Your Turn with Nearpod

This handout is adapted from a Nearpod handout that can be found at

Now that you’ve seen some of what is possible with Nearpod, it’s your turn to try it out!

Work in pairs or individually to explore and use various Nearpod features and tools to create a lesson.

Nearpod Content Store


Your Tasks!

The Nearpod Content Store has lessons and resources for all subjects and grade levels. Materials are organized and searchable.

  1. Find the Nearpod Content store.
  2. Search for a presentation related to your topic. (Think about something your students may have struggled with in the past.)
  3. Download the presentation to your Nearpod account.
  4. Think about how you will present this lesson to your students. What questions will they ask? What discussions can you have?

(While you can edit these presentations at any time, you will learn how to do that in a future activity.)

Creating your own Lessons


Your Tasks!

You don’t have to start from scratch! Nearpod can automatically convert PowerPoint, jpeg, pdf, or Keynote files into a Nearpod presentation, enabling you to make use of what you already have while leveraging Nearpod’s interactive and assessment features.

  1. Find an existing .ppt, .jpeg, .pdf, or .keynote file.
  2. Drag and drop the file into Nearpod.
  3. Watch as your file is converted into a Nearpod presentation.

Nearpod has 6 interactive activities for your students. They are:

  1. Open Ended Question
  2. Poll
  3. Quiz
  4. Draw It
  5. Fill in the Blanks
  6. Matching Pairs
  1. Think about how you will present your teaching topic. What types of activities will support student engagement and mastery? Consider incorporating a check for understanding using a Quiz, Fill in the Blanks, or Matching Pairs activity; promote discussion by incorporating a Poll or Open Ended Question; or ask your students to create, design, or problem-solve with a Draw It activity.
  2. Edit the presentation you just imported.
  3. Add an each of the activity types to your lesson.

Publishing and Delivering a Presentation


Your Tasks!

Publishing your presentation allows you to launch a live session or self-paced presentation with your students.

  1. Go to “My Library.”
  2. Publish an existing presentation.
  3. Think about whether you want your students to give your lesson as a “Live Session” where you control the pace of the lesson and what appears on your students’ devices, or in “Homework Mode” where students navigate a lesson at their own pace.
  4. Launch the presentation as a Live Session or Homework. (Homework is a Premium Feature.)
  5. Experience the presentation live by partnering up and presenting to each other. You will be able to practice “going live” with a presentation as well as experience it from your students’ perspective in this activity.

Viewing Reports


Your Tasks!

Nearpod captures and saves class- and student-level data that enables you to track completion and comprehension. You can also filter reports or download data into a .pdf or .csv file for further analysis

  1. You will need to have launched a presentation and have at least one student complete it in order to generate data for a Report. You can complete your lesson as a student or have a partner complete the lesson.
  2. Click on the “Reports” tab from the home screen to view the progress of your students.
  3. Think about how you will use this data to inform your instruction. What feedback will it give you and how will you use it?

Thank you!

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