Thank you for your interest in joining the Potomac Highlands Beekeepers Association.  We’d be happy to welcome you as a new member.  Meetings are February through October each year. To join, just complete the following information and send this form to the address listed below along with your dues payment:

 Name ___________________________________________________________________________

 Address______________________________________City _________________State/Zip ________

 Phone Number ___________________ Email ____________________________________________

 Member Web Site ____________________________Farm Name: ____________________________

 Beekeeper Experience:  New/Beginner_____   Intermediate______ Old Hand_______Vendor ______

 OK to list you on the PHBA Web Site?  Yes _____       No _____

Include your annual PHBA dues payment of $10/year per member or family.  Checks should be made payable to “Potomac Highlands Beekeepers Association”.  Membership in the West Virginia Beekeepers Association (WVBA) is $6/year and is included for your $10 annual dues.   For both associations, the dues year is the calendar year.   Dues are collected beginning in October for the upcoming year and must be paid not later than the March monthly meeting.  WVBA does not issue membership cards after April 1st.   Lifetime membership to both WVBA and PHBA is available, $60 for WVBA and $40 for PHBA.  A total of $100 buys Lifetime membership for both organizations.  WVBA Membership and hive/apiary registration is required to participate in any WVBA programs that may be offered during the year, for example, discounts, bear damage, or any other potential state funding programs.

Membership Level Selected (Check one) :  

Annual Dues = $10 _________  

PHBA LIfetime Membership = $40 _____________

PHBA AND WVBA Lifetime Membership = $100 _______________

Note that PHBA Lifetime Membership ($40) does not include any WVBA membership.  Annual PHBA dues ($10) however does include an annual WVBA membership.  WVBA requires membership in a local association in order to join WVBA.


If you have any questions please contact Kirby Vining at 202 213-2690 or via email at secretary.phba@gmail.com .

After completion, mail this form and your dues payment back to :

Kirby Vining

16 Franklin St. NE

Washington, DC 20002

Or if there is an upcoming meeting that you plan to attend, you can simply bring the completed form to the meeting.  Thank you for supporting the Potomac Highlands Beekeepers Association!                          

Kirby Vining                                                                                                             

Acting/interim Treasurer, Potomac Highlands Beekeepers Association

Feel free to join the Potomac Highlands Beekeepers Association Facebook Group for news and updates at https://www.facebook.com/groups/potomachighlandsbeekeepers/