I live 45-60 minutes away from my surgeon, so I opted to stay in a motel for Day 1 Surgery No. 1, Day 2 follow up, Day 3 Surgery No. 2 and Day 4 follow up.  

We checked in early and prepped the motel bed prior to surgery (dark sheets and CHUX pads).  I also prepped my bed at home and prepped my carpet (which is off white) with chux prior to leaving for surgery (I made a path from my bed to the bathroom).  I cooked some soups and froze them ahead of time (single mom here, so other than my friend who stayed with me the first week, I had no one in the house to cook for me).

  • Chux pads to line **EVERYTHING** (I bought 100 on Amazon)

  • Waterproof mattress protector

  • Dark sheets and blanket for hotel bed

  • Absorbent maxi pads to wrap around ankles

  • Disposable gloves (for friends and family helping you--you need assistance to take your first shower and gloves are needed for removing bloody wraps)

  • Portable female urinal WITH lid (my best friend right after surgery--bought on Amazon)

  • Surgical tape (to tape maxi pads and chux pads)

  • Plastic tablecloths for lining car seats (for trips to doctor follow ups and MLD massage appointments)

  • Baby wipes for personal hygiene before you are able to shower again (typically a week)

  • Prune juice (for first bowel movement after all the meds-I prefered this to a stool softener)

  • Tylenol (I wanted off rX pain meds ASAP)

  • Leg elevating pillow (regular pillows just don’t cut it for me)

  • Two sets of full body compression garments (wear one, wash one) and extra pairs of compression socks

  • A bag for everything you want to take to surgery and follow up appointments (I left my purse at home)

  • Comfortable flip flops (Yellowbox brand was useful--I tossed them after surgery and recovery)

  • Non-skid slippers

  • Maxi dresses and camisoles (I didn’t bother with a bra for the first two weeks)

  • Water bottles, plenty of water and electrolyte drinks

  • Dry shampoo (I love and use LUSH brand--I didn’t wash my hair for a week since my arms were also worked on)

  • Throat drops (optional, but my throat hurt after two anesthesia intubations within two days)

  • Lip gloss, moisturizer or chapstick (my lips were SO dry--I love Lipsense Glossy Gloss)

  • Benadryl in case compression garments cause itchiness when feeling returns in nerve endings

  • Wild Orange Essential Oil for nausea and anxiety (I sniffed it prior to surgery).  Peppermint Essential Oil would also work.  Lavender Essential Oil applied topically for itchiness at 10 days post-op.  Applied topically with fractionated coconut oil post-shower, pre-compression garments, prior to bed for most restful sleep.

What I bought and didn’t need (but you might):

  • Band-aids (my surgeon wanted my wounds to dry out)
  • Vinyl pillow covers

What I brought and needed (but you may not):

  • Pads and tampons in case you start your period (I did right after surgery and hear it is very common. YAY, FUN!!)
  • Extra cash on hand to give family/friends/caregivers for picking up supplies, food, etc.

What I did not need for a week (and could have left at home):

  • Makeup
  • Bra
  • Underwear
  • Yoga pants (maxi dresses worked better)

NOTE: I had two surgeries on six sites of my body two days apart (full legs, flanks, stomach, upper arms).  Your needs may vary depending upon your surgeon, type of lipsosuction, days between surgeries, your proximity to your surgeon, etc.