Date: Sept 27, 2013

Subject: Revised Installation Timeline


Based on recent information regarding the Oncor incentive funds, it now appears that it will not be possible to fund the Solarize Plano contracted participants with 2013 Oncor incentives.


At our project status meeting on Sept 26, the Oncor representative indicated the 2014 Oncor incentive will most likely be the same and recommended that we just shift the timing of our installations to take advantage of the 2014 Oncor program.


Therefore, our Solarize Plano Project revised installation timeline is tentatively given below.



Be sure to contact Axium Solar if you have any additional questions, and contact them for coordination of events for your specific installation.

Also, because of this revised installation timeline, we have decided to re-open enrollment for a limited time to give additional Plano residents the opportunity to GO SOLAR!  Information is available at . Please help spread the word to your neighborhood and other Plano residents in your network!

Like you, we are disappointed that the installations will be delayed from the original timeline, but we continue to be very excited with the group purchase project and look forward to when all the installations are completed and electricity generation from the sun becomes a normal feature of your home!


Thanks & Shine On from:

Larry Howe, Bob Litwins, and all the volunteers of Plano Solar Advocates

And Axium Solar