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Trump Won the True Vote: Polling Anomalies, Democratic Defections, Independents and Late Undecided Voters

77 Billion to One: 2016 Election Fraud

Matrix of Deceit: Forcing Pre-election and Exit Polls to Match Fraudulent Vote Counts

Proving Election Fraud: Phantom Voters, Uncounted Votes and the National Exit Poll

Reclaiming Science: The JFK Conspiracy


Chronological Summary

Executive Action: JFK Witness Deaths and the London Times Actuary

Sensitivity Analysis proves a JFK Conspiracy and Systemic Election Fraud

Conspiracy theories and mathematical probabilities

Mainstream media and the mathematics of conspiracies

Election Fraud: What the Media wants us to believe

Response to the Truth Is All FAQ (updated 4/9/12)

Institutional Investor: Technology Raises Election Fraud Issues

Can Current Technology Insure Fair Elections?

Historical overview of Election Fraud

Proving Election Fraud: The PC, Spreadsheets and the Internet

2000: Unadjusted Exit Polls Indicate a Gore Landslide

2004:Mathematical Confirmation of a Kerry Landslide

2016 Election Forecast/True Vote Model

1988-2008 Unadjusted Presidential Exit Polls: 52-42% Democratic margin

2004-2016 Election Forecast Track Record;1968-2012 True Vote Model

To believe Bush won in 2004, you must believe...

To believe Obama won in 2008 by just 9.5 million votes, you must believe…

Election Fraud Slides

Election Fraud and JFK graphs


Analysis of inflated Democratic generic polls indicates Republicans will win the House

GOP wins Texas-SD-19 for first time in-139-years

Florida Governor Polling Analysis

Trump has a higher approval rating than MSM polls

Sharyl Attkisson: Collusion against Trump timeline

Rasmussen vs. WaPo: Trump approval

Deep State thought Clinton would win easily

Exposing the 2016 Popular Vote Myth

Did Trump actually win by 13 million votes?

2016 Voter turnout  analysis

2016 Illegal, uncounted, disenfranchised voters, machine vote flipping

2016 Election Scenarios

Clinton did not win the popular vote: unadjusted exit polls and recorded votes are bogus

Race: 2016 National Exit Poll vs Census

2016 Voter Turnout Sensitivity of electoral and popular vote

2017 Alabama Senate Jefferson county: implausible voter turnout

2017 Alabama Senate:75% turnout of Clinton but just 45% of Trump voters?

Russian Tampering With the Election?

Why isn't congress asking these intelligence officers to testify?

Syrian Gas Attack a Hoax? Selected Readings

I’m a left wing internet crank?

Probability analysis: Seth Rich conspiracy

Probability Analysis: Las Vegas Suspicious Deaths

Probability Analysis: Holistic Doctor Deaths

Probability Analysis: Drills staged during terror attacks

Probability analysis of mysterious deaths:125 scientists, 75 bankers, 77 holistic doctors

Probability Analysis: Deaths of Dealey Plaza JFK Witnesses

Proof Oswald was standing in front of the TSBD when JFK was shot


2016 Election Model spreadsheet

Nov.7 forecast: Trump 306 EV recorded; 351 True Vote

Summary vote share/electoral vote analysis

Unadjusted Exit Polls vs. Reported Vs. True Vote

Pre-election polls in 16 battleground states were biased for Clinton

Clinton's popular vote margin is a myth

2016 recounts: why not add these states?

Vote share and Electoral vote analysis

Pre-election and national exit poll categories vs the True Vote

My comments on the rigging of 2016 pre-election-polls

Implausible 2016 Unadjusted exit polls: NV  CA  NY  PA  WI  FL  NC  IA MO  NJ  OH  MI

When did voters decide

Voter turnout and vote share sensitivity analysis

True vote analysis: illegal voters,uncounted-votes,vote flipping

Why the 2016 recorded vote and unadjusted exit polls are wrong

Voter turnout and vote share sensitivity analysis

Adjusted pre election polls in the True Vote Model indicate Trump won by 5 million votes

