paper bulletin board come to life by playing media-rich stories off any piece of paper with an app on your iPad. In this weekend course, participants will learn how to improve storytelling from start to finish using the latest App technologies for the iPad.


Course Coordinator: Chris Casal; Open To: K-6; Time: F 1/20, 3:30-7:30; Sa 1/21, 8:30-4:30; Location: Heathcote School computer lab; Credit: One point salary credit or stipend


  1. Introduction of course coordinator and participants
  2. Overview of weekend and course goals/project requirements
  3. iPad refresher
  1. settings
  2. optimizing iPad
  3. downloading apps
  4. personal preferences
  1. Camera activity
  1. scavenger hunt utilizing photo
  2. video
  3. panoramic
  4. time-lapse
  1. Tell a story through a slide show
  1. show special effects
  2. transitions
  3. background music
  1. Show apps for telling stories
  1. Adobe Spark Vide
  2. Adobe Spark Post
  3. Adobe Spark Page
  4. Book Creator
  5. Explain Everything
  6. Keynote
  7. Paper53
  8. Puppet Pals HD
  9. Sock Puppets
  10. Tellagami
  11. Touchcast
  1. Homework
  1. research/explore an app to share for next session


  1. Review
  1. 45 minute review of apps from Friday
  1. What did we find?
  1. 30 minutes to share any new apps
  1. Workshop - tell a story
  1. 30 minutes to take photos & video to use as material
  1. ideas: directions to the water fountain/bathroom/library/etc
  1. 15 minutes to tell the story with app of choice
  2. 15 minutes to share
  1. Re-Tell
  1. 15 minutes to re-tell the same story using a different app
  2. 15 minutes to share
  1. Ways to share
  1. YouTube
  2. Twitter
  3. Blog
  4. Schoolwires
  1. Choose one project from the day and post it

Course Project