#171 - Into the Nexus: “Mid-Season Fallout”

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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!

Throw to Jeff to see how his Heroes experience has been lately.


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Mid-Season Brawl

Finals (BOTH OF THEM) Fnatic VS Dignitas

If there’s one true proclamation of the Mid-Season Brawl it’s that both Fnatic and Dignitas completely deserved the finals. They were so evenly matched. It seemed like either of them could walk away with the trophy.

Fnatic went into the Grand Finals with a 1 Game lead because they never fell into the loser’s bracket.

The first pick/ban story for this series

Anub’arak, Genji, Uther, Abathur, Greymane

Mad Heroes Money

G1 - Towers of Doom

G2 - Cursed Hollow

G3 - Infernal Shrines

G4 - Tomb of the Spider Queen

G5 - Battlefield of Eternity

G6 - Sky Temple


Tempo Storm Infographic

Tempo Storm Infographic

Top Hero Picks: Are they good for solo-queueing at our ranks?

Top 3 Warriors

Top 3 Assassins

Top 3 Supports

Top 3 Specialists

Team Comps

Most Common

2nd Most Common

Highest Actual Win Rate

2nd Highest Actual Win Rate


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Strategy Mailbag


Hey ITN crew!

Love the show and wanted to throw out a strategy section idea because I've had some times recently in Hero League where I was unsure how to best draft in response to some weird shenanigans that have happened in draft. I'm currently high silver/low gold and have lost a couple of games in the following scenarios:

1. I'm last pick on my team and my teammates have gone all assassins/specialists. Would a support or warrior give us the best chance to win? Should we go ham and go with no support or warriors?

2. The other team has 4 assassins and a tank, and we have solo support Li Li. What's best way to punish a team without a support? Go double support with lots of sustain? Take an assassin to spread around damage?

3. On a map like Towers of Doom or Hanamura, if the other team goes all specialists what is the best way to punish that decision? Should we draft a gank squad or try to respond to their push with lots of lane clear and globals?

Any information you could provide to help us lower Hero League players avoid losing games like these would be awesome to hear!

Keep up the good work!



Long time listener and recent Patreon of the show. Listening to your strategy and news sections gives me an edge in the game that I appreciate a lot. I would have needed to play twice as many games a week to get up to speed. I wish I had that time on my hands.

I’ve been putting off writing this email for a while but when I heard that Kyle shares my birthday I had to wish you a happy (belated) one! Welcome to the 30’s club.

I would love for you to make a strategy section about countering certain heroes and their annoyances.

Things like what to do when:

The list goes on. A lot of that can be countered in the draft I’m sure but tips like what heroes counter these situations or how to make the best out of a QM with what you’ve got.

Thank you guys for the great work and keep it up!



You mentioned some (probably justified) hatred toward Raynor on Immortals... I'm wondering if his W would change your mind. That's +15% attack speed to allies for 6 seconds with a 10 second cooldown. May not amount to much unless paired with a Sylvanas or Gazlowe... but may be enough to make a huge difference w/ 5 heroes DPS.


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