Paly Football Falls to Los Gatos

Last night, the Palo Alto Vikings fell to a crushing 35-7 defeat to the Los Gatos Wildcats on both their homecoming and senior night game.

The game kicked off with a touchdown by Los Gatos early in the first quarter and led to a successful kick for the Wildcats, bringing the score to 7-0 with seven minutes left in the quarter. The Vikings continued to play hard despite this setback, with Sione Latu (‘18) sacking the Wildcats’ quarterback for a third down and thirteen yards to go on the 36 yard line as the first quarter came to a close.

After many failed attempts by the Vikings to run the ball down the field in the second quarter, the ball was carried into the endzone by the Los Gatos quarterback for another Wildcat touchdown. Soon after, a fight broke out on the field, leading to the refs calling for one player from each team to be ejected. Because of his involvement in the altercation, Bryant Jefferson (‘18) was no longer able to play for the remainder of the game.

“When it goes to review, it was just an overreaction, I don’t think anyone should have been ejected, including the [Los Gatos] kid,” Palo Alto’s Coach Sullivan said.

The score at the end of the half saw the Vikings trailing 14-0.

Los Gatos managed to score another touchdown in the third quarter, but the student section was far from giving up on their beloved Vikings. The cheers never stopped throughout the game, and were escalated during the third quarter when Paul Jackson III (‘18) went on a successful 25 yard run for a significant gain for Palo Alto.

The fourth quarter saw a change in the Viking offense; with just three minutes left in the quarter, a touchdown was scored and the student section and band nearly bursted with excitement.

“I think we gave a lot of effort on the offensive and defensive side. Things just started going in Los Gatos’ favor as the game went on as they got several questionable calls and a few big plays leading to our loss,” Jackson said.

The Vikings plan on coming back from this loss in their upcoming game against Mountain View on November 4.