Anisah Amat Press Kit




Biography & About

Anisah Amat Ali was born in Denver, Colorado where she currently lives. She is a student at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado and is obtaining her Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Poetics. She obtained her Bachelors of Arts in English Literature and minored in Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Anisah’s writing explores generational trauma. She explores self-love and healing and how she learned (and is still learning) how to love herself despite not being taught or shown how.

 Currently, she is working on a trilogy, (tentatively titled black coffee) in which she will examine the ways in which the black male body exists, operates and functions within the constructs, constraints, and/or traumas of black love. She wants to examine the ways the social construct masculinity can interfere with the experience of a black male fully experiencing being loved and being loving. She also examines the ways this construct of masculinity interferes with the black female body’s experience with being loved and loving.


Anisah self-published her first book, anonymous, in August of 2016. anonymous is a book of poetry and prose compiled over a three year period. This book briefly explores the author’s relationship with her father and outside of the traumas and abuse of that relationship, how she learned to love herself love someone outside of herself. “This book is about learning how to love outside of the chaos,” Anisah stated on a podcast episode she was featured on. anonymous is a reminder to all women that no matter what you have gone through, no matter the cards you have been dealt, you deserve and you are worthy of your own love; and you deserve to receive love outside of yourself.

Speaking Engagements/Readings

Reading, Naropa University, November 2015

Women of Words, Naropa University, April 2016

Black Lives Matter Reading @ Metro State University with Dominique Christina, October 2016

Book Signing/Reading at Alias Bookstore, Los Angeles, CA, November 2016

F**k the Status Quo, Panel Discussion, Naropa University, November 2016

10th Annual Lalo Delgado Poetry Festival, April 2017 (Confirmed)

4x4 Reading, Colorado State University 2017 (TBA, Confirmed)

Press and Media

The Cultivated Mix, January 2016

Pink Productions, Have You Experienced Generational Trauma? Anisah Ali Shares The Woes Of This Phenomenon, August 2016

Black Girl in Om Podcast, Ep 009, Loving in Spite of Trauma with Anisah Ali, September 2016