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Max Q Virtual Mail & Drive Management

Program Goal: To implement virtual strategies and programs to help your business grow and become more efficient. Max Q Virtual will act as your personal Google Apps For Work strategist to help your business gain a competitive advantage utilizing Google’s powerful technology. Not only will we handle the process of setting up Google Apps For Work for your business, but we will also provide personal coaching on how to get the most out of Google Apps For Work.

A shared network drive and email that is truly liberating!

We design, develop and implement best practice solutions providing efficient access to business information. From productivity gains to storage cost reductions, Max Q Virtual provides the solutions necessary to help your business gain a significant competitive advantage. Enjoy plenty of storage, less spam, and mobile access. Use email that's intuitive, efficient and useful and includes group distribution lists, filters, themes, signatures and more. We do more than just set up email and storage, we SUPPORT you.

Max Q Mail - email that is more intuitive, efficient and useful!

  • Up to 30 GB of storage per user
  • Keep unwanted messages out of your inbox with Google's powerful spam blocking technology
  • Keep any message you might need down the road, and then find it fast with Google search
  • Send mail, read new messages and search your archives instantly from your phone
  • Effectively use labels and filters, signatures and coordinate multiple accounts
  • Guaranteed 99.9% email uptime and 24/7 customer support give you a strong foundation for success.

Max Q Storage - access your business from anywhere!

  • Up to 30 GB of storage per user (additional storage: as low as $.02/mo for each GB or as low as $21/mo for each TB)
  • Share your work with co-workers with real-time collaboration and updating. Instead of sending attachments, send a link that always points to the most current version of that document. Access/share files from anywhere with an Internet connection! Allow multiple people to edit a document, you can see who added and deleted what, when.
  • Continuous Innovation - software upgrades and advancements happen automatically.
  • Lower cost – No hardware, software or patches, so you save money. Estimate your savings.
  • Eliminate redundancy and keep your documents current, everyone sees the most updated version.
  • Access your data from anywhere, even mobile devices.
  • Lower cost. No hardware, software or patches, so you save money. Easy migration from Exchange.
  • Enterprise-class service. 99.9% uptime with multiple layers of protection keep your business data safe and secure.

Never buy another server, back up a local drive or worry about another software upgrade. Find out why more than 5 million businesses are using Google Apps.

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