Last Updated: April 3rd, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you decide whether to feed or starve kidnapped victims?

I think that this should be a feature. It’s a low priority for now, but will probably be implemented in the future.


Is dismemberment still a planned feature?

Yes. I haven’t had the time to implement it.


Will I be able to strangle people?

I would like to implement strangling weapons, but I don’t have the animations for it.


Will there be non-fatal poisoning?

I think that it should be possible to make an NPC sick in order to send that NPC to the nurse’s office so that the nurse becomes distracted. 

Is it impossible to get enough panty shots to buy everything from Info-chan?

Info-chan’s prices will be balanced based on the number of students in the final version of the game. If it’s possible, I might make every female student wear a different pair of panties every day, meaning that there will be an unlimited number of panty shots to obtain.


Will there be any LGBT students?

I spoke with a Japanese teacher about this subject. He said that nobody is openly LGBT during high school; they only “come out” after graduating. However, if you choose to make Senpai a female, then Yandere-chan is a lesbian, Senpai is a lesbian, & all rivals are bisexual.


Is there a way to get rid of the teacher when she guards a corpse?

In the future, if you have a high enough PE stat, you will be able to fight back against teachers and kill them.


Will the teachers ever leave their classrooms?

Teachers will eventually leave their classrooms, they just aren’t programmed to do so yet.

Will there ever be male teachers?

Male teachers are planned, but would I need lots of assets (models, textures, animations, voice clips) before I could add them into the game.

What will the game’s cutscenes be like?

Cutscenes will use 3D models. The player can customize the appearance of the protagonist, Senpai, and choose the school’s uniform, so cutscenes can not use 2D illustrations.


Will there be multiple endings?



What will the “Snap” option do?

I’m sorry, I would rather keep it a secret for now. I’d rather make a video about it than spoil it with some text.


What modes are planned?

The number of modes in the final game may depend on the success of the game’s crowdfunding campaign, which will determine the game’s budget.

Story Mode

1980s Mode

Endless Mode

Scenario Editor Mode


What’s with the creepy masks in the Drama Clubroom?

An upcoming feature that isn’t finished yet. I left the models there so people could speculate about it.


Why are there weapons, a mop, a bucket, a sink, and an incinerator at the entrance of the school?

The version of the game that you can currently download is a debug build; that means that it exists for the purpose of debugging. The current placement of all objects is not meant to be logical. Currently, objects are placed so that they can be quickly accessed for testing.

In the final game, weapons, mops, buckets, and incinerators will all be placed in sensible, realistic places.


When can we start matchmaking?

Hopefully during early 2016.


How many weapons will there be?

I would like the final version of the game to have over thirty weapons.

Why doesn’t the school have security cameras?

The school cares about its reputation too much to install security cameras. They don’t want to create the image of a school where students are in danger, or need protection or surveillance. If it is judged that the game is too easy without security cameras, then the lore will change and cameras will be added.

Can we steal objects from Senpai and put them in the Senpai Shrine?

That was always the point of the Senpai Shrine. It’s just not implemented yet.


Will being caught by a teacher always result in an instant game over?

In the future, I plan to implement a Guidance Counsellor whose purpose is to punish the player for minor infractions. She would administer a punishment that is proportional to your misbehavior.

Stage 1: Detention (Lose an hour or hours)

Stage 2: Suspension (Lose a day or days)

Stage 3: Expulsion (Game Over)

When will there be a Kickstarter?

I plan to launch the Kickstarter one month after the official demo. The official demo may not be finished until April 2016 at the soonest.


How do you get a clean uniform?

You will have to steal uniforms from showering students. Alternatively, you could give panty shots to Info-chan in exchange for a clean uniform. If you’re a member of the Sewing Club, you’ll have access to infinite clean uniforms.

What causes the Visibly Lewd marker to appear?

You’re marked as “Visibly Lewd” if your camera passes over a girl’s skirt, even if it’s only for a moment.


Where can you drown rivals?

Currently, Yandere-chan can drown girls in three places: in toilets, and in a fountain on school grounds. In the future, it should be possible to drown girls in the school pool, as well.


Will Info-chan accept a panty shot that comes from a corpse?

Info-chan will not accept any panty shots of dead students.


What is the purpose of the signal strength bars on Yandere-chan’s phone?

Those bars light up when you’re near a collectible.

The text at the beginning of the game says that the game is __% done. Is that number accurate?

No. The reason that I say “This game is only __% done!” is so people understand that the game is not finished yet. Calculating the actual percentage of the game’s completion would be extremely complicated.

How long would it take to beat the game?

If you don’t care how much evidence you leave behind, or what ending you get, you could probably beat the game in under an hour. If you play the game “properly” instead of being sloppy & speed-running, I think that a play-through could last up to 10 hours. If you try to find every collectible, max out every skill, earn all Achievements, and obtain every ending, then you might spend at least 75 hours playing the game.


How much of the game’s core mechanics have been added so far?

Over 50% of the core mechanics. Under 10% of the game’s actual content. Will probably hit 100% core mechanics by April at the soonest.


How big do you think the game file will be?

This is hard to predict, because the amount of content in the final game is dependent on budget / volunteers. My guess is 25 GB maximum, 10 GB minimum..

