Our Scientific Report: Evaporation

Written by: Taylor and Layla

WALT write a scientific report based on our observations

Research Question: What is Evaporation?

Aim: To find out what evaporation looks like.

Hypothesis: I think that the first piece of paper will dry completely because the heat of the sun. I think that the piece of paper will dry a little bit because it is in a bag and nothing can escape from a bag.

Observations: I saw that when we put the water on the ground the water started to fade away. I learned that the water rises up by drying from the sun. I learned that if we stand really close to the water it won’t dry because our shadows stop the water from drying.

Conclusion: This happened because our whole classroom heard that our teacher told us that we should do science.

Reflection: It was interesting when we all went into two groups and we did experiment it was evaporating.