Student: Accessing Collaborate Moodle ISU


This guide will show you how to access a Collaborate session through your Moodle course. You will also get a few tips for participating in a Collaborate session.

This guide will help you:

Access a Collaborate Session

  1. Login to Moodle ISU. For more information, see Student: Accessing Moodle ISU.
  2. Select the course you wish to access.
  3. Locate the correct topic/week of your course.
  4. Click on the the Collaborate Session link.

Locate Week -Topic.jpg

  1. This will bring you to the session information page.
  2. At the top of the page, Click Join Session.

Join Session.jpg

  1. You may need to Click Download.

  1. A new window will open.
  2. Click OK to begin downloading the session.

Participate in a Collaborate Session

The following items are to help you participate in the Collaborate session.

  1. Talk - If you would like to talk, Click on the talk button located in the AUDIO & VIDEO box.  

Note: Clicking the Talk or Video buttons will turn on/off the camera and mic.

  1. Chat - If you would like to send a message, Type it in the chat text box.


  1. Other Actions - There are several other actions you can make using the Participant block.
  1. Show an Emotion - Click on the face symbol and Select the emotion you want using the dropdown menu. The selected emotion will be shown next to your name in the Participants list.


  1. Step Away from the Session - If you would like to show your status as Away, Click on the head with the clock symbol.

Step Away.jpg

  1. Raise your Hand - To raise your hand, Click on the hand icon.

Raise Hand.jpg

  1. Respond to a Poll - To respond to a poll, Click on the checkmark and Select your response from the dropdown menu.

Respond to Poll.jpg

If you have any additional technology questions, contact the IT Service Desk at 282-HELP (4357).  For questions about your course in Moodle please contact your instructor.

This work was done by Instructional Technology Resource Center at Idaho State University and is licensed under the Creative Commons Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit Attribution Noncommercial 3.0 United States or send a letter to Creative Commons, 444 Castro Street, Suite 900, Mountain View, California, 94041, USA.