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☞ :mused: Family Tome Version 1.10

A Family Tome is needed to create a :mused: family. Families are groups of :mused: users who are working together. It is another way to allow access to tanks and things as well. Also unlike SL groups, families can easily be sold or traded.

(Once you have joined a family you can only leave either by being removed by the family owner or with the Outcast Elixir)


(transfer only)

Once a family has been set up it becomes the tome, if you delete the family the tome will no longer work. You can Rename an existing family using the family renaming scroll. (more information below)

To set up your family rez the family tome and tell it the name you wish to call your family. We recommend knowing what you want it to be and copying it and pasting it from something that has a spell check. Double check that the name is correct before sending you it costs milk to rename a family.

To see what version of the tome you have you can click the menu and the version will be in the menu text under the main menu heading.

Close/Open- this sets the tome to either is open or closed state visually

Text On / Off - Toggles the visual float text display of information on and off. Float text includes:

Members - Opens a menu that allows you to manage and get information about your family members

Delete family -  This is used to wipe an entire family out. It will remove all members, delete all stats and so on. Remember your family is tied to your tome. Deleting the family will destroy the tome and you will need a new tome if you wish to create a new family.


Open Enrollment - This sets it so that anyone can join your family. They will need to wear their Milk Monitor HUD, or Master HUD then click the join button in the top left. They will be prompted to say the name of the family they wish to join in chat to be added to the family.

Link/unlink tank - This will allow you to pick from tanks you have rezed on the region to link the tome too. You will need to link a tank to use the tome to send milk to family members.

Send milk- This option will open a dialog that will let you type in the name of the family member you wish to send milk to. It needs to be their SL user name not a display name however partial names will work so it does not need to be their full SL user name. Once it has found the family member it will pop up a new dialog letting you know the current calcium of that member and prompting you to put in an amount of milk you wish to send to them.  The person receiving the milk will get a message letting them know how much was sent. They do not need to be online to receive it.

Sent milk applies as if drunk from the tank by the member. It applies to calcium as well as to stud pump weekly limit.

Errors you may see: If it can not find the user it will tell you. If you do not have enough milk in the container to send the amount specified it will say so in local and will not send any.

Stats - Lists the following stats in a private script chat:

You can only be in one family and you will need to be removed by the family owner to become an “outcast” in order to join another family or start a new one. (see above or Outcast Elixir below for more information)

To Rename a family go to the :mused: Family Tome – Rename Scroll on the mused region. (Current 02/01/16 location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/mused/193/32/22). 

  1. Once there rez a milk storage tank with at least 100L in it.
  2. Click the scroll and it will pop up a menu to let you pick the tank the milk will come from.
  3. Enter your family’s new name. (more than 2 but less than 24 characters be sure its exactly what you want!)
  4. Rerez your family tome.


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☞ Milk Master HUD Version 1.09

The Masters HUD does not come with the :mused: systems and is available for purchase in the store. It is needed if you choose to take on servant and will give you the sort of information you might need as a Master.

Managing your suppliers and drinkers has never been easier. This HUD enables you to see a list of your servants and see their stats, as well as their location in world. Monitor your own stats, filter alerts, create groups and stay organized with one HUD.

(This HUD will enter you into the milkmade system as a drinker, if you are not one already. Wear this item OR the Milk Monitor HUD - not both)

*Note that the Master HUD has been updated to integrate Stud Pump servants but this is not the full integration planned. We will have a HUD redesign that better manages both types of servants in the near future.*

From the “Master” Button going clockwise:


For those interested in having a master, this button will allow you to set someone as master of your "breasts" (milk). This will give them easy access to viewing your stats and last visited location with the "Milk Master Hud".  (See Also: milkmade Escape Elixir Info)


This is used in order to join a Family that is set to open enrollment. You will need to click the join button and then type the name of the family you wish to join in chat when prompted.


The stats button is used to show the following information:

Followed by Your Personal Stats


Support icon -


(see Trouble shooting and Submitting a Ticket)


This displays what family you currently belong to.  (See also: Outcast Elixir and Family Tome)

Dharma -

Shows what Dharma rank you are.

