Logging Into Banner & Changing your Password

On Campus Employees:

From your desktop click the start button

If you’re on Windows 10 click all apps. If you’re on Windows 7 click all programs.

Find and select Banner - This is the production version with all the live data.

Off Campus Employees:

You will need to download the application to log into banner by going to www.eou.edu/it/banner There are 3 different versions to download production (which is mostly what you will use), Banner UPG(Upgrade), and Banner TST(Test). Download the version you are needing to access.

You will then get a popup that has a download button click the button. Your popup may vary slightly based on the browser you are on.

If you get one of these popups you will want to save the file        .

If you get the following warning do not worry the file is safe just click Keep.

You can then move the file out of your downloads folder to anywhere you would like to keep the file such as your desktop. To launch banner double click on the file.

All Employees:

You will now have a new window open. On this screen enter your Username and Password that has been provided to you.

  1. You do not need to put anything in the Database field unless you are logging into Banner Test or Banner Upgrade both of these are sandboxes which allow the testing of new features.
  2. For Banner Test you would enter eoutst.ous
  3. For Banner Upgrade you would enter eouupg.ous

You are now at the home screen of banner. Since this is likely the first time you logged in you will want to update your password from the default to do this click on the Change Banner Password link on the right hand side of the window.

You will then be prompted to enter your current password. Then you will enter your new password twice. You new password CANNOT contain any special characters it can only contain upper and lower case letters and numbers. Once you have done that click the save icon: You will then be taken back to the home screen.

Updating your Banner Colors

  1. Banner also allows you to customize the colors of your screen. If you set up different color schemes between Banner, Banner Test, Banner Upgrade then you can easily identify which one you are logged into.
  1. For this demo I am logged into Banner Test which I prefer blue.
  2. You can also tell which instance you are logged into by looking at the blue bar along the top.
  1. EOUPRD - Banner
  2. EOUUPG - Banner Upgrade
  3. EOUTST - Banner Test
  1. To change your colors select File in the top left on the home screen. Then select Preferences towards the bottom of the list.

  1. On this screen you have several different areas where you can adjust your colors. If you do not know the RGB color you want simply click the drop down arrow to the right of the User Value to give you a popup to select your desired color from. I prefer to change the following options: Canvas, Menu Links Canvas, Menu Broadcast Message Canvas, and Menu Tree Canvas.

WARNING: For Banner Test and Banner Upgrade whenever the data is refreshed from Production it will reset your colors to green for Upgrade and Orange for Test. So it is a good idea to record your desired settings somewhere so you can easily change them back after a refresh.

  1. To save your desired color settings click the save icon in the top left . Then click the X icon on the top right to close the form and go back to the home screen.

Navigating to a Banner Screen

  1. There are 2 ways to navigate to a banner screen. The first is to use the folders on the home screen to navigate down to the screen you want. This will not include all available screens but will at least lead  you to the basic screens such as SPAIDEN for general student information. Double Click on the option to navigate to the screen. NOTE: There are other __AIDEN screens that provide general information for each department such as PPAIDEN for HR and RPAIDEN for Financial Aid.

  1. The second way to find a screen that can lead you to all available screens is to use the Go To… box at the top. To use this box you type in the name of the screen you are wanting to go to then press enter on your keyboard:

  1. If you cannot remember the entire name of the screen you can use the % symbol as a wild card so you can find all screens that start with SP by entering SP%  or all screens that end with AIDEN by entering %AIDEN or all screens that contain AID by enter %AID%. Using the % symbol at the beginning and end will also allow it to search based on the description. After entering these and pressing enter you will get a popup window that will show all the results it found that matches what entered. Here are the results for %AIDEN :

  1. Select the screen you are wanting to go to from the list and click OK. This will take you to the screen you selected. For this tutorial I will be using SPAIDEN, You may not have access to this screen but that is ok since what I will be teaching is general information that works on all screens.

Navigating within a Banner Screen

  1. Many Screens will display an ID window followed by a blank name window. If you have an EOU ID (910 Number) or a SSN you can enter it and it will fill in the name window.

  1. If you are unsure of their ID leave the ID window blank and tab over to the name window. You can then type in their name like so to find them. Last, First. You can use the % symbol here at any point at the end if you are unsure of spelling like so Mouse, M%, Note that the field is not case sensitive. Press enter when done.

  1. If there are more than 1 contacts that match your entered name will will get the following screen. You can view and select your desired contact in the dropdown. If there are a lot of results you are able to filter your results down using the below fields.

  1. You may also use the GUIALTI form to find the contact you are looking for as it allows you to query by SSN, ID, Name, and Birthdate.

  1. Once you have your desired contact entered press Page Down on your keyboard or the next block button at the top  This will take you into the record for the screen. Each screen is a little different but you can continue to use Page Down (Next Block Button ) as well as Page Up (Previous Block Button ) to navigate around menus:

  1. Use Tab on your keyboard to move from field to field.

  1. Clicking the X button will take you back to your previous screen.

  1. Of course you can select menus and fields using your mouse cursor as well.

  1. Some Screens will have multiple records for you to view. They will usually have a scroll bar on the right indicating so. To view the records you can click the up and down arrows at the top and bottom of the scroll bar, use the up and down arrows on your keyboard, or use the Next Record and Previous Record buttons at the top .

