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University of California, Berkeley                           Computer Science and Electrical Engineering


Intern, UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering; Berkeley, CA                     December 2015 – Present

Rachel Slaybaugh Research Group – Modeling atom behavior using the integro-differential transport equation

Co-Founder, Dissilio Inc; Fremont, CA                                           December 2014 – Present

Dissilio – A job hunting platform geared specifically toward students with little to no experience using relevant crowd sourced data to rate candidates

Intern, Excelerate Test Prep; Newport Beach, CA        December 2014-September 2015

ExcelerateLive – B2C model of Excelerate Test Prep’s standalone online comprehensive data analysis solution to standardized test preparation centers

Intern, UC Berkeley SWARM Lab; Berkeley, CA                            June 2013-December 2015

PicknPlace – First autonomous computer vision assembly machine used to automate the assembly process of mating neural probes to the break out PCB

Intern, Sun Synchrony; Oakland, CA                                   July 2013-September 2013

ArcSol Panel – Innovative highly efficient solar panel at a fraction of the cost of traditional silicon solar panels.


RiderWave (CalHacks 2.0) – Biking/Boarding road condition web and mobile app that uses crowd sourced data to determine the “ridability” of a route beforehand

Oskiy (Personal Project) – Backend service for Berkeley student organizations to view and keep track of user and participant statistics through the use of scanning RFID student ID cards

Distance Vector/TCP transport/Firewall (CS168) – Projects done for CS168: Introduction to Internet Architecture and Protocols

        DVRouter – Implemented a distributed routing algorithm in python to emulate how a router using distance vector routing would handle packets, loops, timed updates, triggered updates, poisoning and reverse poisoning

        BEARS-TP – Implemented a reliable transport protocol in python capable of initializing, responding, and confirming handshakes, reorder out of order packets, and support fast retransmit and selective acknowledgement modes

        Firewall – Implemented a firewall for a custom Ubuntu VM that operates between the external and internal network interfaces of VirtualBox. Firewall dropped, passed, injected, or modified packets based on rules defined for DHCP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, HTTP, and DNS protocols by operating with the packets in their byte stream form.