Who is the first rival?

The first rival’s name will be Osana Najimi. She is Senpai’s childhood friend. She is a tsundere.


Is it possible to kill all rivals on the first day of school?

A new rival will appear every week. Rivals will not be present at school before their “week”. Each one of them will have a unique reason for being absent before their week began.


Can rivals have crushes on other boys?

I’m planning on allowing girls to get crushes on boys other than Senpai so that Yan-chan can “Play Cupid” to get rid of rivals.


Can the girl you’re trying to poison give her lunch to someone else?



Is Kokona Haruka going to be a rival in the final game?

Kokona Haruka is just a test-dummy for debugging and testing features.

One of the official rivals - the President of the Drama Club - was always meant to be a purple-haired girl with fancy hair. I have not yet determined whether Kokna and the Drama Club Prez will be two different people, or the same character.

Who is the girl standing under the tree?

The girl who stands under the tree is “Rival-chan”. She represents the concept of a rival, and exists so that I can test the “red outline” feature of Yandere Vision. The first official rival, Osana Najimi, will have a different appearance.

Can you befriend rivals?

It will be possible to befriend a rival. However, it will be more difficult than befriending a normal NPC.


What’s with Oka Ruto?

One of Yandere-chan’s rivals will be the President of the Occult Club. She will be named Oka Ruto. She will not be present at school for the first few weeks of the game. While she is absent, a member of the Occult Club will act as her substitute. The substitute will allow you to join the club and participate in club activities while the leader is absent.


Why is Inkyu Basu named after an incubus, even though an incubus is male?

I know that an Incubus is a male demon, but I still named a female character “Inkyu Basu”, because I think it sounds cute and feminine.


What are the Basu sisters supposed to do?

Every day, Sakyu and Inkyu will have a voiced conversation. They will talk about the school’s rules or the school’s history. Eavesdropping will let the player learn more about the lore. However, if the player does something that causes drama at school, then the sisters will talk about the recent drama instead of school history.


Is Senpai in a club?

Senpai will never join a club. However, he may spend some of his time visiting several different clubs.


Will Osana’s death have an effect on Senpai?

It won’t affect his AI, but after Osana’s elimination, there will be a cut-scene that shows how Senpai is handling the death / arrest / expulsion / vanishing / rejected confession of a girl that he has known for a decade.


Does Senpai have any friends?

I imagine Senpai as a loner who enjoys being surrounded by nature more than he enjoys being around people.


Can Senpai be driven insane?

Senpai will have a hidden “sanity” variable that the player will not be able to see. It will influence some of the game’s endings. It MAY influence some of his everyday behavior.

Is Senpai smart?

He has average intelligence.

Does Senpai have a sister? Will she be a rival?

Senpai does have a sister, and she will be one of Yandere-chan’s rivals near the end of the game.


What is Senpai’s sister like?

The original concept for Senpai’s sister was a super perverted, super lewd, super “jailbaity” girl who tries to seduce her big brother. The current concept is that she is an extremely clingy, childish, emotionally dependent girl who constantly begs her brother for attention.


How old is Yandere-chan?

To prevent the game from being banned in countries that forbid the depiction of minors in certain situations, Yandere-chan’s age might only be written as “??” and might never be revealed.

Senpai is 18, and is one school year above Yandere-chan.


Will Yandere-chan’s parents play a role in the game?

Yandere-chan’s mother and father are overseas during the duration of the game.


What’s Yandere-chan’s relationship with her parents?

She does not have a negative relationship with her parents, but does not have a warm and loving relationship, either.


Does Yandere-chan have siblings?



Is Yan-chan’s grandma alive?

Most of the women in Yandere-chan’s family want to have children from a very young age. Most of them give birth around age 19. As a result, most of them become grandmas they are 40 years old. Yandere-chan's great-great-great grandmother was born in 1910. She is age 107 in 2017.


Does Yan-chan’s mother see Yandere-chan as a threat to her husband’s love and attention?

Yan-chan’s mother cherishes her daughter, because her daughter is a physical manifestation of the love between her & her husband. She could never look at her daughter with anything other than love.


How tall is Yandere-chan, and how much does she weigh?

Yandere-chan is 165 cm tall and weighs 43.5 kg. In other words, she is 5 feet, 4.1 inches and weights 95.90 lbs. (Anime girls don’t weigh the same as real-life girls.)


What is Yandere-chan’s mom’s maiden name?

Aishi is her originally surname. When an Aishi woman marries a man, the man adopts his wife’s surname. It has never been the other way around.

December Update

Are all of the rivals going to be anime stereotypes?

All of the rivals were inspired by popular anime stereotypes. However, not every one of them is based on a “dere” archetype.

Why does Senpai get so creeped out by Yan-chan?

When Senpai is near Yan-chan, she acts REALLY weird. The current animation doesn’t really show it very well. Near Senpai, she has the appearance of someone who is extremely…anxious.

Are there any more main characters that you haven’t revealed yet?

The Headmaster of the school will be important, and there is an EXTREMELY important character — perhaps more important than Info-chan — who has not yet been revealed. He is male.

Will you make a map of the school?

I think that it should be possible for the player to press a button and see a map of the school. However, I won’t prepare something like this until the school is 100% final.

