Today we went to tip top and we looked how to make ice cream and there’s like tank of  and one is milk and cream and sugar and there’s different shapes like a circle and a rectangle and triangle and the colors are blue red and yellow but first when we got free time on the park and she kept on telling us on the the ground in ten seconds and we took our time to get on the ground and she ket and doing it and room 8 went first and then room 6 went and then room 7 went and we  the lady told us about this old car and then we went in and we bused buttons and and told us about this other car and we bust the buttons and  then we went to go and see the temperature and then we had to put our faces and and we could see the cheescake and we went to the and we went to  this other place and that's where they make the ice cream and this other lady houldid this big chocolate and

And we watched this movie and we went on the bus and went back to school.