Milk Intake Stat-  

Shows what level you have achieved based on the milk consumed. You will see not only your title but also the amount you have consumed and how much is needed to get to the next level.

Milk Asset Stat (tank icon) -

Shows what status level you have achieved based on the total amount of milk currently in storage tanks you own. This shows the title you have earned as well as the amount you have stored and how much is needed to get to the next level.

Group Icon-

Groups are a tool for a master to manage his or her servants. To set up a group you need click on the icon. You will be prompted to set up a new group. Selecting Yes will prompt you to say the name of the group you wish to create in chat. Once you have a group set up, you can create more or delete the one you have. You will also be able to view the groups that you have created from this menu.

To add servants to a group you can select their name either from the list all page or by searching for them via the search tool. once selecting the servant you will see a button at the bottom left that says “+ group” clicking it will give you a list of the groups you have created and you can select one to add them to. A servant can only be added on group selecting another will remove them from the first. A servant who is a drinker only can not be added to a group they must have the milkmade breasts.

List Icon-

Lists all the servants you have. You can click on any of their names to view their stats. You can see two or four pages of stats that you can tab through using the arrows at the bottom. Depending on what systems the servant has will depend on what stats are shown for them, some of the stats will still list but will show 0:

At the bottom left of this information page you will see three buttons:

sURL button - gives you the sURL of your servant’s current location in chat if they have the breasts attached.

+ group button - allows you to add them to a group you have created to manage your servants.

Requests Icon-

Search Icon-

The search icon allows you to search for servants in your group or family by typing their name in chat when prompted. This is designed to make it easier to find the servant you are looking for, particularly if your “list all” list becomes too long to easily browse.

Backboard List-

By default lists all servants -

Servants are listed by name followed by their generation level, the amount of milk in their breasts and the amount of milk in their pump tank - you can set the alert icon (the red megaphone at the bottom right) and set the blackboard to give you notice of:

Total Servants Acquired:

Masters are limited to no more 32 servants under them. Your current servant total can be view on your stats on the website. There however is no limit to the number of people who can be in a family at this current time.

Troubleshooting the Master HUD:

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☞ :mused: Web HUD

The :mused: Web HUD attaches to the Top Left HUD location and when closed looks like a small back circle with the :mused: logo.

When clicked it opens the HUD and this logo button changes to have a Plus (+) and Minus (-) symbol on it at the bottom. This buttons will allow you to change the size of the HUD both Up and Down.

Note: the Web HUD is just that, a HUD that works with our website to allow server side management of consumables. If you do not have Media enabled in your viewer you will not be able to use the HUD. 

You will only see the :mused: logo. If you do not have “Allow media to Auto Play” checked you will also see this Logo and will need to click it to allow the HUD to display the web page.

At the top of the HUD you will see the SL interface’s web buttons. Because of the specialized nature of our HUD only a couple of these will be useful.

In the open HUD you will have two sections Active Bonuses and Inventory

When you consume an item you will get a popup window that will confirm what you consumed and how long the effect will last.

When you give something it will open a pop up that allows you to select from avatars nearby (within 30m), avatars you have recently given items too as well as a section to put in an avatar’s SL name or UUID.  Below that is a box to let you put in the quantity of items you wish to give them.

If you have more items than the HUD can display you can use the scroll bar on the right hand side of the HUD to move up and down on the inventory section.

In the Inventory section the rows are broken up into three possible sections:

You will only see the section for the consumable items that you have in your inventory.

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☞ :mused: Elixirs

Elixirs are designed as a fail safe for the :mused: stat relationships of master and family. If for some reason you find yourself in a situation with a master or family and you wish to leave them you can get the appropriate elixir and be removed from them. These are not cheap however as masters and families often provide a great deal of shared resources and invest a lot of time and money into these relationships. They can be bought in world at our main store for either linden or with milk via the cash cow.  Both a family member and a servant can be released by the owner for free no Elixir needed.