Univ of VA: 20% of Trump voters were former Obama voters

2016 NEP vs.TVM: How did you vote in the 2012 election

Trump won the True vote; Clinton won the fraudulent Recorded vote

Pre-election model: Calculating the expected electoral vote

True Vote Models in Confirmation: Party-ID and Returning 2012 voters

State Presidential True Vote Model

True Vote Model: California

Humboldt Cty: More clues on election fraud

California: Four election scenarios

True Vote Model (TVM)

Election Model: 9 pre election polls-5 Non MSM+4 MSM

Election Model Forecast

Trump approval: MSM still Oversampling Democrats

Race: 2012-2016 national exit poll and 2012 census

Ohio sensitivity analysis-unadjusted exit poll anomalies

Presidential vote share/EV spreadsheet

Cumulative Vote Shares:  IL MI CA

WI CVS: 72 counties

WI CVS: Clinton vs. Burke 2014

Election Model Nov 7- Trump 306 EV recorded; 351 True Vote

Election Model: Scenario Analysis

Election Model vs. Recorded Vote

Election Model Nov 3- Trump 98% win probability

Election Model Nov 1

Election Model Oct 30- Trump surging

Election Model Oct 27 

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77 Billion to One: 2016 Election Fraud (new book)

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CA primary timeline indicates it was stolen in early voting

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NY Democratic Primary Quiz

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Election Fraud 2016:  the Democratic Debate

2016 presidential election: will voter turnout overwhelm the built-in-fraud-factor?

2016 presidential election: preliminary True Vote analysis

2016 Primaries: Feel the Bern

1968-2016 Election Fraud Overview

In the 1988-2008 elections, the Democrats won the unadjusted state exit poll aggregate by 52-42% - but won the recorded vote by just 48-46%, an 8% margin discrepancy. The state exit poll margin of error was exceeded in 135 of 274 state presidential elections from 1988-2008. The probability of the occurrence is ZERO. Only 14 (5%) would be expected to exceed the MoE at the 95% confidence level. Of the 135 which exceeded the MoE, 131 red-shifted to the Republican. The probability P is virtually ABSOLUTE ZERO (5E-106).  That is scientific notation for

P= .000000000 000000000 000000000 000000000 000000000 000000000 000000000 000000000 000000000 000000000 000005.


The proof is in the 1988-2008 Unadjusted State Exit Polls Statistical Reference. Not one political scientist, pollster, statistician, mathematician or media pundit has ever rebutted the data or the calculation itself. They have chosen not to discuss the topic. And who can blame them? Job security is everything.


Election forecasters, academics, political scientists and mainstream media pundits never discuss or analyze the statistical evidence that proves election fraud is systemic - beyond a reasonable doubt. This site contains a compilation of presidential, congressional and senate election analyses based on pre-election polls, unadjusted exit polls  and associated True Vote Models.  Those who never discuss or analyze Election Fraud should focus on the factual statistical data and run the models. If anyone wants to refute the analytical evidence, they are encouraged to do so in a response. Election forecasters, academics and political scientists are welcome to peer review the content.


The bedrock of the evidence derives from this undisputed fact: Final national and state exit polls are always forced to match the recorded vote – even if doing so requires an impossible turnout of prior election voters and implausible vote shares. All demographic categories are adjusted to conform to the recorded vote. To use these forced final exit polls as the basis for election research is unscientific and irresponsible. The research is based on the bogus premise that the recorded vote is sacrosanct and represents how people actually voted. Nothing can be further from the truth.


It is often stated that exit polls were very accurate in elections prior to 2004 but have deviated sharply from the recorded vote since. That is a misconception. The UNADJUSTED exit polls have ALWAYS been accurate and closely matched the True Vote in 1988-2008.  A comparison of ADJUSTED, PUBLISHED exit polls in elections prior to 2004 and PRELIMINARY exit polls since then is like comparing apples to oranges. The adjusted, published exit polls have always exactly matched the fraudulent RECORDED vote because they have been forced to do so. That's why they APPEAR to have been accurate. The RECORDED vote has deviated from the TRUE VOTE in EVERY election since 1968 – always favoring the Republicans.


