Reporting Bugs… or QA 101

In many ways, QA Testing is the foundation stone of making a great game even better. And since our community is already deeply involved in helping us do just that, it was only natural to include you in this important task.  This document was written to help you make the most of your bug reports.

All player Bug reports should be limited to the Bug Forums.  Please post all bugs using the following Player Bug Report Template ONLY, as one of the Devs will have to confirm your bug and enter it into our tracking software.  If your bug report is confusing or lacks important information, it will not be useful to us in making Shroud a better game.  Here are some things to remember when reporting a bug:

Recognizing a Bug

Some bugs are obvious.  Some, not so much.  So ask yourself these questions if you are not sure if you’ve found a bug.

Player Bug Report Template

Bug Title (Thread Title):  Please use the following format; Bug Category*: Short Summary of the Issue

Reproduction Rate: % of times this bug occurs as a ratio of attempts/occurrence.

Blocker?  Yes/Partial/No.   Does this bug prevent you from playing the game?

Details: Include any additional information that may be relevant here.  Helpful information may include your current location in game, NPC you are speaking with, what you were doing when the bug occurred, etc.  Current location can be found by typing /loc in the in-game chat window.  Typing /bug will take you to the forums with relevant game info copied to your system clipboard that you can then add to a forum post.

Steps to Reproduce: Optional but helpful!  List, step by step, how to reproduce the bug in game.  These steps should be methodical, detailed,  and allow anyone to reproduce the reported bug.  See the samples below.

User Specs: Include information about your operating system and/or the version of the game here.

* Bug Category = Performance, Character, Housing, Interface, etc

Here is a blank template you can copy/paste into your forum post:


Reproduction Rate: 



Steps to Reproduce:

User Specs:


Sample Bugs

Example 1

Title: Character: When creating a female character, clothes are not visible on the paper doll.

Reproduction Rate: 100%

Blocker?  No

Details: When trying to create a new female character, the paper doll image is missing all clothing except undergarments.  When I finish creating the character and enter the game, she has clothing on.  Screenshots included**.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Log into Shroud of the Avatar, Single player Online.
  2. Enter Character Creation Screen
  3. Select a Female  Avatar
  4. Note that the paper doll preview is missing her clothes.
  5. Select “Done” and enter the game
  6. Note that the Avatar has the default clothing upon entering the game.

User Specs: PC running Windows 7, 64 bit OS.  Game version 25

Example 2

Title: Conversation: NPC Firelotus won’t respond to conversation.

Reproduction Rate: 100%

Blocker?  Partial.  

Details: When I try and speak with NPC Fire Lotus inside Fire Lotus Tavern, she does not respond, even with a standard “I don’t understand” response.  I even offered to buy her a beer and she snubbed me!

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Log into Shroud of the Avatar, Single player Online.
  2. Travel to Fire Lotus Tavern, loc x, y, z in Owl’s Head.
  3. Approach NPC FireLotus, loc x, y, z.
  4. Note that NPC Firelotus barks, I could sorely use an Ale!”
  5. Type, “Hello FireLotus! Can I buy you an ale”.
  6. Note that the NPC FireLotus does not respond.
  7. Attempt various other statements and observe that none prompt a response from FireLotus.

User Specs: PC running Windows 8, 64 bit OS.  Game version 25

Example 3

Title: Player Housing: Upstairs loft in the Viking home is missing collision.

Reproduction: 100%

Blocker? No

Details: When I climb up the stairs loft in the Viking home, I fall through the floor back to the ground.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Log into Shroud of the Avatar, Single player Online.
  2. Travel to loc x, y, z.
  3. Enter the Viking Village Home.
  4. Walk upstairs.
  5. Observe that when you get to the floor of the second story loft, you fall through.

User Specs: Mac, 64 bit OS.  Game version 25

Example 4

Title: Performance: Low FPS after entering Owl’s Head.

Reproduction Rate: 30%

Blocker?  Yes

Details: Sometimes, when I’m in Owl’s Head, the frame rate is so severe that it is like watching a slideshow. I can barely walk, and sometimes it locks up completely.  Logging out and then back in seems to clear up the problem until I have played for about 30 minutes, but then I start getting really bad frame rate again.

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Log into Shroud of the Avatar, Single player Online.
  2. Play for approximately 30 minutes.
  3. Note how FPS starts to slow down.
  4. Log out of the game.
  5. Log back into the game and observe how the FPS has improved.

User Specs: Laptop running Windows ME.  Game version 25


** Please include screen shots, if possible, for graphic or art bugs.  They can be inserted at the bottom of the report, after the written details.

A Note about Crash Logs: There is no need to submit crash logs.  Whenever there is a client crash, the data we require is automatically logged for us.