Virtual Reality: The Holy Grail of Gaming

SXSW Interactive, Austin, TX, 2013

Nate Mitchell - Oculus VR

Cliff Bleszinski - Former design director at Epic Games

Paul Bettner - CEO of Newtoy, Creator of Words with Friends

Palmer Luckey - Founder of Oculus VR

Chris Roberts - Wing Commander, Star Citizen

Virtual reality has captured the imagination of everyone, permeated our culture

Resurgence in VR technology, especially in Games

Oculus Rift, virtual reality headset for gaming.

“Once you put that headset on, ... boom done”

Lawnmower Man, Neuromancer, Snow Crash

The kind of experiences you can create, making people feel something as well

Hardware finally being ready to be good at VR

“I can’t think of anything more immersive than being in a virtual reality environment”

John Carmack raving about the tech early on

PC is the best platform for new tech

What sort of new design opportunities does that open up?

How is multiplayer impacted by VR

What are going to be the key input devices for VR? How do you control your player

Rift provides visual experience, but what other senses would you like to explore in regards to VR?

Game mechanics - from a storytelling perspective

What do you think in terms of storytelling, what doors does VR open up?

Day zero for VR- prototypes, etc.

What are you hoping for for Day 1 and beyond that?

If you’re an average gamer, what’s the one thing you should be most excited for?

The arcade thing seems like such a good idea - scan in peripherals, interact with real life objects and people

How do we get from peripherals to real life objects?