The Census Bureau indicates that since 1968 approximately 80 million more votes were cast than recorded. And these were just the uncounted votes. What about the votes switched on unverifiable voting machines and central tabulators? But vote miscounts are only part of the story. The True Vote analysis does not include the millions of potential voters who were illegally disenfranchised and never got to vote.

In 1988, Bush defeated Dukakis by 7 million recorded votes. But approximately 11 million ballots (75% Democratic) were uncounted.  Dukakis won the unadjusted exit polls in 24 battleground states by 51-47% and the unadjusted National Exit Poll by 50-49%.  The Collier brothers classic  book Votescam provided evidence that the voting machines were rigged for Bush.


In 1992, Clinton defeated Bush by 5.8 million recorded votes (43.0-37.5%). Approximately 9 million were uncounted. The National Exit Poll was forced to match the recorded vote with an impossible 119% turnout of living 1988 Bush voters in 1992. The unadjusted state exit polls had Clinton winning a 16 million vote landslide (47.6-31.7%). The True Vote Model indicates that Clinton won by 51-30% with 19% voting for third party candidate Ross Perot.


In 1996, Clinton defeated Dole by 8.6 million recorded votes (49.3-40.7%); 9 million were uncounted. The unadjusted state exit polls (70,000 respondents) had Clinton winning a 16 million vote landslide (52.6-37.1%). The True Vote Model indicates that Clinton had 53.6%.


In 2000, Al Gore won by 540,000 recorded votes (48.4-47.9%). But the unadjusted state exit polls (58,000 respondents) indicated he won by 50.8-44.4%, a 6 million vote margin.  There were nearly 6 million uncounted votes. The True Vote Model had him winning by 51.5-44.7%. But the Supreme Court awarded the election to Bush (271-267 EV).  In Florida, 185,000 ballots were uncounted. The following states flipped from Gore in the exit poll to Bush in the recorded vote: AL AR AZ CO FL GA MO NC TN TX VA. Gore would have won the election if he captured just one state. Democracy died in this election.


In July 2004 I began posting weekly 2004 Election Model projections based on the state and national polls.  The model was the first to use  Monte Carlo Simulation and sensitivity analysis to calculate the probability of winning the electoral vote. The final projection had Kerry winning 337 electoral votes and 51.8% of the two-party vote, closely matching the unadjusted exit polls.


The Final 2004 National Exit Poll was mathematically impossible since it indicated that there were 52.6 million returning Bush 2000 voters - but he had just 50.5 million recorded votes. Only 48 million were alive in 2004.  Approximately 46 million voted, therefore the Final overstated the number of returning Bush voters by 6-7 million. The Final NEP implied that there was an impossible 110% turnout of living 2000 Bush voters in 2004. The post-election True Vote Model calculated a feasible turnout of living 2000 voters based on Census total votes cast (recorded plus net uncounted), a 1.25% annual mortality rate and 98% Gore/Bush voter turnout.  It determined that Kerry won by 67-57 million and had 379 EV.


But there was much further confirmation of a Kerry landslide. Consider Final NEP adjustments made to Bush’s approval rating and Party–ID crosstabs.


Bush had a 48% national approval rating in the final 11 pre-election polls. But the Final NEP indicated that he had a 53% rating – even though he had just 50% in the unadjusted state exit poll weighted aggregate. Given the 3% differential between the Final NEP and state exit poll approval ratings, let’s deduct 3% from his 48% pre-election approval, giving him a 45% vote share. That is a virtual match to the True Vote Model (which Kerry won by 53.5-45.5%). The exit pollsters inflated Bush’s final pre-election 48% average rating by 5% in the Final NEP order to force a match to the recorded vote - and perpetuate the fraud. Kerry’s 51.7% unadjusted state exit poll aggregate understated his True Vote Model share. There was a near-perfect 0.99 correlation ratio between Bush‘s state approval and unadjusted exit poll share.


The unadjusted state exit poll aggregate Democratic/Republican Party ID split was 38.8-35.1%.  As they did in all demographic crosstabs, the pollsters had to force the Final National Exit Poll to match the recorded vote; they needed to specify a bogus 37-37% split.  The correlation between state Republican Party ID and the Bush unadjusted shares was a near-perfect 0.93.


This chart displays the state unadjusted Bush exit poll share, approval ratings and Party-ID.


