ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education), which is funded through the Minnesota Department of Education, requires District 2 to have a COMMUNITY WIDE SURVEY this year.  The purpose of this survey is to determine the needs of the community for people who have, or have contact with, children ages birth through grade 3.  ECFE wants to determine who is being served, who is not being served, and how we can include more people in programming.  Please take 10-20 minutes to complete this survey.  All information will be confidential and will be used only to determine the needs of our school district.  When you complete your survey please indicate the grade level (s) of children you are familiar with.  IF THERE IS MORE THAN ONE ADULT PER HOUSEHOLD PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MAKE COPIES OF THIS FORM FOR ALL ADULTS, or have all adults do the survey online.  Online surveys will be available after April 1st on the Hill City School Website.

All surveys will be tabulated and used, anonymously, to create an action plan for next year’s programming.

This survey may be done on paper and pencil and returned to the school office or your child’s teacher or it may be done online.  You may find the survey link online at the Hill City ISD 002 Website or Facebook Site. The link to the survey will be on the main page of the website and on the Early Childhood Pages.  You may also have the link emailed to you by contacting Kathy Carroll at

The mission of Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) is to strengthen families through the education and support of all parents in providing the best possible environment for the healthy growth and development of their children.



What is your age (choose one)

         Under 20-1   20-29-11   30-39-24    40-49-12   50-59-4   60-69-3    70 or older Total-55

Are you (choose one)

         Single-4         Married-43         Divorced-5         Widowed-2         Separated Total-54

Are you

         Male-8         □ Female-41 Total 63

Where do you live? (choose one)

 Hill City-39     Grand Rapids-2    Jacobson-10   Swatara-3    Palisade -1   Other_HC address-1, ISD 318 Total-55

What district do you live in? (choose one)

         002 Hill City-46         318 Grand Rapids-6          001 Aitkin-3  Other___________Total -55

Do you live in city limits? (choose  one)

         Yes-16         No-39 Total 55

What is your highest level of education (choose one)

 8th grade-1         HS diploma-12         GED-          Trade or Technical school-11        

 Some college, no degree, CNA-7         AA, AAS-17         Bachelor’s Degree-5  MA,MS-3         PH.D-1

Current job status (choose one)

 Employed 25-40 hours per week,-31 Employed 50+ 2  Employed less than 25 hours per week-5

 Unemployed, seeking employment-3        Unemployed, not seeking employment-16

Your income level (confidential – used for demographic purposes only) (choose one)

 Under $10,000-6         $10,000-$19,000-10  □ $20,000-$29,000-3         $30,000-$39,000-7      $40,000-$49,000-3         $50,000-$59,000-7   $60,000-$74,999-6         $75,000 or more-11

How many people live in your household?         1-8

Are you a parent (if yes, please indicate how many children under each category below)

        How many children do you have ages 0-3  32

        How many children do you have ages 4-5  18

        How many children do you have ages 6-9  50

        How many children do you have ages 10-18  42

        How many adult children do you have?  18

If you have a child ages 0-5 do they attend preschool?  (drop down yes or no)

        Yes-21          No-9

If yes , where do they attend preschool? Hill City-18

If you have a child age 0-5 are they in childcare?

         Yes-13                 No-17

If yes, who watches your child?(choose one)

 Licensed day care-9         Licensed center-based childcare         Home day care

 Friend/family or neighbor-5         Other ___1-bring to work

Are you a FFN (Friend, Family or Neighbor) that watches someone else’s child while they work or go to school – not a day care)

         Yes-8          No-26

        If yes, would you be interested in learning opportunities about any of the following topics?

         Child development-1          Discipline techniques-1    Communication with parents

         School readiness skills         Things to do with children         Teaching Social Skills

Developmental Delays         Opportunities for children in the area-1   Other

Are you a child care provider (licensed or family day care) (Check  all that apply)

         Yes-2                   No-51

        If yes, would you be interested in learning opportunities about any of the following topics?

