In a far away kingdom at the edge of the world, a kingdom where happiness seems endless lies. The streets are lined with flowers, the people help each other and there is never any disease or illness. The secret to their happiness? A princess cursed with sleep, whose dreams come to life.

At a young age the princess was cursed by a wizard jealous of the queens love for the king, a love which he felt he deserved. On her 18th birthday the curse took effect, much to the sadness of the kingdom. The people began to pray and give the sleeping princess offerings, soon noticing the things they prayed to her came to be. Her bed was decorated with many flowers and gifts, eventually consuming the whole room and the king made storage space for when the room fills too much. Many people started claiming they saw the princess alive in their dreams holding her favorite flower, the kingdom quickly realized she her dreams were coming to life and she was visiting them all when they slept. Thus, a new age of happiness began.

The princess adored visiting others dreams, seeing them live out their wildest fantasie, taking part in them and turning nightmares into good dreams. From horse riding, to painting, to adventuring and much more, she took part in all of it. One night she stumbled upon a dream from a young boy which she found particularly weird. In his dream he was adventuring, but for moments at a time the scene would change back to dull, grey house as if he was being trapped by his homelife. Despite her best efforts, she couldn’t just make this boy happy, though she wanted too badly.

 It hurt too much, before she slept she knew what if felt to be lost in life. Despite her positive outlook and cheery dances through the street, she constantly wrestled with her uncertainty about becoming a queen, whether or not she was worthy to rule. Clutching her flower, she decided to walk over to the young boy, and see if she could help him. While both hesitant at first, they ended up talking for a very long time inside the dream. They both wanted to travel and go on adventures, he even admitted someday he would want to settle down and open a bakery, his secret passion. She admired the boy, for even when it seemed he was trapped in his boring life, he still had hope to live his true life one day, she wished she had felt that hope.

Over the next while when she visited him, she saw his dreams of training with his best friend, a headstrong girl who would tease him quite a bit. She sensed great courage from her, but also appreciation for the boy… and another feeling too… a very strong feeling. She visited her dream to find out more, but all she got was similar dreams of her training with the boy. What they were training for she didn’t exactly know, but she was happy they were both trying their best.

Watching from afar in jealousy, the wizard who laid the curse on the princess hatched a devious plan to make the kingdom suffer. He disguised himself as an elderly man, and visited the young woman he cursed, and secretly woke her up. She awoke to a room full of people, having no memory of her dreams making her incredibly confused and anxious. To make matters worse, the wizard manipulated the townspeople through a spell, making them aggressively try and put her back to sleep. This terrified the poor princess, she was in a state of absolute confusion, the flower she clutched as she lay quickly began to rot. The presents left for her being to melt and her bed became disfigured. Satisfied, the wizard put the princess back to sleep, and escaped back to his far away home.

The kingdom became foul, the plants all rotted and shadowy manifestations stalked the streets. People were plagued with endless horrid nightmares and were quick to flee the town. The farm boy and his best friend saw this, and knew something must be wrong with the princess. He took up his special sword made especially for a time like this, when he can save the princess and have her fall in love with him. They made their way up to the castle where she slept, the closer they got the stranger the world became and his sword began to warp the more he found out about her.

Just as they were about to make it to her room, a large haunting figure appeared before them. It was the wizard, mad someone was about to foil his plans. They both fought the wizard bravely and for a long time, until with huge smirk on his face, the wizard said to the farmboy “How will she love you? She hardly knows you outside her dreams.” He rejected this and attempted to strike the wizard, but his sword shattered. The young boy was defeated physically and emotionally, all hope had seemed lost. But at that moment his best friend slapped him in the face, and yelled at him “no one would fall in love with someone who gives up just like that!”. She handed him her still fine sword, and with new determination, he struck down the awful wizard.

The princess was trapped, watched by tall faceless figures, she knew what happened and wanted badly to make them stop, but her hope was all gone, she had nothing. But then she heard familiar sounds, and the faceless figures disappeared. It was the farm boy and his best friend. They had come to rescue her, they both exclaimed, and she found new hope. The flower she clutched became full of life once more, But there were other, intense feelings. She knew what it was this time, the boy had fallen for her, yet sadly she did not feel the same way. However, she knew someone who did love him, his best friend. The princess calmly explained this to the farm boy, and when he in turn asked his best friend she replied in a shy voice while blushing “Sometimes it’s better to see the one you love happy with someone else, and put your feelings aside rather than step in between for selfish needs.”

