EPICS Version 4 Telecon, 23-Feb-2016

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  1. AI Status
  2. gateway and dbGroup development status
  3. Lund meeting planning and preparation
  1. What developments should be completed by time of Lund meeting if any
  2. Another release by Lund time?
  3. EPICS meeting V4 talks

[0] http://epics-pvdata.sourceforge.net/home.html#usefulinfo

[1] This doc, editable https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ik1dhlpAN8zVhFM79n_RbfZjj-NaiGjrrSgMCFnRtXA/edit?usp=sharing

[2] This event, https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/114828842338418222242/events/cddjs316d9hqfqus3cu0ngs81sg?_ga=1.68554705.1188286905.1445634293&authkey=CPXgsbGi4IKTzgE


Present: AJ, MK, MS, GW, KK, TK, MD, DH, SH

Scribe: TK

Chair: GW/AJ


AJ: #12 finished

NEW TOPIC: gateway and dbGroup development status

MK: Will gateway be a separate repo?

MS: So far it’s separate, and will probably stay that way.

GW: can we have a development status report?

MD: monitor sharing working as of the past week

Feedback from Heinz indicates basic level of working.

GW: what about RPC?

MD: Should be doing RPCs since (November??). RPCs are just passed through. TK: Remy

AI on GW: Prompt Murali to test gateway at SLAC.

TK: Remy et al (ESS) is going to do pvGateway testing.

MK+GW: What pvAccess changes are needed, will it break anything?

MD: On a feature branch, won’t break anything until we’re ready for it.

MS: The next plans include adding capability to connect to (network) interfaces

SH: SNS has not started testing yet, but will in the next few weeks.

DH: how is a case of two monitors implemented?

MD: Presently, query equality is evaluated by bitstream comparison. May not be long term solution, but a good start.

MD: streaming through the gateway works in case it is one-to-one, no link sharing

GW: what about dbGroup?

MD: a little bit of work, not much has been done.

NEW TOPIC: Goals before Lund meeting

GW: Should we make a new release? What would go in it?

MK: Been working on exampleCPP and now exampleJava

DH: we should have a bundle of examples that could be used in the training

GW: let us try to have a bundle of at least exampleCPP and exampleJava for the training.

MK: exampleCPP should be ready for commit by end of this week. Next week work on Java code

GW: aim for end of March for 4.5.2?

DH: should it be 4.5.1.?

AJ & GW: yes.

DH: for a new release, we need to think what APIs have changed.

MS: Protocol related to handling of big/little endian has been changed as a result of a bugfix

AJ: there will be a protocol change in the next release, then?

MD: the effect will be limited.

MS: Fix needed for a problem found at SNS (appeared in 4.5 python client. Monitors have inconsistent data length vs. actual data. Reproduced in C++ based pvaClient, so not specific to python), working with Klemen. Need a server from SNS to test & reproduce.

AJ, MD: Let us postpone the decision of which kind of release (major/minor) this will be until the situation with bugfixes and new features is better understood.

NEW TOPIC: Talks for Lund meeting

AJ: Have submitted my usual V3 status talk, can cover V4 too if desired. Other talks?

MS: Gateway talk?

MD: Probably will be saying something about the gateway

MS: How much we could talk about the multicast?

AJ: If that’s a small topic I can cover it if you send me the details.

AJ: Please think about topics for the f2f meeting

NEW TOPIC: Other Business

DH: Could pvaSrv pull request #25 either be merged or rejected.

AJ: Have pinged this request to prompt some action from Ralph.

Active Action Items

Note: Completed AIs are shown once in the list of the meeting in which they are recognized as completed. They are removed in the minutes of the following meeting.




Target Date



See who can fund dbGroup




Write the one license file (using the MIT license in most cases)




Update your module to include copy of that one LICENSE. Update your headers to contain the header text.


wait on 5


On your module pages, remove the current/previous links; replace “Working Draft” with version number of module, which has its own numbering scheme, like 5.0.2 for pvDataCPP. Eg “Version 5.0.2 18/Nov/2015”





Simplify Literature page and home page to help users find novice oriented documentation.




Usher the patch fix for buffer overflow through to release.





Commit changes to all modules, other than exampleCPP and pvDatabaseCPP, which set the shared library versions