If these fail please put in a support ticket

☞ Outcast Elixir

The purpose of this bottle is to remove you from your family if the owner of the family will not remove you. Simply wear the bottle and touch it to be removed from your family.

(transfer only)

This will remove you from your current family and will set your status as an outcast. You will not show on the family stats nor will tanks you own that are set to family be available to that family anymore.

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☞ Escape Elixir

In the event you need to change or remove your master because they will not release you simply wear the bottle and touch it.  You will then “run away" from them.

(transfer only)

This will remove you from their master HUD and their stats. This does not automatically remove their access to your tanks however if you have given them rights to use a tank by name you will need to remove them.

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☞ RLV and Master Menu

If you have servants who is a milkmade user when you click their breasts, you will get a menu to access some of the options on their system.

The RLV menu give you the ability to have some advanced control over your servant’s use of the pumps

Stats lists your servants stats for you just as if they had clicked the stats button for themselves.

Appearance gives you limited control over the breasts look.

settings lets you edit the setting for the breasts including:

lactation on or off



If you have servants who use stud pump you can

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Stats Collection

:mused: life, masters and families have ranking and stats. These stats are collected from game play in the milkmade and Stud pump systems. Masters are ranked on Dharma while families have a Family Rank.

☞Stat and Badge HUD

The stats and badges HUD allows you to view the Badges you have earned through stat ranking and achievements. So you can see what you have produced or drank or consumed or stored.

Stats and Badges HUD.png

The trophy shows you the stat badges you have earned through gameplay. The shield shows you the badges you have earned from achievments.

To open or switch which you are viewing click the icon for the badges you want to see.

To Close click and Hold anywhere on the HUD for about one second and it will collapse back to its minimized view.

If you wish to see more details about any of the badges you have earn click the badge image and it will open up into a larger view of it with the name of the badge and the description.

to go back simply click the image again.

☞Merit Badges

:mused: Merit Badges are a way to display your favorite badges that you have earned for others too see by getting them off your HUD and onto a wearable object. There are three different styles of the wearable badges. (This only shows your Achievement Badges not Stat Badges)

Merit Badge.png

the ribbons are color change and each is only 1 land impact so they can be rezed for display if you would rather hang them on your wall than wear them.

Click to get menu:

Family Rank

Families work together to provide each other support and help as they play with the :mused: Life systems. Some of the effort they put into helping eachother can not be measured but we do track some stats to rank families as a way of rewarding and highlighting that hard work.

*more details to come*


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☞Dharma (formerly known as Generation)

Dharma is our way of highlighting the users with the best overall combined stats. Each user of the system is given Drama Rank. It is a tiered system with only one user allowed to be in Dharma 1.

Dharma progression is as follows:    

Everyone has their own personal Dharma Points, these points are a based off of different point categories in our systems.

Your Dharma is based off your highest category plus your combined storage categories if you are not a master and don’t have a master.

You must stay healthy to keep the milk related stats, hypo users do not qualify for milk stats but can receive Stud Pump stats when hypo.  This means that if you are new to milkmade, but have been drinking for a while you will still get the higher drinking points. Or if you were using milkmade but decided to switch to using Stud Pump exclusively; then the your existing milkmade stat would apply until your stud pump stat catch up and surpass it.

The points given to the master are the same as the ones that would have applied to a user’s personal Dharma; their highest category plus their storage. This allows servants to maintain their own storage tanks for drinking or sales without taking away from their master’s stats. (As before if a user is a drinker or milkmade user only, then if they go hypo they will no longer add to their master’s Dharma but if a they are a stud pump user then being hypo then the top Stud Pump stat will still apply to the master stats) Your total of all these points, from your servants and from your stats (unless you have a master) will determine your tier.

The more points you have the lower your tier number, 1 being the top tier. As implied by the word “tier” Dharma maintains generation’s competitive grading system.

As it is competitive that means that there is not a certain number of points needed to gain a tier, you just need more than the people currently in that tier.

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☞ Dharma Bonus

The top five Dharma produce better quality, more potent milk or semen. This means that less of it will need to be consumed to gain calcium and will count as more for the purposes of persistence, lifetime milk or semen consumed, and the daily limit of milk or semen consumed.

However, those that have the bonus are unable to benefit from it. Meaning that anyone in the top five Dharma will have all the milk or semen drank count toward them as though it was regular milk regardless of who’s tank it comes from.

For the purposes of calculating the bonus, the Dharma of the tank owner is considered, not who produced the fluid. There is also no way of transferring this bonus to other tanks it is a property of the tank owner not the tank or the fluid itself.

Dharma 1 = 2.0x bonus

Dharma 2 = 1.6x bonus

Dharma 3 = 1.5x bonus

Dharma 4 = 1.2x bonus

Dharma 5 = 1.1x bonus

This means that if you drink 1L of milk from a Dharma 1 it would count as though you had drank 2L.

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☞ Support System

:mused: uses a support ticket system that allows us to provide the best service possible to our users. It enables the best staff member to handle an issue to be able to tackle the problem, it ensures that available staff members are aware of the problem, and it gives staff members access to the tools they need to better help you. Many problems can not be fixed without a support ticket as staff members do not have access to much of the system control without one. This ensure proper logging of all changes to the system.

Support - By clicking on the Support Icon on your HUD or by selecting it from the breast menu you gain easy access to the support system. From this menu you can:

Close ticket - Closing the tickets let us know that your issue has been resolved. Clicking this will pop up a chat box into which you can type in the number of the ticket you wish to close.

View Tickets - Allows you to see the list of open support tickets you have. This option will list the tickets you currently have open in a private script message in chat. It will tell you the ticket number, the title of the ticket, and all events on the ticket.

New Ticket - Allows you to create a new support ticket. see Creating a ticket below for more detail.

Add Event - Allows you to add more detailed information to the support tickets you have filed. (you can also do this by logging on the the website and seeing your open tickets from there)

Manual - This will open a link that will take you to the help page on the website for access to all our documentation.

Creating a Ticket:

When you go to put in a support ticket you will have a few steps to complete.

You have clicked the support menu and have selected New Ticket.

  1. You will now need to select a category, this helps support to know what part of the :mused: systems you are having a problem with, select the best one for your issue
  1. ex. Storage Tanks
  1. You will now be prompted to put in a title, this is like the subject of an email and is the first thing any support member sees when looking at your ticket. This should give us a summary of your issue.
  1. ex. 50L tank failed to rez
  1. You will now be prompted to put in the body of your ticket. We are limited to 250 characters by SL scripting language so if you feel more information is needed you can add it after submitting the ticket using add event.
  1. Ex. Attempted to rez my 50L storage tank and was given an object failed to rez error but it left my inventory, I have cleared my cache and relogged and check my lost and found but its still gone. I would like a replacement please.  
  1. Now that your ticket is submitted you will get a confirmation in local chat with the ticket number. Any update to your ticket will be brought to your attention by an IM for our bot (musedskynet.resident) as well as a message in local chat from a scripted object.
  2. Should you need to respond to the update on your ticket please use Add Event to do so, or if your problem is resolved please use Close Ticket. If you don’t remember the ticket number you can get that by clicking View Tickets.
  3. Remember you can also see all your tickets on our website. However you will need to Log into view them.

Tips for putting in a support ticket:

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☞Supported Viewers

There are a huge amount of options when it comes to logging into and using Second life and each comes with its own code changes and quirks. As such there maybe issues that arise from trying to use the :mused: systems on one or more viewers and we do not have the resources to troubleshoot and support every viewer on the grid. As such we will only support the use and play of the system on the following viewers.

If you use another viewer and experience problems with play you will be asked to use one of the supported viewers to verify it is an issue with the system and not your viewer. Please take that into consideration.

*note: The use of a custom client designed to automate the process of milking will not be allowed.

Please see :mused: Standards for more information about our automation policy

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Change Log

Date- change made (Link to change)

6/20/15 - Dharma information updated and elixirs linking fixed (Dharma; outcast; escape)

01/23/17 - Family tome updated to 1.10 new information added and updated (tome)

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