I saw the huge trees towering above me.

I took my first step into the river all of a sudden i felt the artic cold water brush against my legs.

“Woosh” holy what was that I looked up There it was was the biggest and baddest hawk of all.

Eekk  I saw  Huge big black ell   when I brush past my ankle. I looked up At the huge trees above me The water is like an A freezing cold iceberg.

Meanwhile My class was cheering behind me

I looked up at the huge trees above me I looked down again I would be there in 3..2..1 i'm there I looked up again this is like the fourth time This time the trees look bigger  than  ever. At the top there was the little tui.

Everyone was cheering  behind me now it's my friends go now he looks very worried, he takes his first step and for some reason he didn't seem to find it cold.

oh my gosh how did he not fall

Huge huge group of ealls jumped up and hit him in the face and he doesn't fall he's nearly there oh no he fell on the last stone of the river bad for him now he has to go back to school all muddy and wet the bus driver won't be happy

hey you're too dirty to come on my bus


the end :]