CTDS Meeting Minutes 9/6/2016

In attendance: Derek Brown, George Young, Sharon Westlake, Margaret Granbery, Suzanne Ford

Treasurer’s Report: See attached

Sharon has already started the 2016 financial report

Next Dance: Horse Mountain, unconfirmed caller; George will run sound; Heather will host; Derek is point person

Sound Help: Derek’s son, Reid Brown, will help with sound in future

Fall Schedule: Margaret will add Board point person as item on Steve’s Google Doc schedule. Derek will speak with Deb re: future dates and English Country Dances, as well as our contract. October 22 and December 10 dances will have a holiday theme. Margaret will ask Steve to talk to talent about themed dances, etc.

Announcement Template:

Anniversary Dance: Derek will confirm with church. Margaret will reach out to Andrea Pitkow about how to best honor those dancers who have helped out over the years.

Website Ideas:

Publicity: Suzanne entered in local listing with the TFP, Pulse, American Towns. Suzanne will try Meetup to see if it would be worthwhile to have an account.

Keys: Sharon does not have kitchen key. Derek will copy correct key and ensure that we have the approved 3 sets of keys.

Next Meeting: Monday, Oct. 3 at 6 pm at Yellow Deli