(UPDATED – January 25, 2020)

  1. PURPOSE:  The purpose of this group is to promote golf and camaraderie between couples who like to play competitive golf together.  We invite couples, who are property owners, with active GHIN #'s and established handicaps with maximum indexes of 33.0 to join us.  Play is governed by the Revised Rules of Golf as approved by the USGA and local adopted rules.
  2. MEMBERSHIP:  Membership is for couples who will play together as a team all year from April through October.  If for some reason one partner cannot continue that team will not be able to participate with another partner, unless they rejoin with another partner to continue for the year.  The new team will pay ½ membership dues.
  3. DUES:  Couples Golf Group members will be assessed annual dues of $55.00, per couple which will not be refunded after the first event.  GHIN handicap calculation fees are paid to the ASGA through the POA.  If a team joins in August, September or October, the dues will be reduced to $25.00 per couple for those 3 months.
  4. HANDICAPS:  A current USGA Handicap (maximum index of 33.0) is required for membership.  A continuing membership supersedes the 33.0 requirement.  When playing in CGG events, all golfers having an excess of a 36 handicap must play to a 36 for that competition.  Each player is responsible for posting each and every one of their adjusted scores upon completion of a round of golf. (see Rule 7).
  5. TEES:  The men shall play from the white, silver/white or silver tees, depending on their index.  Recommended indexes 0 – 15.5 play from the white tees and 13.5 – 19+ play from the silver/white and silver tees.  Men may play from the white tees if their index is above 15.5, if they wish.  The white, silver/white or silver tees must be noted on the application form.  Note, as a guide multiply your 5-iron yardage by 36 and that is the course yardage you should play from.  All women will play from the gold tees.  On Granada the women will use the original forward set of tees on #12.
  6. RULES:  Although we may "play the ball up", we do abide by the USGA Rules of play. Please familiarize yourself with the rules ahead of time and carry a rules book with you. If you have a question about any rule, ask your playing partners and if you cannot agree, play 2 balls on that hole and record both scores, then ask for an official ruling when you are finished. One of our Board members is always available and can contact someone to provide an official ruling if necessary.
  7. POSTING SCORES:  Whenever we play events where we play our own ball, we are each responsible for posting our own scores. Remember to adjust your score using the USGA’s ESC procedures. *

Whenever the format of play allows, you are encouraged to pick up once you’ve reached your maximum hole score for handicap purposes – which is a Net Double Bogey.

Net Double Bogey = Double Bogey + any handicap strokes received on a hole.

Using the scenario above, your maximum score for handicap purposes is a 7, so in this case you would submit a score of 7 for that hole.

If you were to pick up on a hole before reaching Net Double Bogey, then you would record your Most Likely Score as long as it does not exceed your Net Double limit.

*CGG Score Posting Information


  1. BUNKERS:  If your ball lands in an unworked bunker and you have an unplayable lie you may rake and place your ball within that bunker.  If the bunker has been worked and you are in an unplayable spot you would proceed as usual with a drop within the bunker with a one stroke penalty.  (Due to Covid-19 these bunker rules are superseded. See the COVID-19 Guidelines on the main menu tabs).
  2. EVENTS:  Date, course and event as indicated on the schedule.
  1. You may sign up for play 7 to 14 days in advance on our web page.  Please refer to the Sign-up instructions under the Information tab.  Tee times, pairings and results may be obtained from our web site under the respective tabs.
  2. For cancellations or to be added as a late signup call or email the Pairings Coordinator listed on the web site under the Event Pairings tab.  There is also a “We Need to Cancel” form to fill out under the Sign-up tab.  Do NOT cancel on Total-e.  To cancel on the day of play you should call the Pairings Coordinator and the pro shop.

11. LOW GROSS/LOW NET CHAMPIONSHIP:  The combined club championship will crown a low gross and low net couple as champion.  There will also be gross and net flight winners.  You will be pre-flighted by handicap. For the Club Championship only, after a double par on any hole, a player may pick up and mark that score for his/her max and put a “M” next to that score for tie breaking purposes.


12. PRIZES:  Event competition winnings and points for participation each week will be awarded by the issuance of credit to winners’ POA I.D. cards on MOA Any.


13. TIES:  All ties will be determined by scores from the last 9 played, then last 6 holes then last 3 holes then last hole.  If it is a shotgun start ties will be determined on holes 10 – 18 with the same formula.

14. BLIND SCORE: For multiple ball events, or when a team is incomplete on the day of play due to illness etc., a “blind score” may be utilized.  On each event (other than the Championship) a player with a similar index will be chosen by the Scoring Committee to be in the blind score.  When a team uses a blind score, it will be copied from the original scorecard and combined with the other scores.  The blind score person will not receive additional points.


15. RAIN OUT POLICY:  (Event Chair is the President, Vice President or Secretary who are present).

  1. On Date of Event – Every effort will be made to complete the event.  Check the Announcement tab for updates.  If an event is cancelled due to weather, no points will be awarded that day.  Notification will be by email and/or telephone as needed.
  2. Delays:  Rain is not necessarily a reason to cancel play.  Teams are encouraged to continue during periods of light rain or intermittent showers.  Delaying on the course is allowable, if longer delays are anticipated, or if there is lightning, mark your ball location and return to the clubhouse for a determination by the Event Chairman whether play will continue or not.
  3. Continue Play:  If play is continued by the Event Chair, teams must complete their entire round to be eligible for points.
  4. Discontinue Play:  If play is discontinued by the Event Chair, and an entire flight has completed at least 9 holes, points for the flight will be awarded based on the 9 holes completed.  All couples who started the event will be awarded participation points.

16. PACE OF PLAY:  Play READY golf and be READY to play without delay.  Continuous putting is encouraged to speed up play.  Groups should be in position and/or in their allotted time according to the Course Timesheet.

     a. The Pace of Play will be assessed by the Golf Course Manager, according to                          the game and conditions of the course on that day.  If there are problems with slow play, the group will be asked to please pick up the pace of play.  (Times should be evaluated according to the Course Timesheet and conditions.)

      b. If the group has not closed the time gap after two or three holes, they will be    instructed to do the following:                                                                                                               

(The assessed one stroke penalty for slow play is included in b and c statements.)

USGA Rules of Golf:  Rule 6-7 Undue Delay, Slow play.

c. If a player becomes argumentative or verbally abusive, they will be subject to disqualification from the game for that day.  The action will be determined by the CGG Board.

d. If you feel you were not the cause of slow play and wish to appeal the penalty, this may be done in the scoring area with the Scoring Chair after your round and must be done before you turn in your scorecard.