Asarah B’Tevet

Translating the Torah into Greek - Asarah B’Tevet and Chanukah

Tu Bishvat

Trees Torah and Humanity: A Shiur for Tu Bishvat

Spiritual Lessons from Trees 

Trees in the Torah - Comic Making Source Sheet

Tu B’shvat - Pay Attention to the Inward Journey


Receiving the Torah, Accepting the Torah: The Thousand-Year Gap?  

Mordechai, Haman, Rava and Purim

 Illustrate the Megillah

Parashat Hashavua


From Then to Now to the Next Generation

Honest Evaluations


Shemot: Pharaoh’s propaganda war

The Godfearing Midwives of Goshen, Egypt: What Does It Mean To Have Yirat Hashem?

Hello My Name is: Moses (and Jered and Heber and Gedor . . )

What’s in a Name?


The Ancient Plagues of Egypt

Aaron- A Character Study

The Failure of Pharaoh’s Elite Chartumim


Parashat Bo: Makkot to Mitzvot

Plagues, Pharaoh and the Undoing of Creation

Blood on the Doorposts: Who Should See it and Why?


The Women at the Sea

Beshalach Discussion Sheet

Twelve Tribes = Roots of Jewish Pluralism


Which of These Commandments is Not Like the Others? - A Sefaria exemplary lesson The Ten “Commandments”

The Ten Commandments in Jewish Space Versus the Public Square


Adult Ed in the World to Come

The Heart of the Matter

Can you Tell a Lie?


From Terumah to Tefillah

Mishkan, Matan Torah and Beit HaKeneset - the service of imagination 


Men Make Clothes, Clothes Don’t Make the Man

The Clothes for the Role

Priestly Gold is the New Black

Ki Tissa

Why Did Moshe Break the Luchot?

Origins of Demography: Censuses in Tanakh

Shabbat is…


The Power of Shabbat

Biblical Building Projects: The Golden Calf and the Mishkan

AJWS Dvar Tzedek: Parshat Vayakhel


Animated Torah Portion in 4 Minutes

HaMishkan - Visual Midrash 

In Case You’ve Always Wondered why the Secular Name for Sukkot is “Tabernacles”

Vayikra (Shabbat Zachor)

An Offering of the “Soul”

Order Amid Chaos

Remembering to Forget