I live 45-60 minutes away from my surgeon, so I opted to stay in a motel for Day 1 Surgery No. 1, Day 2 follow up, Day 3 Surgery No. 2 and Day 4 follow up.  We checked in early and prepped the motel bed prior to surgery.  I also prepped my bed at home and prepped the carpet (which is off white) with chux prior to leaving for surgery.  I cooked some soups and froze them ahead of time.

  • Chux pads to line **EVERYTHING** (I bought 100 on Amazon)

  • Waterproof mattress protector

  • Dark sheets and blanket for hotel bed

  • Absorbent maxi pads to wrap around ankles

  • Disposable gloves (for friends and family helping you)

  • Portable female urinal WITH lid (my best friend right after surgery)

  • Surgical tape (to tape maxi pads and chux pads)

  • Plastic tablecloths for lining carseats

  • Baby wipes for personal hygiene before you are able to shower again

  • Prune juice (for first bowel movement after all the meds-I prefered this to a stool softener)

  • Tylenol (I wanted off rX pain meds ASAP)

  • Leg elevating pillow (regular pillows just don’t cut it for me)

  • Extra pairs of compression socks

  • A bag for everything you want to take to surgery and follow up appointments (I left my purse at home)

  • Comfortable flip flops (I love Yellowbox brand)

  • Non-skid slippers

  • Maxi dresses

  • Water bottles, plenty of water and electrolyte drinks

  • Dry shampoo (I love and use LUSH brand--I didn’t wash my hair for a week since my arms were also worked on)

  • Throat drops (optional, but my throat hurt after two anesthesia intubations within two days)

  • Lip gloss, moisturizer or chapstick (my lips were SO dry--I love Lipsense Glossy Gloss)

  • Benadryl in case compression garments cause itchiness

  • Wild Orange Essential Oil for nausea and anxiety (I sniffed it prior to surgery--my anesthesiologist was intrigued and had questions for me).  Peppermint Essential Oil would also work.  Lavender Essential Oil applied topically for itchiness at 10 day post-op.  Applied topically with fractionated coconut oil post-shower, pre-compression garments, prior to bed for most restful sleep.

What I bought and didn’t need (but you might):

  • Band-aids (my surgeon wants my wounds to dry out)
  • Vinyl pillow covers

What I brought and needed (but you may not):

  • Pads and tampons in case you start your period (I did right after surgery and hear it is very common. YAY, FUN!!)
  • Extra cash on hand to give family/friends/caregivers for picking up supplies, food, etc.

What I did not need for a week (and could have left at home):

  • Makeup
  • Bra
  • Underwear
  • Yoga pants

NOTE: I had two surgeries on six sites of my body two days apart.  Your needs may vary.  :)