Run these mods in conjunction with New California for a better time:

4GB Patch* <- Vital, if you are using Steam

NVSE <- Not required unless you continue from here

Mod Config Menu

Solid Project <- Very very highly recommended

Project Nevada

ENB Series <- Not vital, but HIGHLY recommended

Turn off Antialiasing, Anistropic filtering and Water Displacement in the new vegas launcher options

Rudy ENB <- If you want to visually match our images

Turn off Antialiasing, Anistropic filtering and Water Displacement in the new vegas launcher options

And that's it.

Bonus points if you use:



Robco Certified <- For the best Science playthrough

Weapon Retexture Project

Weapons of the New Millennium

Those are my recommendations -- TOTALLY VOLUNTARY -- and in no way essential to play FNC. Except the 4GB Patch for Steam users, it’s critical.

Rudy ENB will make the mod look like the screenshots and videos. It is required for it to look like that. I wish we could make New Vegas look better natively. We’d need source code and a shader programmer. Call Bethesda, tell them to just give us the license and rights to do it ourselves. Til then, grab ENB + Rudy’s latest update. It runs great on my system.

You can plug and play FNC as if it were a DLC with no other mods required -- including the DLC.

The Frontier, when it comes out, will also shoot to the top of the list, since we share continuity with them. But you can take or leave either mod as well. Up to you.

*4 GB PATCH IS JUST A SOLID NEED IF YOU USE STEAM, no exceptions. (GOG users need not worry)


Because we can’t support it or we don’t have time, or it’s up to you.


I don't know, never tried it. But supposedly it works.

We also mention quite a few mods and AlChestBreach a lot. Call those Easter Eggs.

****Fallout Character Overhaul now has a Patch. It will be in our download. Just enable it if you use it. If you don’t, ignore it.

We’ll fix FCO later. It’s just adding distractions.

*****What mods are Incompatible with FNC?

******If you use Fallout 4 Quick Loot, replace it with this one to avoid major problems later in not just our mod but als new vegas.

These: Incompatible Mods List