         Child development-2          Discipline techniques-3         Communication with parents

         School readiness skills-1         Things to do with children-2         Becoming Parent Aware Rated

         SIDS                                  Shaken Baby Syndrome         Developmental Delays

         Mandated Reporting                 Love and Logic-1                 Teaching Social Skills-1

         Having a licensed teacher come to your site periodically to work with your children -1

         Language and Literacy Skills         Other __________________________________________

One of our tasks is to determine risk factors in our community.  Because this survey is confidential (nothing will be used to identify any child or family), please take time to honestly check any risk factors that may apply to you or your family.  The purpose is to help us know best how to serve District 2 families.  THANK YOU!

Please check all risk factors that apply to you or a member of your immediate family:

         Homeless                         Living with extended family -2         First time parent-2                                

 Single parent-34                         Teen parent                  High risk pregnancy

 Child premature/low birth weight-2         Parent Absent for extended  time -1         No phone

         Incarceration        -1                 Transportation issues-3           Adult disability-2        

 Caregiver/close family member mental health issues-2         Isolation (lack social or family support)

 History of drug/alcohol abuse-4         History of depression-4                 Recent divorce or loss-1                

 Chronic unemployment-1                 Physical or emotional abuse          Chronic medical/health concerns-3

Other:Chronic Overemployment, not time to be involved at home, work, or extra curriculars



Do you participate in any community groups? (check all that apply)

 City council         PTO-7         Community event planning-8      Church/religious organization-19 (SHOULD NOT BE ON HERE!! DOES NOT APPLY TO SCHOOL!-this was a parent comment)

Other ECFE, PC, Jacobson Community Center, Garden Club, Civic Club, Community Center, Fire Department, First Responder,, Northwoods Quads,Lion’s Club, School Board, Sportsmans Eagles, youth group


If you participate in any community groups, please tell us why-Good neighbor interaction, my way to give back, socialization, learning, keeping kids safe in our ATV based community, helping with Girl Scouts, (I wanted to participate in PTO, but was disappointed in the use of the organization. Planning parties instead of tackling important issues affecting our students education, safety, wellness. Disappointed that “threats” must be provided. I’d like to see a serious, productive organization making a difference to our kids and their school.) Who has time?, spiritual connection, to help the community, interested in my community and school, religious/faith education, keep in contact with parents and teachers, I need it, I enjoy it, set a good example for my children

Do your children participate in any community groups, such as 4-H, Girl or Boy Scouts, Kidmo, community sports, etc.)

         Yes-32                 No-12

Please list groups involved in 4-H, Girl Scouts, Archery, Basketball, Volleyball, Boy Scouts, Kidmo, Sports, church, Judo, T-Ball, Awanas, Football, Baseball,Baton, Just for Kicks

If you or your child do NOT participate in any community groups, please tell us why (choose all that apply)

 Transportation-3         I don’t want to-1         I don’t feel they are important

 I work and am unable to attend-9         Times offered are not convenient-7

 Other-7 (please tell us more)-distance can be a challenge at times, kids are not interested yet, such a small selection that none interests me if I had the time, age of children/children are too young

What do you like best about your community? Children feel at home and not singled out or left out because we are not from the community, cohesiveness, small, close knit, we watch out for each other, compassion, quiet, friendly, helpful, caring, wonderful school, small class sizes, the people, active community, plan events for the community, knowing everyone

What is the most difficult thing about your community?Distance can be challenging, transportation costs can get out of hand coming to school multiple times, less opportunities for children, no advanced education opportunities for high achieving children, gossip, nepotism, cronyism, small, everyone knows everyone's business, lack of electives, fewer opportunities, age of population, rural location, lack of participation, not much for children to do in the summer

What would you like to see offered in your community? (please be specific) Gifted programs, spelling bee, science fair, youth sports programs, Math Counts, hockey rink, Home Ec, Pep Band, computer access for parents, drama programs for K-3, bus rides from activities, a fair, safe, honest school for our kids, after school homework support/tutoring for ALL grades, swimming pool for summer, swimming lessons, more activities /sports for  youth, more options for kids to do in the summer, more community ed sports, children’s facilities to promote fun, ice cream truck, community growth-businesses, improved use of the playground-remove wood chips and replace with softer material, swimming lessons, sewing for kids, more employment opportunities, movie theater, car wash, summer community ed sports

