Belmont/Redwood Shores Little League

Parents Code of Conduct


It is the goal of Belmont/Redwood Shores Little League (BRSLL) to provide all players with a positive baseball experience. The following code of conduct is designed to support that goal. Please read, sign and date at the end, and return to the manager or coach.


1. I pledge to have my child arrive with the proper equipment at the time requested by my child’s Team Manager/Coach for practices and games. I understand that I may be putting my child at physical risk by not providing him/her adequate time for warm up or by not having the proper equipment. Picking my child up on time shows respect for the manager and coaches, who have other time commitments, and it tells my child that he or she is my top priority. I will let the manager/coach know as far in advance as possible when my child will not attend a practice and/or a game.


2. I understand that the top three reasons kids play sports are to have fun, make new friends and learn new skills. I understand that the game is for the kids, and that I will encourage my child to have fun and keep sport in its proper perspective.


3. I understand that baseball is a hard game and mistakes are an inevitable part of playing. I will do my best to help my child keep their mistakes in the proper perspective, and help them to learn and grow from them.


4. I understand the importance of setting a good example of sportsmanship for my child and that children will model the behavior of the adults who surround them. I will show respect for all involved in the game including coaches, players, opponents, opposing fans, and umpires.


5. I understand that during a game my child is trying to deal with the fast-paced action. He/She must respond to opponents, umpires, teammates and listen to coaches. I will not add confusion by yelling out instructions. During the game, I will limit my comments to encouraging my child and other players for both teams.


6. I will not use profanity or make negative comments about the game, coaches, umpires or teammates in my child's presence. I understand that I need to be careful of my actions, which can negatively influence my child's motivation, behavior, and overall experience.


7. Drugs, tobacco and alcohol are prohibited at all games and practices.


8. I understand that I am not allowed on the playing field or in or around the dugout during games. This is for my safety as well as my child’s.


I agree to honor this Little League Code of Conduct and will do my best to enhance my child’s baseball experience. I understand that any infractions may be investigated and violators may be brought before the League’s Disciplinary Board.

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