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ZWE - Innovate 2014
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Zero-Waste Event Report for Innovate! 2014

From Professor Debra Sharkey:

We were successful in our attempt to have a ZWE.  Most people consider better than 90% diversion of recyclable and compostable materials from a landfill as a ZWE.  As you can see we hit either 95.9% or 97.1% waste diversion, depending upon whether you count the foam-core, laminated poster board that the D2L people left after the event.  Christina has this in her possession.  If you can convince D2L to reuse it (which they should be able to do) or you can repurpose it, I think you can make the case for using the 97.1% diversion number.  If not and it is thrown in the trash, then we should use the 95.9% diversion number.  [ed.: The sign will be repurposed by CRC’s Distance Education and Web Development team.] Either way, our ZWE was a success!

Many thanks to my students:  Krista Liebig, Amanda Lee, César Aguirre, Jaime Gonzalez, and Michael Kwong for their enthusiastic assistance.  We couldn't have done this without them!  Also, many thanks to Rose Hickok and her staff for minimizing landfill materials with all of the food items.  We particularly appreciated their willingness to listen to our feedback and avoid use of the scotch tape and labels on the sandwiches as well as elimination of bottled water on the second day in the interest of being more sustainable). Thanks as well to Adam Beeson at Atlas Disposal for having a two-yard food waste bin delivered at no charge to CRC to accommodate the compost material from this event. And, finally, thanks to Cindy Petty (for doing the custodial work order) and Tony Cartright and his custodial staff for ensuring we had the proper bins for the event in all of the rooms and outside for the meals.