Seeing this, the princess knew what she wanted to do with her life. She sent the two lovebirds away happily, and fell deeper into sleep, becoming the goddess of dreams. The flowers in the kingdom became more beautiful than ever before, especially the one she clutched. Her room and bed become more magnificent than anything to ever exist. Hair long and shiny began to grow from her head, as she had finally achieved true happiness. Despite never waking up again, she lives inside people’s dreams, and gets to do everything she wanted, but most of all she gets to make other people happy. Her favorite dreams to visit, were the couple who rescued her, who went on grand adventures, and then settled down to open a bakery together.


A fantasy story set in a far away, peaceful kingdom surrounded by flowers. The kingdom has known peace for a very long time, and its people enjoy great happiness.

Our main character is a sleeping princess whose dreams come to life, the source of all the happiness in the kingdom. However, if she is awoken the dreams will end, and happiness will be shattered.

The theme of the story is consideration for others feelings. Our heroine will struggle her own thoughts and anxiety, when the wizard who cursed her with eternal sleep attempts to awaken her from slumber to claim the kingdom as his own and she realizes what has been happening since she started sleeping.

Through her dreams, the princess meets many other people in the kingdom, including a young farm boy and his close friend. The young princess will struggle with her dreams affecting those around her. She will eventually learn self sacrifice,  becoming the goddess of sleep after observing a young farm boy and his best friend.

Stage will be set in a surreal kingdom where dreams come to life, a utopia of bright colours and happy people.

Elevator Pitch

-The protagonist is a sleeping princess whose dreams come to life

-She will fight for happiness for herself and her kingdom

-She will fight against her own demons, set loose by a wizard

-This will occur in a surreal kingdom where dreams come to life

Logline Pitch

A princess, whose dreams manifest pursues happiness for her kingdom, while fighting her own demons, within a surreal kingdom.

Character Cast Design

Protagonist :

The princess - A young princess (18 - 21) with eyes full of hope. Innocent, scared of crowds, has an infectiously positive attitude. She grows flowers in her room, and believes in the kindness of humanity (naive). Short hair, freckles and long flowing dress. She enjoys small things in life, but is unsure of herself to be a fit enough ruler. She does not know about the world outside her dreams. Fears being scrutinized by the public.

Symbol: the flowers near her bed symbolize her innocence, and as her demons grow as she becomes aware of the world around her, they wilt. But are revived at the end.


Wizard -  An elderly wizard (60 - 70).He longs for the queen of the kingdom, and has loved her since they were both children. Her rejection of him, because she felt she had a duty to her people (and she feared being ostracized from her own people for dating a wizard). He curses the princess and hatches devious plans to rule the kingdom in revenge. Wears a mask to cover his face, dark robes. Underneath the mask, heavy wrinkles long hair, soulless eyes.

Symbol: The mask symbolizes him concealing himself from the kingdom and hiding his rage of being rejected


Farmboy - A young farm boy (around 15 - 17). Headstrong, courageous but has tunnel vision when it comes to world view.  He falls in love with the sleeping princess, and vows to become a man worthy of such a beautiful girl. He believes she will be the one who will take him away from his boring life. Hides his secret passion of baking. He trains sword fighting and horse riding, training to protect her and hopefully when she wakes up, marry her. Short hair, confident outlook on life.

Symbol: His sword represents his view on reality, as he enters the dreams it warps and is eventually shattered when the princess rejects him.

Lucy - A young farm girl (around 16 - 17). While a strong and fierce personality, she secretly hides her true emotions. Best friends with the farmboy. Secretly in love with him, but wants him to be happy more than anything else so helps him in his pursuit to become a man worthy of the princess. Aware of his secret passion for baking. A naturally talented fighter. Her secret passion aside from fighting is painting.

Symbol: A paintbrush, representing her true passion of painting

Mythic elements adapted

Themes - A lot of the times when I look at myths, there often a theme of suffering or anger before the character becomes a god or goddess, or the god/goddess is suffering while they exist, e.g. Sedna. Another common theme is also sacrifice for other humans, like prometheus stealing fire and then being punished for eternity for it.

