Community Networking Group - Steering Committee

Meeting Notes: April 6, 2016

                                            Present:  Beal, Ferson, Kiscaden, Lun, Sobol, Stormer

Community Indicators Project:

General Agreements:

CNG Community Indicators Project:  

            Suggested Name: Olmsted Compass Points   (Note: Name not part of our discussion to date, will need to be confirmed.)

CNG Sponsors Secured:  It was reported that the $10,000 funding target has been met, with some requests still pending.  At this point, the full list of current sponsors and pending sponsors include:

                        Rochester Public Schools



Charge to the Olmsted Compass Points Committee:  The specific charge to the Compass Points Committee will need to be developed.  At this point, it has been agreed that the Committee will:

  1. Review the contract and agreement with Wilder.
  2. Determine the formats of the 2016 report: printed, website, etc.
  3. Determine which trends/narrative will be reflected in the narrative on the front and back cover of the Olmsted Compass Points 2016 report.
  4. Determine which agencies will be listed as sponsors/supporters
  5. Recommend how the report will be disseminated
  6. Determine the interval for future reports….annual, biannual, other?4
  7. Begin identifying what modifications for future reports would be determined
  8. Discuss the potential for coordination of future reports with other community organizations such as Public Health, DMC, and J2G

Schedule of CNG Upcoming Meetings:


 April 28:   Updates on CNG Projects

  1. Launching the Community Indicators Project
  1. Status Report:  Funding and Sponsors
  2. Proposed Governance/Committee:  confirm structure, name, membership
  3. Target Date for Publication
  4. Distribute Compass Points 2016 
  1. Status of the Healthy Community Framework  
  2. Update on City’s Comprehensive Plan
  3. Update on Improving Transit for Access to the Service Sector

May 26:  Affordable Housing Plans    (proposed speakers…JoAnn Stormer to Coordinate)

    Steve Borchardt, Rochester Area Foundation

    Cheryl Jacobson,  Housing and Redevelopment Authority

June 23:  Labor Force Shortage Impacts on Services Sector (proposed speakers…Jerome Ferson to    coordinate.)

   Jenny Retmann- Workforce Development, Inc.

   Julie Nigon--  Hawthorne Education Center

   Career Pathways

   Business and Workforce Education

   DEED: Labor Force Trends – Mark Schultz