Momentary Ink

 Customer Feedback

I am absolutely in love with the tattoo! I wasn't exactly sure if I wanted the tattoo or even where to put it, but because of your company, I know exactly where I want to have my first tattoo! Thank you so so so much for giving me a chance to see my tattoo without actually having to get one!

- Bao T. / Boston, MA

Momentary Ink is amazing. I've wanted to get a tattoo of the spaceship Serenity for over a year now, but it always felt just a little wrong, turns out I was imagining it in the wrong place. I tried a few locations and found the perfect place (along the side of my back rather than on my chest), and am now really excited to get it. I am really impressed with the quality of the temporary tattoos, they are definitely beyond what I expected.

- David S. / Tampa, FL

I really enjoyed the momentary ink and everyone I showed loved it too! It was really cool that it looked like a real tattoo! I've decided that I want the tattoo for real and I just have to convince the wife now! Haha

- Matt B. / Syracuse, NY

It was great! Super helpful to see the sizing of the tattoo. It helped me figure out that I want it slightly smaller when I go get it done.

- Cameron C. / Austin, TX

Great product, worked as advertised.  I will definitely do this again before my next tattoo.

- Scott C. / Killeen, TX

I really liked the product. I have a great sense of how the tattoo I want will look. I plan on making my tattoo permanent this fall when my birthday comes around, and I will be coming back when I get ready to do other tattoos I want to get.

- Garrett S. / Temple, TX

I think the concept is great. I'm surprised no one thought about doing this before. The price was good, and the tattoo went on perfectly. Numerous friends and family members thought it was real. I'd strongly recommend these to anyone who wants to try out a design before taking the plunge with the real thing. Thanks for being such a great company to do business with. If I get an actual tattoo of what you guys did for me, it will cost between $200-$300. For only $25, I was able to get two copies of it to try out for placement. To me, that's an incredible bargain. It saves a lot of  potential time, money and regret. I've shared a link to you guys on Facebook.

- Joe M. / Denison, TX

I absolutely fell in love. Next step is actually getting this gorgeous piece! Yall did more than amazing!

- Blake-leigh D. / Houston, TX

I love it! Momentary Ink is such a fantastic idea so that people can see how their design looks without committing. Before I received my MI, I thought I was going to get my tattoo on my foot. Now I have a completely different location!

- Becca S. / Chicago, IL

OMG I super love it!! I just put on my second one today to test another placement idea. So easy to put on and looks AWESOME!! I'm already thinking about ordering a few more in a different color to test that out too. Great idea and great product! I'll be loading a pic to y'all's FB page soon!!

- Danielle A. / Houston, TX

The tattoos were awesome. I'm a swimmer and I'm in the water about 2 hours everyday, but mine stayed on for a week! I loved it. Thanks so much!

- Lauren B. / Los Angeles, CA

I loved it!! I would definitely recommend this product and the tattoo looked awesome!!

- Madalyn T. / Milwaukee, WI

I love the product – it gave me an opportunity to preview and make sure I was 100% committed to making it a permanent tattoo. Having my son in ink on my arm, is so meaningful to me. Thank you for the opportunity to do something I always wanted to do since his passing, but was scared to try.

- Bill M. / Chalfont, PA

It was perfect! I loved it. Thank you for good customer service and for the great product!!

- Hunter W. / Denver, CO

I love my Momentary Ink! It's easy to apply as well as to removed. I also loved the quality of the images. Thank you so much for creating such a fabulous product!

- Sara B. / Boone, NC

Oh my goodness I loved them! Thank you!

- Sara R. / Alexandria, LA

Love it.  Going down to the tattoo parlor this weekend to get the real deal.  Will be using your design that you sent.

Charlie C. / Kansas City, KS

Wow, Jordan, the product looks great, I have not applied any of them yet, but the professionalism of the product is outstanding for the cost. You guys have something great here!!

- Tony R. / Lansing, MI