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Assessment Policy

Our Mission:

Together, the Chandler Oaks Elementary community of educators, students and families create an enriched learning environment where all feel safe, valued, and prepared to reach their full potential. Students are immersed in a detailed curriculum structured by Round Rock ISD and a technologically-infused environment within the IB Framework. Families are our partners in education; as one, we are learners who appreciate individuality and the world around us.


At Chandler Oaks Elementary, our overall and guiding philosophy is: Assessment is feedback to promote growth. It is an ongoing process that allows us to effectively plan lessons in order to meet the needs of our diverse learners. Assessment measures students’ enduring understanding and areas of strength, as well as areas that need to be further developed. For teachers, assessment will guide our instruction, to develop lessons and inquiries that will help our students meet their learning goals.  For administrators, assessment data will define and direct our campus focus. Assessment will inform parents of their student’s progress towards grade level expectations.




Teachers teach and provide opportunity for student growth in two to three learner profile attributes during each unit of inquiry. Teachers ensure that all attributes of the Learner Profile are developed each year by balancing the focus of each unit. Upon completion of each unit of inquiry, students will complete the COES Learner Profile Assessment form, reflecting on their growth during their unit. Teachers will also add their comments and feedback.  A copy of this form will be added to the student’s portfolio and a copy will be sent home to parents.

At the beginning of the school year, students will include one or more attributes of the Learner Profile on their goal-setting sheet.  At the end of the year, it is expected that students will complete a final learner profile reflection, taking into consideration their growth all year long. A copy will be sent to parents and a copy will be placed in the portfolio. We are in the process of developing a way to more adequately assess and report on student growth in the Learner Profile.



Students will maintain a portfolio of work from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade. We will use a large white binder and page protectors. The portfolio will be organized with dividers—one for each unit of inquiry and one for the attributes of the learner profile. Students and teachers will work together to select one artifact per unit that represents their learning. Care will be taken to ensure that a variety of disciplines are included in the artifact selection from both classroom and Specials activities. Artifacts could be a piece of work, a photo of a larger project, a video or other digital work. (If teams complete a common unit reflection, this may also be included). Students will add their learner profile assessment forms to the Learner Profile section as well as their end of year reflection/goal setting.

Teachers will house the portfolios in an accessible place, and will help students maintain them. We will use the portfolios for reflection across the themes and grade levels, as well as a way of reporting on learning. Rubrics and other assessment tools will be added when appropriate. Students will have the opportunity to share the contents of their portfolio in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, conferencing, gallery walks, presentations, etc.; they will take their portfolios home upon completion of the PYP.



Teachers regularly report on progress to students and parents.



Franklin C. Martin K-8 Center; Nagoya International School; Beacon Hill School; Spicewood Elementary; James B Sanderlin Elementary

Collaboratively developed by the Chandler Oaks Language /Assessment Policy Committee Members:

Janet Stading, Coordinator

Dayna Collings, Librarian

Carol Imperial, Spanish Teacher

Karen Swint, Talented & Gifted (TAG)

Tammi Carter, Interventionist

Laurie Mutscher, Counselor

Lianna Sayegh, First Grade

Tracy Walpole, Second Grade

Amy Moore, Third Grade

Olivia Ortega, Fourth Grade

Kelley Hirt, Principal

Dana Green, Assistant Principal

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