“Hospitals and Health: The Balance

Sheet”, Verona: 19-21 April 2001

Provisional Programme

Thursday 19 April

Session One: Hospital Finance and Patronage

- Matthew Sneider (Brown), ‘Hospital finance in 16th-century


- Marina Garbellotti (Trento), ‘The Commune and the

hospital: aspects of charity and welfare of the Commune of

Verona, 17-18th centuries’

- Gunnar Stollberg and Ingo Tamm (Bielefeld), ‘Internal

differentiation in German hospitals during the 19th century

with special reference to Munich and Leipzig’

- John Welshman (Lancaster), ‘Inequalities in health,

resource allocation and the early NHS: The Sheffield

Regional Hospital Board, 1947-74’

Friday 20 April

Session Two: Urban and Rural Topographies

- Max Satchell (Suffolk County Council Archaeology

Service), ‘Towards a landscape history of the rural hospital in

medieval England, 1100-1300’

- Christine Stevenson (Reading), ‘Prints “proper to shew to

Gentelmen”: The representational topography of the 18thcentury

British voluntary hospital’

- Sergio Onger (Brescia), ‘Hospitals in town and countryside:

Brescia, 18th to 20th centuries’

- Annemarie Adams (McGill), ‘That was Then, This is Now.

Hospital Architecture in the Age(s) of “Revolution”, 1970-


Session Three: Hospitals and Health

- Louise Gray (Wellcome Institute, London), ‘The role of

hospitals in the lives of the chronically ill. Self-experience

and capability amidst illness in the narratives of the rural

poor in early modern Germany’

- Eric Gruber Von Arni (Army Medical Services Museum,

Aldershot), ‘“Tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in iIlis”:

The experience of sick and wounded soldiers and their

families during the English civil war and Interregnum, 1642-


- Flurin Condrau (Munich), ‘The institutional career of

tuberculosis in Britain and Germany during the early 20th


- Martin Dinges (Institut fur Geschichte der Medezin der

Robert Bosch Stuttgart), ‘Patients and homeopathic hospitals

in 19th century Europe’

Saturday 21 April

Session Four: The Hospital and the Community

- Alysa Levene (Cambridge), ‘Saving the innocents: Life and

death in the Foundling Hospitals of London and Florence,


- Graham Mooney (Wellcome Institute, London) and Andrea

Tanner (Great Ormond Street Hospital, London), ‘Death on

the wards: the impact of hospitals on local mortality levels in

19th-century London’

- Diego Ramiro (Madrid and Cambridge), ‘Mortality in

hospitals and mortality in the city in 19th-century Spain’

- Marco Geddes da Filicaia (Genoa), ‘The Italian hospital

system between past and future’