Is Yandere-chan popular among students?

This depends entirely on the player’s actions. The player can make her popular, or or unpopular. A girl with many friends, or a delinquent.

What would happen if an entire class is killed?

I believe that there should be consequences for killing too many students, but I have not yet determined what those consequences should be. It’s possible that the school might close if an entire class of students is killed.

If I want to send you an animation reel, what should I make?

Walk cycle, run cycle, lifting a heavy object, two characters interacting socially, and two characters interacting violently.

So if one of the Kickstarter rewards is a custom student, how many do you think there will be, and how much will they cost?

The cost has not yet been determined, but the cost would be linked to the number of custom students.

If it costs $100, there would be 50.

If it costs $500, there would be 10.

If it costs $1000, there would be 5.

Why does Oka Ruto like Senpai?

This will be revealed in her “intro cut-scene,” once the game reaches that stage of development.

Will we be able to change clubs?

You can change clubs at any time, but after you’ve changed a club, you can no longer ever join it again.

Can we join the Martial Arts Club?

At some point in the future (hopefully very soon) it will become possible to join the Martial Arts Club.

How many clubs will be in the final game?

There will be ten clubs that Yandere-chan can join. There will also be several “just for show” clubs that Yandere-chan can not actually join.

What happens if Yan-chan kills a club leader?

If a club leader is killed, the club closes forever.

Is it true that each rival will be more popular than the previous one?

Each rival is meant to be more difficult to defeat than the previous one. Sometimes, popularity is a factor in this. Sometimes it’s not.

Is Info-chan evil?

Although it is very easy to call Info-chan an evil person, the “Persona” that she will be given in her Student Info profile will be be the “Evil” persona.

Will students react to Yan-chan when she’s running around naked?


Will all NPCs react the same way to Yan-chan being lewd?

I think that a student’s reaction will depend on their Persona. Most Personas might react negatively, but some may react positively.

How many voices would you like to have in the final game?

I think that the bare minimum number of voices that will be required for the final game will be:

10 rivals

5 male students

5 female students

5 male adults

5 female adults

1 male Senpai

1 female Senpai

1 Yandere

1 Info-chan

1 Headmaster

1 Yan-mom

1 Yan-dad

1 Journalist

...and a couple of “mystery characters” who have not yet been revealed.

Can Yandere-chan steal a rival’s phone?

This was one of the original plans for the game, but it has not yet been implemented.

How does a person with an Evil persona react to murder?

If a student with the Evil persona witnesses murder, they will become excited and express approval for your actions. Then, they will promise not to tell anyone what they have just witnessed. After that, they will flee the school, so as to not become a suspect or an accomplice.

How often can Yan-chan poison people?

There should be at least 1 opportunity to poison each rival. Skill should be required to find or instigate these opportunities.

Can Yan-chan make a rival follow her?

I think that it should be possible, but I also think that asking a rival to follow you should require an extra step that doesn’t apply to normal NPCs.

Can Yan-chan talk to Info-chan in person?

Info-chan will physically exist at school, and it will be possible to see her. However, you will not be able to interact with her.

Can we send photographs to anyone else besides Info-chan?

I think that it should be possible to send photographs to the guidance counselor.

What is 1980s Mode like, in terms of length and difficulty?

1980s Mode would contain the same number of objectives as the base game (eliminate 10 rivals) but would offer the player far fewer tools and far more disadvantages.

What is the purpose of the guidance counselor?

When Yandere-chan is caught misbehaving by a teacher, she will be sent to a guidance counselor and will have to explain her actions. The counselor is responsible for determining Yandere-chan’s punishments for misbehaving at school. The counselor can not be killed.

How will the “explain her actions” feature work?

Multiple-choice questions.

How’s the matchmaking feature coming along?

Matchmaking will be added before the crowdfunding campaign. Possibly sometime within the next two months.

When will Senpai’s little sister be implemented?

Not until after the crowdfunding campaign.

At this point in time, how many rivals have been designed?

As of now, an artist has created full-body illustrations for every rival character. I’ll ask for a few modifications, and then I’ll officially reveal all of them.

January Update

Which clubs can Yandere-chan join?

As of January 2nd, Yandere-chan can only join the Martial Arts Club and the Occult Club at the moment. In the future, there will be 10 different clubs that she is able to join.

How do I join a club?

You must speak to the club leader while they are standing in their club room. At any other point in time, they will simply be a normal NPC. You can not be in two clubs at once. You can’t re-join a club after quitting. You can’t join a club if the club’s leader or one of the club’s members has seen you commit murder. If you kill the club’s leader or reduce a club to less than 5 people, it will close forever.

What’s with the secret screen in the Photographs folder of the January 1st build?

The screenshot that I accidentally included in the January 1st build was a picture of some characters who will appear in the future. Their appearances are not final, and their appearances will certainly change before they are officially revealed. I would not like to divulge any more information about them at this point in time.

How do I make Yan-chan punch in the new Easter Egg modes?

The “Yandere Button” - Left Ctrl on keyboard, or RB on controller.

When Yan-chan enters Yandere mode, there’s a red outline beneath the fountain. What is it?

That red outline was not supposed to be visible. It has been removed.

What effect does the Enlightenment (Life Note) manga have on Yan-chan?

