Release 5 - Player Instructions


  1. Download and run the SotAInstaller.exe here:
  1. PC: 
  1. NOTE: If you still have an install then all you need to do is patch, no need to re-install
  1. Mac:
  2. Linux: 
  1. We recommend having at least 4GB of free disk space on the drive you install to, though the game will only download about 850 MB of data.
  2. Either allow the installer to auto-run on complete, or run either the desktop shortcut named “Shroud of the Avatar” or the “Launcher.exe” located in your installed Portalarium directory.
  3. Once the launcher is finished, the game will start.
  4. (optional) Leaving the launcher running will help us and others by providing some of your bandwidth to assist others in downloading the client.


  1. Enter your registered login information - If you are a Kickstarter backer and have not yet linked your kickstarter pledge to your account, you will not be able to gain access. If you have not backed the game yet, you will need to register and login on, select the "Pledge" button in the right side-bar, and purchase a pledge at the $45 Adventurer level or above.
  2. Choose your play mode - Currently, the only valid options are Single Player Online and Multiplayer Online.
  3. Click Enter Game to enter Avatar creation. The Avatar creation step by step process:
  1. Enter a first name and an optional last name (only first name is required)
  2. Select gender and adjust character proportions as desired
  3. Click next
  4. Adjust skin tone, eye color, head type, and facial features
  5. Click next
  6. Adjust hair color, hair style
  7. Click create character


Basic Controls:

Avatar character management:

Interactive Objects:

World Navigation:

Adventuring with others (in Multiplayer Mode):



Player parties:

Player Housing:




Bug Reporting & Misc: