Ascend HR Corp

Fee Policy

Effective May 1, 2015

Late Fees

Ascend HR Corporation has implemented a non-refundable, tiered late fee policy for all HR, HR Maximizer and Recruitment services. Payment on any invoice under $5,000 that is received after the due date will incur a $95 late fee. For invoices over $5,000, a $195 late fee will be incurred.

For clients who are billed monthly, a late fee will be processed on the next month’s invoice. For all other clients, late fees will be added to the current invoice, reprocessed and re-sent.

Interest Charge

Interest of 5% is charged for all late payments later than 30 days. Interest is processed and invoiced as noted in the ‘Late Fee Policy’ section above. Interest is calculated on the total invoice amount and will compound monthly.

Processing Fees

Ascend HR Corporation will charge a $195 processing fee for any invoice less than $5,000 that is paid with a check. Credit Card, Bank Draft and Wire Payment will not incur a processing fee. This processing fee will be invoiced separately once payment is received. No processing fees are incurred on invoices over $5,000.

For any questions on any of Ascend’s fee policies please contact us the our contact form.