Social Studies Activities - Put this timeline about the Revolution in the correct order. - Put this timeline about the Revolution in the correct order. (It is a different timeline than the one above.) - Add words to this story about George Washington to complete it. - Find the errors in this paragraph about the Revolution. - Rewrite these sentences about the Constitution.  It is about correcting errors, not knowing the facts. - Practice your graphing skills with this map game. - Memorize the landforms of the United States with this game. - Find out which Founding Father you would have agreed with the most during the Revolution. - Play this game about exploration. - Practice locating the US cities using NFL teams. - Identify the states with the clues. - Complete the Map of the United States. - Test your knowlegde of the states with this game. - Use the clues to figure out where in the US the teacher is hiding.

Science Activities - Create the solar system correctly in this activity. - Identify where animals around the world live. - Answer questions about animals. - Create your own insects. - Practice your typing skills while simulating a tornado. - Create an appropriate habitat for animals. - Play the role of a bacteria getting a person sick by answering trivia questions. - Create your own mammal. - Put the planets back in their correct order. - Practice the locations of the bones of your body here. - Test your recycling knowledge. - Test your knowledge of the Periodic Table. - Test your knowledge of dangerour household items.

ELA Activities - Practice your typing skills in space. - Play Hangman with Proverbs and Aphorisms. - Practice Adjectives by describing pumpkins. - Practice your spelling while playing basketball. - Practice synonyms with this game. - Practice putting words into alphabetical order.

Math Activities - take a poll and create a graph to represent your findings. - Practice measuring.  Do this one several times with the different number options. - Practice fractions on a pie chart. - Create graphs and charts. - Add and subtract negative numbers using temperature. - Feed the dolphin with the equivalent fraction. - Practice solving word problems. - Learn  and practice how to caluclate a tip at a restaurant. - Practice Order of Operations - Practice Math Facts - Practice measuring with different units. - Practice fractions with ice cream. - Practice perimeter and area while creating zoo exhibits. - Place numbers in order to make equations make sense - Practice using decimals - practice measuring using sub sandwhiches - Add money for decimal practice - Match equivalent fractions - Homerun Derby Math - Work on fractions with pizza - Practice using grids