The “Life Note” manga is connected to a game that I was developing several years before I started working on Yandere Simulator. I plan to continue developing that game as soon as Yandere Simulator is finished. Collecting and reading the Life Note manga will lead to an easter egg that allows the player to learn more about the game that I plan to make after Yandere Sim, and perhaps play a demo for the game. However, Enlightenment won’t have any practical functionality or any effect on gameplay.

If Yan-chan joins the Martial Arts Club, can she really beat teachers automatically?

At this point in time, I do not have “struggle against teacher” animations, so I can’t implement that feature. It’s also possible that I may decide to nerf the Martial Arts Club’s benefit so that, instead of automatically killing NPCs in a struggle, Yandere-chan simply has extra a large amount of extra strength during a struggle.

Why can’t Yan-chan summon demons in the newest build?

Because the game isn’t done yet.

What happens when Yan-chan examines the cheese in the Undertale room?

It’s an easter egg! I won’t tell you! You’ll have to find out yourself!

What is the “special sequence” mentioned in the January 1st build Additions list?

It’s an easter egg! I won’t tell you! You’ll have to find out yourself!

With dismemberment, can Yan-chan leave some body parts laying around school?

I think that this will most likely be possible. NPCs will probably react to corpses similarly to how they react to corpses (running away, telling a teacher, etc).

Why should I care how much reputation Yandere-chan loses?

If Yandere-chan’s reputation drops below -100, Senpai will hear about all the things she has done, and he will never love her. It’s also possible that some actions may be unavailable if your reputation is too low. (For example, joining clubs or asking students for favors.)

Will Yan-chan be able to poison the food that Kokona prepares for her friends?

I guess I should make it possible to poison a plate of food that is being prepared in the Cooking Club, because it’s something that the game engine can very easily support...but, at this point in time, it’s just not a high priority.

Will we be able to explore more of Yan-chan’s house in the future?

Current, I can’t think of any reason to let the player walk around Yandere-chan’s house. I would only implement this feature if there was a gameplay-related reason to do so.

If a rival’s reputation is too low and Senpai rejects her, will she become a normal NPC? Or will she stop coming to school?

She will become a normal NPC.

In the final game, will I still be able to press the + button to speed up time?

No, but you will still be able to use the Pass Time function on Yan-chan’s phone.

Has Yandere-chan ever killed for fun?

From a very young age, Yan-chan knew she was different. She understood that other people could feel excitement, get emotional, and have fun...and she understood that she was incapable of these things. Around this point in time, she probably killed an animal to find out if it would stimulate her or cause her to feel an emotion. However, killing the animal didn’t affect her in the slightest, so she concluded that killing humans would not be able to bring her any kind of satisfaction or pleasure. Yandere-chan is not the type of person who has killed for fun...but as soon as the game begins, you’re in control of Yandere-chan, and your actions determine what kind of person she truly is..

Does Yan-chan’s dad actually love Yan-chan’s mom?

The basement tapes will reveal the answer.

Can I create an original character for the game?

Unfortunately, I can’t include any of your original characters in the game. If you want to know why, please see this blog post:

Why don’t you respond to tweets anymore?

For a long time, I had a lot of fun replying to tweets from fans. However, as time passed, it stopped being fun. I felt like I was reading the same questions day after day after day, for weeks and became monotonous. I might return to Twitter one day, but right now, I feel like my time would be better-spent working on the game instead of chatting on Twitter.

February Update

When are you going to implement dismemberment?

I’m hoping to implement it very soon. I hope to implement it by February 15th.


Have you heard back from Twitch yet?

If I heard back from Twitch, I’d make a blog post / tweet / video about it immediately.


How is the matchmaking feature coming along?

For a very long time, I was sure that I wanted to have a matchmaking feature, but I wasn’t sure exactly how it would work. After spending a lot of time thinking it through, I’ve finally written a document detailing exactly how matchmaking will work. I could implement it at almost any time, but I’m working on some other features first.


When will the first rival be implemented?

The rival would be extremely boring unless there was something that made her special. One of the things that makes the rival special is the fact that she interacts with Senpai. I’ll implement the rival after I have a set of 5 interaction events between her and Senpai. I cannot create these interaction events yet, because I do not have an animation rig for Senpai. Sadly, character riggers are the most rare of all volunteers.


You’re selling merchandise at a convention in Taiwan? Can I get it if I don’t live there? What kind of merchandise? Are you going to sell it anywhere else?

At this point in time, Yandere Simulator merchandise will only be sold at this one particular convention in Taiwan. The full range of merchandise that will be sold has not been confirmed yet, so I can’t really make any guarantees about it.

Selling merchandise is not one of my highest priorities, so I am not really putting forth any effort to make merchandise become widely available.


Will weekends be implemented? What will they do?

I think that weekends would be a good time for stalking Senpai as he goes on dates… but ONLY if a small town is added. Failing that, weekends could be used for gaining extra study points.

Have you ever received any offers from publishers or developers?

I received one offer last year in June, but it was not an appealing offer.


What happens if a club closes before a rival arrives?

For situations where a club leader rival returns to school and learns that her club was disbanded in her absence, I’m imagining a short cutscene where she’s told the club is gone, and she expresses very sad feelings.