  1. When a screen has several records like this you are able to filter your results down using the Query ability. To start the query click the Enter Query button  or Shift+F7 on your keyboard. This will remove all results on your screen so everything in blank.
  1. For this example we will use address type as our filter criteria. In the banner system there are many types of addresses. You will likely only be concerned with 1 or 2 address types so to filter down to say the MA (Mailing Address) simply type MA in the Address type field. You can also use drop down menu to select an option.

  1. Once you have entered your filter criteria, such as address type, click the Execute Query button  or the F7 key on your keyboard. You will now only get the results you wish to find. If you decided you do not want to filter the results click the Cancel Query button  or F12 on your keyboard.
  1. NOTE You are not restricted to only 1 piece of filter criteria. For example you could filter by both Address Type and State. To do this simply enter both your Address Type and State criteria prior to executing the query.

  1. On some screens when you have a specific record selected if you click Options at the top you will be presented with a list of related screens you can go to for more information. This list will change based on what tab or block on you currently on. Keep in mind that you may not have access to all the screens listed.

Editing Records

  1. If you have permission you can edit records easily by selecting the field on the record and editing it.
  2. To save your changes click Save button  or press F10 on your keyboard. If you decide you do not want to make the change click the Rollback button  .
  1. NOTE: Not all records will allow you edit them this way some records will require you to create a new one first. Some fields on a record will not be editable as well.

Creating a New Record

There are 2 ways of creating new records.

  1. From the screen click the Insert Record button . This will add a blank entry for you. You can then enter the information you need for the record and then save once complete.
  2. From the screen enter query mode by either the button  or Shift+F7 then cancel it by click the button  or pressing F12. You will now have no entries present but you can now add in your new entry. Save the record once you are complete. If you then execute the query by click the button  or pressing F7 you will see your new entry among the others.

NOTE: Some screens will not allow you to create a new record this way. These screens will require additional training, likely from someone within your department, on how to correctly create a record.

Deleting a Record

There are very few circumstances when you should delete a record so please do so carefully. Once deleted we cannot retrieve the data.

  1. To delete a record select the record and then click the Remove Record button . Then save.

Running a Banner Job in Job Sub

  1. Go to the GJAPCTL screen.
  2. In the process field enter the name of your job. For this demo we will use the FGRODTH budget report. The description of the job will appear in the field to the right of the name field.

  1. You are able to search for available jobs as well by clicking the down arrow next to the process filed or by pressing F9.
  2. This will take you to a new screen that will allow you to use the wildcard % to search or view all by executing the query.
  1. Press Page down to enter the Printer Control block. This field may be prefilled by defaults on the job however you can change it based on what you need.
  1. EMAIL - This will send your report directly to your email as an attachment.
  1. NOTE: You don’t enter your email here you type out the word email.

  1. NOPRINT - This will send you an email with a link to download your report. You will have to sign in with your mountie pass prior to downloading the file via the link.

  1. Leave the Field Blank - This will send your report directly your default printer. If this is being sent to the wrong printer you will need to contact IT for assistance in changing it.

  1. The last option is to select a specific printer you want to send the report to from the list.

  1. Page Down again to enter the Parameter Values block. Here you will see all the parameters for the report. You enter your value for the parameters in the Values column. With a row selected you will see information on what it expects for the value as well as a description in the bottom left corner. This will also tell you if the parameter is required.

  1. Once you have entered all your parameters page down again to the Submission block. Here you can save your parameters for future use by checking the check box and give it a name and description.

  1. Whether you choose to save your parameters or not you must then save to submit the job. This will take you back to the Process block.
  2. To run a job using saved parameters select the parameter set from the Parameter Set drop down to the right of the process description field. Double click to select the set which will then take you back to GJAPCTL then you can continue as normal except your parameters will be already set.

  1. The drop down will take you to this screen to select a saved parameter set.

  1. To view the status of a submitted banner job select Review Job Status [GWIJOBR] from the options menu.

  1. This will take you to the GWIJOBR screen where you can see recently ran jobs and their current status. Simply press X the go back to GJAPCTL

My Banner

One of the useful features of banner is the My Banner folder. This appears above the banner folder in the menu tree. Banner allows you to customize which banner screens appear in the folder therefore allowing you to create a “favorites” folder of screen that you do not have type in every time or memorize the name for.

  1. To choose which screen show in this folder double click on the folder to expand it. You will then see that it is empty except for 1 option that says Select to Build double click on that entry.

  1. This will take you to the GUAPMNU screen. This screen is divided into 2 halfs. The left half gives you a list of screens to choose from. The right side is the screens you have selected.

  1. There are 2 ways to add a screen.
  1. The first is to click on the right side of the screen in the object column and then type out the name of the screen. Press Tab and the description will fill out automatically if it is a valid name, if it is an invalid name it will error and say the entry is invalid.

  1. The second method uses the list on the left. If you click in either the Object or Description column you can scroll through the list to try and find you screen or you can use the query search using the wildcard % taught earlier in the training to narrow down your list. Once you have found your screen double click on it so that the text turns blue then click the  button to add it to your My Banner list.

  1. Once you have add all the screens you want save.
  2. If you go back to your main menu now you will still not see your new results. To see your newly updated list you will have close banner and then relog in.

  1. You will now see your selected screens along with the Organize My Banner [GUAPMNU] option. To add new screens or remove screens you will select this option
  2. To remove screens from your list double click on the screen on the right side so that it is blue then click the  button and then save. Again you will have to close banner and relog in before it will disappear from your list.