The Final 2006 National Exit Poll indicated that the Democrats had a 52-46% vote share. The Generic Poll Trend Forecasting Model projected that the Democrats would capture 56.43% of the vote. It was within 0.06% of the unadjusted exit poll.


In the 2008 Primaries, Obama did significantly better than his recorded vote.                                                        


The 2008 Election Model projection exactly matched Obama’s 365 electoral votes and was within 0.2% of his 52.9% share (a 9.5 million margin). But the model understated his True Vote. The forecast was based on final likely voter (LV) polls that had Obama leading by 7%.  The registered voter (RV) polls had him up by 13% - before undecided voter allocation. The landslide was denied.


The Final 2008 National Exit Poll was forced to match the recorded vote by indicating an impossible 103% turnout of living Bush 2004 voters and 12 million more returning Bush than Kerry voters. Given Kerry’s 5% unadjusted 2004 exit poll and 8% True Vote margin, one would expect 7 million more returning Kerry  than Bush voters – a 19 million discrepancy from the Final 2008 NEP.  Another anomaly: The Final 2008 NEP indicated there were 5 million returning third party voters - but only 1.2 million were recorded in 2004.  Either the 2008 NEP or the 2004 recorded third-party vote share (or both) was wrong. The True Vote Model determined that Obama won by over 22 million votes with 420 EV. His 58% share was within 0.1% of the unadjusted state exit poll aggregate (83,000 respondents).


In the 2010 Midterms, the statistical evidence indicates that many elections for House, Senate and Governor were stolen. The Wisconsin True Vote Model  contains worksheets for Senate, Governor, Supreme Court and Recall elections. A serious analyst can run them and see why it is likely that they were stolen.


The 2012 Presidential True Vote and Election Fraud Simulation Model exactly forecast Obama’s 332 electoral vote based on the state pre-election polls.  Obama won the recorded vote by 51.0-47.2% (5.0 million vote margin) and once again overcame the built-in 5% fraud factor.  The True Vote Model projected that Obama would win by 55-43% with 391 electoral votes.  But since just 31 states were exit polled,  a comparison between the True Vote Model and the state and national unadjusted exit polls was not possible.  Obama won the 11.7 million Late votes recorded after Election Day by 58-38%. In 2008, he won 10.2 million late votes by 59-37% (within 2% of his True vote share).

The 2016 primaries were rigged for Clinton. The odds of fraud: 77 Billion to One.

The 2016 election popular vote was rigged for Clinton but Trump won with 306 EV.



True Vote

1988-2008 Unadjusted State and National Presidential Exit Polls

2004-2012 Election Forecast and 1968-2012 True Vote Models

1988-2008 State and National Presidential True Vote Model

1968-2012 National Presidential True Vote Spreadsheet

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1968-2012 National Presidential True Vote Model

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Fixing the Exit Polls to Match the Policy 

Avoiding the Election Fraud Factor: Forecasters. Political Scientists, Academics and the Media Reluctant Bush Responder

An Electoral Vote Forecast Formula: Simulation or Meta-analysis not required

2002 Senate Midterms Probability Analysis

Early Voting on Paper Ballots vs. Election Day Voting on Machines

Late Vote Anomalies: 2000-2008

Historical Elections

The model indicates that two elections were definitely stolen (2000 and 2004) and probably two others (1968 and 1988). In order to match the official vote, there had to be an average 94% turnout of returning Democrats and 106% of Republicans. Average Republican turnout was 114% when Nixon and Bush were the incumbents; it was 98% otherwise. Average True Vote discrepancy was 10.3% when Nixon and Bush were incumbents; it was 3.6% otherwise.


In 1968, Nixon won the official vote by 0.5m.

Humphrey won the True Vote by 2 million.

There were 6 million uncounted votes.


In 1972, Nixon won a 17 million landslide with 61.8% of the vote.

His True Vote share was 57%.

There were 9.5 million uncounted votes.


In 1976, Carter won the official vote by 1.7m.

He won the True Vote by 6 million with 53%.

There were 6.7 million uncounted votes.


In 1980, Reagan defeated Carter by 8 million votes.

There were 6.4 million uncounted votes.