Will all students report murder if they witness it?

At this point in time, the Coward and Evil personality types will not report murder.


Will there be students who are late to class sometimes?

I think that there should be some characters who are always late to class. I plan to implement some delinquent characters, and I think that they should definitely arrive late!


Are you still planning to allow Yan-chan to steal students’ phones and post false information on their social media accounts?

This was one of the original plans, but it’s pretty complex to implement. It would affect a lot of other features and would require some changes to NPC behavior, so I don’t really want to promise it at this point in time.


Could Yan-chan bury a body?

I’d like to add that feature, but it’s very difficult to design the mechanics for doing such a thing.


Do you think requesting easter eggs can be a Kickstarter reward?

It seems feasible, but at this point in time, I don’t want to make any promises regarding this idea.


Will we be able to access easter eggs in the final version?

I think they would have to be accessed via cheat codes in the final version of the game.


What does the writing on the club leaders’ armbands say?

It’s supposed to mean “Club Leader” when translated from Japanese.


Are you going to implement new base models?

The current base model is unsatisfactory in many ways. I definitely want a new one. However, implementing would be VERY time-consuming, since a lot of scripts would have to be updated to be compatible with the new model. It’s very difficult for me to predict when I will be able to implement new base models.


What will happen in the final game if Yan-chan kills Senpai?

In the final build of the game, it shouldn’t be possible to kill Senpai.


When will you implement elimination methods for other students besides Kokona-chan?

It’s possible that many elimination methods will be tied to scripted events which only involve the rival, but there will also be some methods that will work on all students. However, I’m not sure when they will be functional.


Will you use QuickTime events for kills or evading teachers?

This would probably be very cool, but it would substantially increase the number of animations required, and was not part of the game’s original design. I can’t make any guarantees.


Will we ever be able to kidnap males?

When the game was first designed, the idea behind kidnapping was that you should be able to kidnap your current rival and brainwash her to kill your next rival. Kidnapping random girls, or kidnapping males, was never part of the original plan. I am not sure whether or not I will stick to the original plan, or change the plan.


What is the Bad Romance easter egg supposed to do?

It’s supposed to attack on command, but I cannot implement it yet, because I lack proper animations for it. Nobody can animate it, because no one has built a control rig for it yet.

Are all of the rivals designed yet?

All of the rivals have been designed.I’d like to make a video introducing them all, but I want to have a set of high-resolution, high-quality illustrations first.


What would happen if Yan-chan becomes really popular?

There might be a penalty for becoming too popular at school. I might decide that some students will stalk Yan-chan if she’s very popular. This would make it difficult to get away with murder, since you’d always have a group of potential witnesses following you around.


When are we going to be able to make the creepy gloved hands come out of the Occult Club floor?

I am really interested in adding more creepy things to the Occult Club, but I feel like I should add more serious features to the game before adding “silly” features.


Are you still going to implement a female Senpai?

Implementing a female Senpai has been part of the game’s design since the very beginning. Over the past 20 months, nothing has happened that has caused me to change my mind about this.


Why is there an Art Club AND an Art Room?

The club is run by students, but the Art Room is for classes, lessons, and school usage. The Art Room might have mostly easels, whereas the Art Club might have a wider variety of art.


Is Oka Ruto Wiccan? What is the Occult Club's religion or belief?

The Occult Club doesn't have an official religion, or any religious beliefs. They simply believe that there are supernatural beings in the world, and are searching for a way to prove that these beings exist, and/or contact these beings.


If Yan-chan kidnaps a club leader, does the club close?

I believe that a club should close if its leader disappears.


If Yan-chan leaves a note for a rival, but the rival has a scheduled event at that time, will the note override the usual activity? Or will the rival ignore the note?

In the final game, the rival should react to the note by saying, “Too bad. I can’t meet them. I already have plans.”


Could Yan-chan ever lock a door with a key so that other students can’t run away?

I think this would make a lot of sense. It would require a lot of programming work, but it could be done. I’ll consider it.


Will Yan-chan be able to disguise herself?

I don’t think I want to add disguises. It would make the game too close to being a rip-off of the Hitman games. I would like to allow the player to change Yandere-chan’s hairstyle / hair color / accessories in her home. However, if the player can arbitrarily change Yan-chan’s appearance at any time, then the concept of disguises makes no sense. Adding disguises to the game would invalidate the concept of character customization, so I don’t really want to add disguises.


What will the gym be used for?

The school gym will be used for Senpai-Rival interaction events, some club activities and also school plays. An “embarrass rival onstage in front of school” elimination method is planned.


If a town is implemented, would killing someone in the town affect school atmosphere?

I’d have to think about it, but I think maybe it should.

Will more of the characters’ backstories be revealed in the future?

Yes. It’s just not a high priority right now.

What would the town, if implemented, be used for?

1. New elimination methods.

2. New corpse-disposal methods.

3. “Sabotage Senpai’s date” events.

4. “Go on a date with Senpai” events.

5. New Senpai/Rival interaction events.

6. Weapons that can’t be found in a school.

7. Part-time jobs that allow the player to earn money.

8. Stores where the player can buy things with money.

9. Hidden collectible items that boost the protagonist’s abilities.

10. Variety. A game that is set in ONE environment could get boring very fast.

Having a town would open up a lot of opportunities. Some include stores, part-time jobs, date spots, collectibles, elimination opportunities, fun extras (see some of the other questions in this FAQ), and more.


