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Hi there! Thanks for attending our third pop up class! This document contains a bunch of resources from my presentation (including the presentation itself). If you have any questions or would like me to look over your own portfolio, let me know!


Get the presentation here.


  • Buy or a variation that makes sense.
  • Have a big, bold name right up top so people know they’re in the right place.
  • Write a quick bio (1-2 sentences) that sells who you are and what you do. Get that near your name so it’s the second thing people see. Keep the longer one on a different page.
  • Ensure easy navigation by using a clean menu with few options. You probably only need About, Projects (or Videos / Articles / Photos, etc.), Resume and Contact.
  • Keep a simple design. Less is more. Clear beats creative. Write simply.
  • Provide quick context for projects or videos so a user knows the background before clicking through.
  • Include a professional headshot. It’s helpful to see you on your own site!
  • Check your grammar, spelling, punctuation and links.


Here’s a list of platforms where you can build your portfolios. Some also include the ability to purchase your domain through the platform itself, which makes for easy one-stop shopping.


The following is a list of student portfolios. They come from students who participated in the Student Newsroom at a few different Online News Association annual conferences. They’re listed in no particular order and some are stronger than others. Take a look to see how other students are putting their sites together.