How do you get information about what is happening in your community and school? (check all that apply)

         Community Newsletter-49         Early Childhood Newsletter-23         Instant Messaging System-29

         Notes home from the school-30         Friends, Family, Neighbors-31         Posters in the community-16

         Radio-5                         School Website-9                 School Facebook Page-17

         Newspaper (which one?)-1 Herald Review

         I do not get information in any way--1 Community Web Calendar        


Do you get the Community Newsletter?                 Yes-48    NO-1

        If you receive it, how do you get it?         Mail-47         Online-2

        If you do NOT receive it, do you want it?         Yes-1    No

        If you DO receive it, do you read it?         Yes-38         No         Sometimes-4

What would be the BEST way for you to get information about what is going on in your community?

Newsletter-19, Email-8, Instant Messages-7, Facebook-9, Mail-11, Notes home-4, Text message-1


Are you aware of the following programs and activities that are available in Hill City School? (check all that apply)

PTO         Yes-44  No-5                 Campus Life         Yes-19   No-23                

Girl Scouts     Yes-44    No-5        

Boy Scouts   Yes-39    No-6         School sports      Yes-47     No                

Parents Count    Yes-36   No-22 

Community education   Yes-46    No-2        Children’s Mental Health   Yes-30   No-16             

Parent-child events         Yes-47    No-2        Sporting Events    Yes-49   No

Preschool programs/School Readiness         Yes-49    No        

ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education)  Yes-42   NO-1

Other ___________________________________________________________________________

Do you participate in any school programs/events?

         Yes-40         No-6 Minimal-1 Sometimes-2

        Why or why not? Parent/child classes (ECFE), important to be engaged with children’s activities, support children/grandchildren, we live at the school :), it is fun, keep children involved, seek parent circles of support, I volunteer at school, want programs to continue, a fun treat for our family, it’s a opportunity to expose our children to social settings in a safe smaller scale manner, parenting ideas nepotism, cronyism, bad atmosphere, unprofessional, not interested, distance from town, times, I stay too involved, child(ren) is/are too young, schedule

        What would it take for you to start attending school programs/events?Moving elementary functions so they are not during the day, less nepotism/cronyism, more professional atmosphere, trusted and friendly leadership (does not necessarily apply to early childhood department), better economy or part time jobs that pay really well, good advance notice, change schedule at home, will attend when the kids start school, make them at reasonable times, someone to pay me to stay home, time off from jobs, make events at different hours

What do you think is the most important thing for children to know when entering kindergarten? (please rank 1-4, with 1 being the most important

        ___        Math skills (counting, sorting, etc.)1-0, 2-6, 3-34, 4-9

        ___        Social skills (listening, problem solving, getting along with others, etc.)1-35, 2-13, 3-1, 4-0

        ___        Reading skills (recognize sounds and letters, etc.)1-6 2-19, 3-13, 4-11

        ___        Turning age 5 1-11, 2-10, 3-0, 4-28, *If this was 6 then it would be #1 *I don’t think they need to be 5 if they are very close and are ready to start kindergarten

The mission of Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) is to strengthen families through the education and support of all parents in providing the best possible environment for the healthy growth and development of their children.

Hill City ISD 2 currently offers the following classes for families with children ages 0-grade 3.  Legal age is a school term for the age children are on September 1st of the current school year.  