Are you going to release an Early Access version of the game?

There will come a point in time when the game is complete enough to be enjoyable, but not complete enough to sell as a finished project, and so incomplete that bug-testers are still required.

At that point in time, it would no longer be reasonable to give the game away for free. At the same time, I would still need the help of bug testers. However, spending money to pay bug-testers to play the game is a cost that I might not be able to afford.

I've only been able to come up with one solution: After the game's free official demo is released, all subsequent versions of the game would have be sold on Steam as Early Access.

I know, I know, "Early Access" is a dirty word to many people. But, put aside your preconceived notions, and think about it. Eventually, there will come a time when it's the only reasonable option for me.

Early Access is only a bad thing when a lazy developer promises to finish a game and then abandons it. 50% of my motivation for creating Yandere Simulator is to build a strong, positive reputation as a hard-working game developer. In other words, abandoning the game before it's finished would destroy everything I've been working to build.

So, obviously, I won't be doing that.


Is the tutorial going to be some sort of dream sequence?

I think this was one of my original plans...but I have a different plan in mind now.


Will Yan-chan be able to set up traps?

This was definitely one of the original plans, but it would require models, animations, and sounds that I don’t currently have. We’ll see.


What if you implemented trophies that would appear in the Senpai shrine after you defeat a rival?

This has been suggested since as far back as April 2014. It’s worth considering. It won’t be a priority for a long time though.


Can Yan-chan break into rivals’ homes and smash their possessions?

That sounds like it would be fun, but it would only be possible with a small town.


What about Senpai’s home? Can Yan-chan break into his house?

Breaking into Senpai’s house was suggested as far back as April 2014...but it depends on whether or not there is a small town.


If a club is disbanded, will the members join another club?

They will be clubless forever.


What do you think the Art Club’s benefit will be?

Yan-chan can walk around splashed with blood and claim that it’s red paint. I’m also considering allowing Yan-chan to paint a picture of Senpai to recover sanity.


In the final game, will there still be funny and supernatural things?

Silly and supernatural things will only appear in the game if the player follows a series of steps to unlock them. Basically, the player has to *want* to see paranormal or silly things in order to see them.


What is Scenario Editor Mode?

It’s a mode in the final game where you can build your own high school and fill it with custom-designed students.


Will Yan-chan ever be able to stay clean while killing people?


I think this would make the game too easy. I don’t think that it should ever be possible to completely avoid becoming bloody. Committing murder should always come at a cost.

March Update

Have you figured out what you're going to do with Yandere Simulator? Will you launch the Kickstarter early? Why or why not?

At this point in time, I’m not planning to launch the Kickstarter earlier than I originally planned. I would like to make a video about all of the reasons why, but the short version is that I refuse to launch the Kickstarter until the game has met my personal standards of quality.


You mentioned having a town would mean being able to go on a date with Senpai. How would Yan-chan do that if she's so anxious around him?

The reason that Yan-chan is anxious around Senpai is because there is no gameplay-related reason to interact with Senpai. If there were gameplay-related reasons to interact with Senpai, then I would redefine Yandere-chan’s personality so that she’s able to talk with him. However, interacting with Senpai would probably involve a "courage" meter that determines how well the interaction goes.


Are you really going to change Yandere Simulator's name?

It’s hard to say whether or not I’m actually going to change the name. I would like to make a video about all of the reasons why, but the short version is that it's extremely difficult to know when would be the "right" time to re-brand the game. I'm also considering another option besides re-naming the game that I'd like to unveil at some point in the future.


What is “1980s Mode”?

I recommend visiting the Yandere Simulator wiki and reading about it.


If you don't manage to complete YanSim soon, will you change 1980s Mode to 1990s Mode?

The purpose of 1980s Mode is to make the game more difficult by giving the player less tools to work with; in other words, removing all technology that did not exist prior to 1990. As a result, 1980s Mode must take place before 90s.


I want to send you a bug report, but I'm afraid other people already have showed you the bug. Should I still send it?



I want to send you a bug report! So, when you access the debug menu—

Let me stop you right there. If you use debug commands to cause a bug, I won't spend time fixing it. The debug commands won't be available in the final game.


About copyright issues, why don't you just ask the Undertale guys if you can use the music and Gaster Blasters?

I e-mailed Toby and asked him if he'd grant me permission to use some Undertale music and sound effects in Yandere Simulator. He politely asked me not to use any of Undertale’s assets in Yandere Sim.


I want to play old builds of the game. Can you give some to me?

I’m sorry, I don’t keep old builds around. It’s possible that some people may be keeping an archive of old builds, but I don’t know anything about that.


Can you tell us more about the final game's possible endings?

The game's ending will depend on Senpai's mental state at the end of the game. His mental health will be affected by the methods that the player uses to eliminate girls. There will also be some special endings that can only occur during very specific circumstances.


When are you going to introduce the rivals?

I'd like to make a "rival introduction" video to introduce them, but I can't do that until an artist has illustrated all of the rivals.

Who's the girl who appears in the fun.txt easter egg? Can you tell us?