In 1984, Reagan defeated Mondale by 17 million votes.

There were 9.2 million uncounted votes.


In 1988, Bush won the official vote by 7.0m.

Dukakis may have won a squeaker.

There were 10.6 million uncounted votes.


In 1992, Clinton won the official vote by 6m.

He won the True Vote by over 20 million.

There were 9.5 million uncounted votes.

Independent candidate Ross Perot had 19% of the recorded vote.


In 1996, Clinton won the official vote by 8m.

He won the True Vote by 16 million.

There were 8.7 million uncounted votes.

Independent candidate Ross Perot had 10% of the vote.


In 2000, Gore won the official vote by 0.54 million.

He won the True Vote by 4 million.

There were 5.4 million uncounted votes.

But he lost in Scotus by ONE vote.


In 2004, Bush won the official vote by 3.0m.

Kerry won the True Vote by 10 million.

The Final National Exit Poll was forced to match the recorded vote.

It had an impossible 43/37% Bush/Gore returning voter split.

There were 3.4 million net uncounted votes.

HAVA guess how many were stuffed or switched?


In 2008, Obama won the official vote by 9.5m.

He won the True Vote by over 20 million.

The Final National Exit Poll was forced to match the recorded vote.

It had an impossible 46/37% Bush/Kerry returning voter split.

In mathematical terms,

The True Vote for candidate k in election i is sumproduct of the mix and vote shares.

i = election index, where i=0,10 (1968 to 2008)

j = new and returning voter index (1= New, 2=Dem, 3=Rep, 4=Other)

k = share of new and returning voters (1=Dem, 2=Rep, 3=Other)

Mix (i,j) = new and returning vote share (j) of election (i-1) total votes cast

NEP (i, j, k) = National Exit Poll (i), shares of new (k) and returning voters (j)

TV (i, k) = Mix (i, j)* NEP(i, j, k), j=1,4; k =1,3


I have written four books on election fraud which prove that the recorded vote is always different from the True Vote. Voting machine “glitches” are not machine failures, they are due to  malicious programming.

In the 1968-2012 Presidential elections, the Republicans won the average recorded vote by 48.7-45.8%. The 1968-2012 Recursive National True Vote Model  indicates the Democrats won the True Vote by 49.6-45.0% - a 7.5% margin discrepancy.


Exit Pollsters Edison Research Ignore the Fraud Factor

1988-2012 Presidential Election Fraud Exit Poll Database (35 tables and  graphs)

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WISCONSIN: 2010-2016

2016 WI Supreme Court

WI and FL governor: adjusting the exit poll Party-ID mix

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Four Wisconsin Elections: A Pattern of County Unit/Ward Vote Share Anomalies

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Will the Wisconsin Democratic Recall Elections Be Stolen? A True Vote Analysis

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2010-2011 Wisconsin: Senate, Governor, Supreme Court and Recall Elections

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2011 Wisconsin Recalls: Exit Polls and the True Vote Model

2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court: True Vote Analysis

Wisconsin Supreme Court County Vote Analysis

WI 2010 True Vote and Cumulative Vote Shares Indicate Feingold won

A Recursive True Vote Model (1968-2008)

1968-2008 Recursive National Presidential True Vote Model

In the first game of the 1954 World Series, Willie Mays made a miracle over-the-head catch. He implicitly calculated the mathematical trajectory of the ball at the crack of the bat using his built-in computer.  Calculating the True Vote is more complex; the trajectory equation changes over time as the dynamics of the electorate change. The current election equation is a recursive function of the prior. It's all in the MATH.


The Recursive True Vote Model calculates the True Vote for all elections since 1968. Data input (shown below) consists of recorded and total votes cast, Final National Exit Poll shares (1988-2008); estimated vote shares (1968-1984) required to match the recorded vote, annual voter mortality and previous election voter turnout. The returning voter mix is calculated using the following methods -depending on the objective:


Method 1: the Final NEP adjusts the mix to force a match to the recorded vote. This implicitly assumes that all elections, not just the current, are fraud-free. The process of matching to the official vote required millions of Bush phantom voters in 1988, 1992, 2004 and 2008 (turnout exceeded 100%). The official vote counts cannot be correct.