ECFE (parents and children ages 0-5) (Both children and an adult attend for 1.5 hour classes, once a week)

School Readiness/Honey Bees Preschool (children legal age 4-5) (Mon through Fri 3 hours per school day)

Little Bees Preschool  (children legal age 3) (2 days a week, 2 hours per class)

Parents Count (parenting group that meets 16 times each school year to discuss parenting topics and learn about Parenting with Love and Logic.  Childcare is provided)

        Parent-Child Events (Make & Takes, Leapin’ Leprechauns, Dad Nights, and more)

Do you or your child participate in any of the above programs? Yes

        PROGRAM                YES OR NO                WHY OR WHY NOT                                                

        ECFE                         Yes-14   No-25   to meet other parents, good interaction for child, socialization, structure, did but child is older now, we are grandparents, working

        Honey Bees                 Yes-15   No-25     school readiness, gets children ready for kindergarten, child is older                                                                   

Little Bees                 Yes-4   No-27        did but child is older now

        Parents Count                 Yes-16   No-26        adult conversations on parenting, love the family feeling, love the time, fun, did, but child is older now, schedule conflicts, it is not a good time with little ones, working

        Parent-Child Events         Yes-29  No-15      child requests attendance, fun things to do with our family, fun to see children interact with their school mates, we attend when not working, it will be fun when children are older, to stay involved with my child, conflicts with work        

What would you like to see offered in this district? (please be specific) More sports (soccer, wrestling), art, more library, Home EC, swimming, Pep Band, science events, Spelling Bee, after school tutoring, I feel they are doing a great job on lots of topics, indoor playground/activity center

Would you participate in the above if it was offered?

         Yes-8          No-1         Maybe (if maybe, what would be the reason?) -4 work schedule, pick up from events

ECFE’s mission is to strengthen families.  We all know that parenting is a big and important job.  In order to support families, we want to help parents find information on a variety of issues/topics so they are able to make solid, research-based decisions on how to raise their children.  Every child and family has a unique structure and needs, and ECFE recognizes that parents know their child’s needs best.  We also know that parents may need information and support to help them be the best parent they can be.  Please check the following topics you may wish to know more about, and the best way for you to receive information about those topics.  Check topics you are interested in, and preferred method of getting information

        Topic                                        Home Visit        Class                Online                Facebook        Email        

Child Development (Ages and Stages)                        □                □                □                □                □

    Discipline Techniques                        □                □                □                □                □

Power of Play                                □                □                □                □                □

Helping My Child Learn Social Skills        □                □                □                □                □

School Readiness Skills                        □                □                □                □                □

Teaching Respect and Responsibility        □                □                □                □                □

Parenting With Love & Logic                 □                □                □                □                □

Bedtimes                                        □                □                □                □                □

Getting Out of the House on Time                □                □                □                □                □

Generational Differences of Raising Kids        □                □                □                □                □

Sibling Rivalry                                □                □                □                □                □

Other_________________________________________□                □                □                □                □

What days and times would you attend a class at the school? Please check all that apply

Day of Week                8:30 am        Afternoon (12-3)        4-6 pm                6-8 pm                

Monday                □                □                        □                □

Tuesday                □                □                        □                □

Wednesday                □                □                        □                □

Thursday                □                □                        □                □

Friday                        □                □                        □                □

How long would you like a class to be?

1 hour                2 hours                3 hours

Would you require childcare?

        Yes        No                 Sometimes

Would lack of childcare keep you from attending a class?

        Yes                 No                Depends on time of day

If classes were offered would you attend?

        Yes                No                Only at time listed above


Are you aware of anyone that lives in District 2 but is not involved in any programming (families with young children)?  They may be new to the area, or simply not receiving the Early Childhood Newsletter.  If you do, please either give them the school contact information or let Kathy Carroll know their names, address, phone number, and names of the children so that we are able to get them on our newsletter list.    You may write in the information below if you know it, call it into the school.   School contact information is:

        Kathy Carroll (Early Childhood Coordinator)        500 Ione Ave, Hill City, MN 55748

        218-697-2394, extension 171              

LAST ITEM!        The classroom that has the most responses to this survey will receive a special prize (to be determined – dependent on the class that wins), so PLEASE take time to check the classes that your child, grandchild, or special friend are in!  CHECK ALL THAT APPLY!

         ECFE / Little Bees (3 year old class)-12

 Preschool / Honey Bee Class (4-5 year old class)-16


         First Grade-18

         Second Grade-17

         Third Grade-8


         Other _______________

THANK YOU for the time you took to fill out this survey!!