What girl? What game is she from? I don't recognize that character or know anything about her at all. Nope, nothing at all...


Why do we see Kokona hang herself in the "Friendship, Gossip, and Bullying" video, but we don't actually see anything in the game?

I set a deadline for that video (October 1st) but I went WAY past my deadline. In order to get the build and the video out as soon as possible, I didn’t actually implement the cutscene in the game.


What kind of progress have you made on the matchmaking feature?

I haven't been actively working on this feature because I've been trying to get other features implemented first. I think it'll be easy to implement (2 weeks of work) once it's time, though.


How many non-Senpai crushes will a rival have? How many guys can we match rivals with?

The original plan was that there would only be one “suitor” for each rival. At this point in time, I’m in favor of keeping it that way.


Are you still planning to make it so that Yan-chan can get clean clothing by stealing it from other girls' lockers?

This would present numerous programming problems and would require a thorough re-working of student AI. At this point in time, I would strongly like to avoid including this feature in the game.

 Will there be Evil students who team up with Yan-chan to commit crimes?

I think Yan-chan should work solo. She co-operates with Info-chan, but that's the only exception.


How many students will have the Evil persona in the final game?

Since it's basically a "get away with murder for free" personality, I might limit the total number to about five.


Couldn't Yan-chan just kill all the members of the Photography Club first, before she does anything else?

It wouldn't be easy to kill them immediately. In the final game, when more than 4 people witness Yandere-chan commit murder, I think that they should rush at her and restrain her. This will make it very difficult to stop people in the Photography Club, because every member of the club will usually travel in a group.


So now that the original girls have different hairstyles, is it safe to assume that Kokona Haruka is going to be the Drama Club president?

Kokona's current hairstyle is probably final. The Drama Club president's hairstyle has not yet been finalized.


Why did you change the original girls' hair?

The original girls' hair was just Yandere-chan's hair with her ponytail moved around. This struck me as incredibly "low-budget" and "amateurish." I want all of the girls to look original and unique, and not look like clones of Yandere-chan with dyed hair.


You mentioned you wanted to implement the "Friend Elimination Method" before matchmaking, but what's the friend elimination method?

I'd rather show you than tell you.


Will the Photography Club be like all other clubs and disband if there are fewer than five members?

The Photography Club will disband, but the students will retain their Sleuth personas.


Will there be a non-lethal way to get rid of a teacher guarding a corpse?

I've never considered it before. I suppose it's important to give the player at least one way to do so. I've come up with one idea, but it's not a high priority to implement it right now.


How will Sleuths react to seeing a corpse?

Sleuths might have "call the cops on the spot and then stand guard" responses, like the teachers.


What is the song that plays in the credits?

It's a cover of a Thanatos - If I Can’t Be Yours. The vocalist performing the cover is LittleJayneyCakes. Because Thanatos is a copyrighted song, I'll probably have to replace it in the final version of the game. However, Thanatos represents what I want the song in the final game to sound like.


Is Brittany Lauda from the "I Want My Senpai Back" video going to be Osana's voice actress in the game?

I’ve asked Brittany to record some lines for Osana in the past (like the “I Want My Senpai Back” video and an upcoming video) and I think that she did a very good job! I'd love to keep working with her!


Why are the computer girl and the ghost girl important characters?

I can't answer this question without spoilers.


Why don’t you task Druelbozo with creating an animation rig for Senpai?

At this point in time, I have a 90%-completed animation rig for Senpai. The person who created this rig vanished without finishing the rig. Since they vanished, I have attempted to communicate with them, but they have not responded. I will probably ask Druelbozo to finish the animation rig. However, it’s not my highest priority at this moment.


When are you implementing the Challenges menu?

Probably after all challenges are ready to be implemented.


Can I customize Yan-chan's skin color?

It's currently possible with custom textures. In the final game, it'll be a character customization feature so that you don’t have to modify texture files in order to make it happen.


Can I put custom skins and uniforms on the other students?

Not yet, but I'm hoping to make that a feature one day.


What would happen if Yan-chan kills all the teachers? Who would discover their bodies?

If all the teachers are dead, then it's the Headmaster who discovers the corpse. The Headmaster is an NPC that the player cannot directly interact with.


Will Yan-chan be able to seduce male teachers in the future?

There will be male teachers, but I don't think she'll be able to seduce them.


Why did you decide that Info-chan is not going to be a rival?

I wouldn't like to give out any details regarding Info-chan. You'll just have to play the game and find out what happens.


What happens if Yan-chan steals an object or tool from a club she's not in?

In the future, students should call her a thief, attempt to retrieve the item from her, and then return the object to its original location. However, I will probably re-work student AI and pathfinding before I implement this feature.


Would being friends with a club leader make it easier for Yan-chan to get items from clubs (without being accused of theft)?

I don't think so.


If Senpai is a girl, how would the Aishi generation continue?

I have a solution in mind, but I can’t reveal it at this point in time.

April Update

Why can't Yan-chan kill the delinquents?

I think that fighting against a delinquent should be different than fighting against a normal NPC. I have an idea for how it should work, but before I can’t implement it without certain animations. It might be a long time until I get the animations that I require. So for now, the delinquents are invincible.