Method 2: The mix is based on prior election recorded votes.

Method 3: (True Vote): The mix is based on total votes cast in the previous and current election.

Method 4 (Recursive True Vote): Starting with the 1968 election, the model sequentially derives a feasible returning vote mix. True vote shares cast in the previous election are reduced by voter mortality and turnout in the current election and new voters are added to the mix.


Except for the 2004 election, the model used Final National Exit Poll vote share. In 2004 the Final NEP vote shares were radically changed to match the official tally.  Therefore, preliminary 12:22am NEP vote shares were used to calculate the True Vote.


2010 Midterms

2010 FL and OH Governor exit polls: forced to match the recorded vote

OH, PA, WI, NJ Governor Elections: A True Vote Analysis

PA, WI, IL Senate Elections: A True Vote Analysis

House and Senate Forecasting Model

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Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, New Jersey

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2008 primary election fraud

Proof that Obama won by much more than 9.5 million votes

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2006 Midterms

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Quantifying the Risk-2006

Generic Poll Trend Forecasting Model-2006


Evaluation of Edison Mitofsky Election System

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State Pre-election Polling Trend

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2004 NEP flipped 7% of Kerry responders to Bush;  2008 NEP flipped 13% of Obama’s to McCain

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Et tu Al Gore?

Unadjusted Exit Polls Indicate a Gore Landslide

Miami-Herald: Gore won Florida by 46,000 votes!

Confirmation of a Kerry Landslide

Introduction: To Believe Bush Won...

1. When Decided

2. Bush Approval Ratings

3. The Final 5 Million Recorded Votes

4. The Final Exit Poll: Forced to Match the Vote

5. Within Precinct Discrepancy

6. New Voters

7. Party ID

8. Gender

9. Implausible Gore Voter Defection

10. Voter Turnout

11. Urban Legend

12. Location Size

13. Sensitivity Analysis

14. Did Kerry Win 360 EV?

15. Election Simulation Analysis

16. Exit Poll Response Optimization

17. Florida

18. Ohio

19. New York



A. Election Model: Nov.1 Projection

B. Interactive Monte Carlo Simulation: Pre-election and Exit Polls

C. 1988-2004 Election Calculator: The True Vote

D. The 2000-2004 County Vote Database

E. Statistics and Probability: Mathematics of Polling


This refutes the myth that early exit polls were biased to Kerry. He led from 4pm with 51% (8,349 respondents) to the final 13,660 (51.7%).  The exit pollsters had to switch approximately 471 (6.7%) of Kerry’s 7,064 responders to Bush in order to force the Final NEP to match the recorded vote. Given his 51.7% share of 125.7 million (Census) votes cast, Kerry won by nearly 6 million votes.The True Vote Model indicates he had 53.6% and won by 10 million.        


2004 National Exit Poll Timeline

11/02/04 3:59pm, 8349 respondents

Kerry 51.0%; Bush 47.0%


11/02/04 7:33pm, 11027 respondents

Kerry 50.9%; Bush 47.1%

11/03/04 12:22am, 13047 respondents

Kerry 51.2%; Bush 47.5%


Unadjusted National Exit Poll, 13660 respondents

Kerry 51.7%; Bush 47.0%

Data Source: Roper Center (UConn)


Unadjusted State Exit Poll Aggregate, 76000 respondents

Kerry 51.0%; Bush 47.6%


Final National Exit Poll, 13660 respondents (adjusted to match the recorded vote).

Bush 50.7%; Kerry 48.3%

The Final was forced to match recorded vote by switching 471 (6.7%) of Kerry’s 7,064 respondents to Bush. The average within precinct discrepancy (WPD) was a nearly identical 6.5%.

The True Vote Model indicates that Kerry had 53.6%.



Unadjusted State Exit Poll Aggregate, 83000 respondents

Obama 58.0%; McCain 40.5%


Unadjusted National Exit Poll, 17836 respondents

Obama 61.0%; McCain 37.3%


Final National Exit Poll, 17836 respondents (adjusted to match the recorded vote).

Obama 52.9%; McCain 45.8%

The True Vote Model indicates that Obama had 58%.

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