v2 - 03/02/2013 - 15:50 PM (GMT)

Huawei Ascend G300 - U8818/U8815

Rooting and bootloader unlocking on B926+

Works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Disclaimer and such...

If you decide to do this, you are the only one to blame if you damage your phone.

Bootloader unlocking is the only risky part but that is safe when you compare it to the firmware downgrading method.

Pretty obvious but here it is: you have to have ran the root script before you use the bootloader script. It'll do nothing if you're not rooted.

If you are on Mac or Linux you must take care of the executable permission on the main scripts (e.g: chmod +x root-linux.sh)

If you're on Windows, you must have the USB driver installed ("Handset WinDriver") that is packaged with stock ROMs as a USB CD.

If you’re on Linux, specifically x64 and are having issues such as “No such file or directory” on the adb binary, you need to install ia32-libs. (e.g: apt-get install ia32-libs)

Everyone must have USB debugging enabled or these scripts will do practically nothing.

You do not need to touch the contents of any of the directories (adb, bootloader, root).

- Lovingly provided by Dazzozo. I <3 you all.

- Thanks to genokolar for the initial discoveries of some of the methods involved.

- Thanks Paul for the binaries as I’m too lazy to gather my own...

- Thanks davepwsmith for practically making the root script for me. :)

Update: an issue people frequently encountered for quite some time (3G reboots) was located in the unlocked bootloader images. This has been fixed. If you are having these issues, run the bootloader unlocking script here again.

Download: http://g300.thebronasium.com/files/b926-root-bl.zip