Why don't the delinquent girls have long skirts like sukeban usually do?

I’d love to implement long skirts for the delinquents, but when I tried to do so, I encountered a lot of clipping problems and animation problems.


If the delinquent rival and Budo Masuta fought, which one would win?

I know who would win, but I wouldn't like to reveal it. There's a chance that you might be able to find out for yourself within the game...


Why would Senpai accept a delinquent’s love?

Senpai could never love a violent person or a criminal. However, one of the girls who will fall in love with him is a juvenile delinquent. How will this work out? I wouldn’t like to spoil it. You’ll just have to wait and see.


Can Yan-chan join the delinquents?

I think it would be really cool if she could join them - but it would need to have negative consequences. She would need to have a low reputation in order to become a delinquent, and regaining a good reputation would result in getting kicked out of the gang. The possible benefits would be the ability to intimidate or threaten other students, but I'm not sure yet. Please watch the "Club Benefits in Yandere Simulator" video for more information.


Can Yan-chan join the Student Council?

I think Yan-chan would have to take on a lot of new responsibilities for the Student Council, and failing to complete those tasks would result in getting kicked out. However, being part of the council might be one of the steps required for a certain elimination method...


Is the Gaming Club going to be joinable?

I’ll upload a video about this subject sometime soon.


Has any progress been made on the male rig?

The male rig is now complete.


I thought you designed the rivals already. Why not reveal them?!

All of the game’s rivals have been designed, but I’m not satisfied with most of their illustrations. I won’t reveal the rivals until I am totally satisfied with their official illustrations.


Why are there fire extinguishers around the school?

The fire extinguishers were created by a modeller as a “screening task” to prove that he was competent enough to contribute to the game’s development. I didn’t want his model to go to waste, so I placed fire extinguishers around the school as decorations. Fire extinguishers often appear in school corridors as decorations in anime.

In the future, I'd like to allow the player to wield fire extinguishers as bludgeoning weapons.


How do I find the robot girl from the Science Club?

I’m sorry! She has not been implemented yet.


Why would Senpai ever run after a masked killer and rip the mask off? He doesn't seem like he would be the type to do that.

Because the game is still in development, Senpai’s personality is not yet set in stone.

It is likely that some NPCs will have unique reactions to seeing a loved one get murdered. For example, if you murder a character’s sibling right in front of them, they may attack you regardless of their personality.

I imagine Senpai as the type of person who would normally be gentle and prefer solitude, but upon witnessing a masked killer, would feel enraged at the cowardly act of killing another person while hiding one’s own identity, and would unmask the killer without regard for his own safety - especially if the masked killer just murdered his childhood friend or little sister.


Will the hedge maze have anything besides manga in it?

I plan on using the hedge maze as a place for eavesdropping on NPCs who have important information, and are trying to have private conversations in the maze.


Will the nurse really hide the key to the syringe and tranquilizer in the future?

Nothing has happened to change my mind about this idea.


Will you put yourself in the game?

I don’t have a particularly strong interest in putting myself in the game.


Why haven't you implemented the Headmaster?

I need a voice actor, and the voice actor for the Headmaster needs to be able to voice a young man (1980s Mode) and an older man (Story Mode). I’m having trouble finding a voice actor with that kind of range.


Will major plot points (like Info-chan's backstory, the Aishi family's story, etc.) be included in debug builds, or will they only be in the final game?

Major plot points will not be revealed in debug builds.


When will the unimplemented male character (the one you called more important than Info-chan) be revealed?

He may not be revealed until the game's true ending.


Will the Pompadour Delinquents wear masks or have different hair colors in the future?

No, they will probably not all wear masks or have different hair colors, although they may all be given other types of unique identifying traits in the future.


Will the delinquent rival have the Cilngy/Damsel Persona like most of the other rivals?

She may be unique from the other rivals in the sense that she will attack you rather than run to Senpai after witnessing murder.


Will Yan-chan be able to leave her bloody clothes in someone else's locker to frame her?

No, the police would find Yan-chan's DNA on the clothing.


Is the President of the Drama Club a himedere?

That's what I have in mind.


When will you reveal the delinquents' names?

It will most likely be a long time (months) before I am able to implement them "properly" like the other students who walk around the school. Because I don't want them to be nameless for months, I'll try to come up with a way to reveal their names sometime soon.


In the future, if Yan-chan beats a delinquent, will she be able to take the weapon?



Are you still planning to implement a Boys' Locker Room?

It wouldn’t make sense to have a school that has a Girls’ Locker Room, but not a Boys’ Locker Room.


Will Yan-chan be able to swim in the game?

There will be a swimming pool. I won't add in the ability to swim in the pool unless it serves a gameplay-related purpose. (Perhaps washing off blood?)


Will Yan-chan be able to romance one of her rivals as a special elimination method?

I don't think I ever planned this. If I did, I completely forgot about it. That’s a fascinating concept, but I’m not currently planning on it.


Will there still be a Sewing Club or a way to get clean new uniforms?

I think there should be a sewing class with a student who sews a new school uniform every single day of the year. This student would basically provide you with a new uniform once per day.


Will we be able to eliminate the Phantom Girl in the game, or will she be eliminated in the intro to 1980s Mode?

You'll see!