Symbols and metaphors - There is a lot of classic imagery about flowers representing innocence, and unrequited love (sometimes in revenge, e.g. Aphrodite making Echo love Narcissus). Hair often represents strength or freedom depending on the length. Often long hair is cut to symbolise a moment of loss/personal growth. I used symbols of flowers, the sword and the princess hair.

Plot events - Myths commonly follow the hero's journey structure or something very similar, that is if there is a hero involved. I used elements of this classic structure in my story.

Character Traits - Certain archetypes like the damsel in distress and the brave prince, rags to riches have been adapted here.

How have they changed

Themes - I attempted to adapt themes of unrequited love, sacrifice for others and suffering, but make them more applicable for modern day. I made it so the princess does indeed suffer for a while, and in the end sacrifice her waking life, but it comes with a good outcome for her. I attempted to turn these themes from warnings like they commonly are in myths, to warnings but with hope in there as well.

Symbols and metaphors - Flowers still represent innocence in some ways here, but also an outlook on hope. In the end she doesn’t lose her hope, it grows even more than before. The sword is less of a symbol of bravery here, but more of a symbol of the farm boys view on the world, it was his hope for finding love and going on adventures with the princess. The princesses dreams manifest themself, and when she’s happy the world around her is peaceful, reflecting her tranquility, but then turn to nightmares when she is disturbed. Finally the hair, instead of being cut to symbolise a moment of loss, it grows to show that the princess is free and happy now.

Plot events - There is still the hero's journey present, with the farm boy leaving his ordinary boring life in order to save a princess from his dreams. However I made the main perspective of quite a events the princess, making the “damsel in distress” the true protagonist of our story.

Character Traits - The princess is still a damsel who is in trouble but she does not fall for the typical “prince”, in fact she doesn’t end up with any sort of love. I tried to give her agency over a situation a character normally wouldn’t have control of. I made an effort so the farm boy doesn’t go from rags to riches and save the day and the princess, he instead gets a wake up call by the end, while still going a long way to helping everyone. Lucy, our secondary hero of the day is not a weak “sidekick” in any way and in some ways is stronger than the farm boy. In some ways the characters still fall under the archetypes quite comfortably, but I have tried to make them a bit more modern.

Presentation notes

-Title Slide
-Begin with introduction into what your adapting, and the goal of this adaptation (e.g. to modernise, make it more relevant, and explore certain ideas).
-Do a quick summary of the story

First Slide
-Discuss the protagonist (the princess), with what you have adapted, attempted to do with her, what characters you took inspiration for her, and sketches of what you’ve considered

-freckles to reflect naturality
-Naivety, lost in life
-bubbly personality, very feminine
-events unfold via her lens for the most part
-using character references and focusing on her introduce “nice” atmosphere side

Second Slide
-Discuss the antagonist (the wizard), with what you’ve adapted, the meaning behind his motives, goal with him, inspiration
-theme of respect and consent
-Mirror with a typical stock prince
-Using character references here tointroduce the “dark” side of the world

Third Slide

-Discuss the two supporting characters (Lucy and Farm Boy), your goals with them (subverting tropes, the hero's journey), looks you've considered for them and inspiration
-the hero's journey almost takes place outside our viewing, as we have the princess as our main lens
-the romance between the two supporting characters and the subversion via that

Fourth - Fifth Slide
-Discuss ideas in sketches, the styles
-moving forward what I would like to achieve
-the mirroring of the prince and wizard, and lucy and the prince

Sixth Slide

-Discuss the props of the bed, the dress, the ceremonious flowers and the gifts
-chosen these three because i want to make the princess especially clear in this presentation

Seventh - seventh slide

-the symbolism of the sword and the boys motivation and intention
-The stock flower fading and regrowing with the princesses faith in humanity
- hair short to long to represent freedom and maturity
-the bright and nice town, to a haunted nightmare as her sleep is disturbed and her faith in humanity is lost

Eigth - ninth Slide
-Quick discussion of the setting, where you’ve taken inspiration from and symbols
-Heavy flora, an almost magical place
-then becomes a very gothic and surreal landscape

Tenth Slide
-discuss some small ideas moving forward
-sort out the style the characters will be drawn in
-the idea of making the kingdom more surreal by having everyone wear masks
-Expanding upon the monsters

Eleventh slide
-Letting everyone know about my list of references in case they want anything

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