Copper Basin 300 Race Info

2017 Race Route:


Race Checkpoints, Distances and Facilities:

Important : Race route and checkpoints have been revised because of lack of snow cover on the east side of the Richardson Highway. Mileages shown below are estimates.

 The race begins in downtown Glennallen, in front of KCAM. From here, the trail parallels the highway to the Richardson/Glenn Highway junction, then turns left and follows the Richardson highway north. The trail turns west off the highway about a mile north of Bear Creek. It heads west, then north along the east side of Crosswind Lake, across Fish Lake, and jogs south along the east side of Middle Lake before turning north to Sourdough, which is the first checkpoint. It is approx. 70 miles from Glennallen to Sourdough.   Sourdough Lodge is closed - there is no food or lodging available.

From Sourdough, the trail heads north along the west side of the highway to the base of Hogan Hill, then heads northwest, and crosses the Gulkana River at the south end of Paxson Lake. From here, the trail heads to Meiers Lake adjacent to Meiers Lake Lodge, which is the second checkpoint. It is approx.34  miles from Sourdough to Meiers Lake. Food and lodging is available at Meiers Lake.

From Meier’s Lake, the trail crosses to the east side of the Richardson Highway, and follows the pipeline south to the base of Hogan Hill, where it crosses to the west side of the highway, then continues south, transitioning to the Gulkana River and passing by the Sourdough checkpoint. Near the junction of Middle and Ewan Lakes, the trail heads due south approx. 10-15 miles, then makes a sharp right turn and continues on to the outlet of Crosswind Lake. Here, the trail turns south, and continues on to the third checkpoint adjacent to the fire barn in Tolsona. It is approx. 70 miles from Meiers Lake to Tolsona Lake. As of the end of December, Tolsona Lake Lodge is not planning to be open during the race. Mushers will have access to the heated fire barn.

From Tolsona, the trail heads northwest, and then west, to the boat launch at the south end of Lake Louise. There is a safety check/dog drop at Lake Louise. The trail continues south from Lake Louise to the fourth checkpoint at Mendeltna Creek Lodge. It is approx. 50 miles from tolsona Lake to Mendeltna Creek. Food and lodging is available at Mendeltna Creek Lodge.

From Mendeltna, the trail parallels the Glenn Highway to the Ewan Lake trail, then heads north, turns east, and joins the Richardson Highway just north of Bear Creek. Once reaching the Richardson Highway, the trail parallels the road south to the finish line at Old Paths Baptist Church. It is  approx. 60 miles from Mendeltna Creek junction with Glenn Highway to Glennallen.

Total race distance: Approx. 300 miles