Good Luck Have Fun Granada Geeks Constitution

Granada Hills Charter High School 2012­-2013

Article I – Good Luck Have Fun Granada Geeks (gl hf gg)

Preamble: We strive to develop students’ interests in technological advancements through weekly discussions and interactive workshops. We attempt to motivate members to not only discuss, but to apply what they learn through a repair shop, which assists the student body with any technological troubles they may possess. Any profits made throughout the year will be donated to a charity of our choosing. We encourage an environment in which any member can easily find a place to fit into.

Article II


1. Students must be a current GHCHS student body member. 2. All participants must possess a 2.0 GPA (“C” average). 3. The Club must maintain a positive balance in its trust account. 4. The Club will be cancelled and/or not renewed if members with a GPA below 2.0 participate in after school activities and/or if the club carries a negative balance at the end of the school year. 5. The Club will adopt a the area between “G” and “H” building for campus beautification and clean­up. 6. Club meetings will be held at least once a week on Thursdays at lunch. 7. Members must not discriminate based on color, creed, religion, national origin, or personal bias.


President: ____ ______ Vice President: ____ ______ Secretary: ____ ______ Treasurer: ____ ______

Article III – Selection of Officer’s Term of Office and/or Qualifications

For the 2012­2013 school year, officers have been chosen amongst the club founders. All elected officers will serve their position for two semesters. In the following years, officers will be selected in the last month of the spring semester. Members interested in running for an officer position must meet the following qualifications:

1. Student must have a current GPA of 3.0 or higher (“B” Average). 2. Student must be a current or returning member of the Good Luck Have Fun Granada Geeks. 3. Student must have experience and interest in a variety of technology and keep updated on technological feats. 4. Current officers may run for the same position.

Elections Process

Candidates must create a short speech illustrating their relationship with technology and why they deserve the position. These candidates will present themselves at an election meeting that will take place at the last month of the spring semester. Those at the meeting will pick their choice through a ballot and the aspiring officer with the majority of the votes will be awarded with the position for the following year. Only members who have attended at least eight meetings during the current club year may be given the right to vote.

Executive Positions

President: The President is in charge of leading club meetings. He/she calls for the meeting, goes over the week’s agenda, and serves as the primary liaison between the affairs of the administration and the club itself. Vice President: Whenever the President is not at the meetings, the Vice President will take over his/her duties and speak in his/her place. The Vice President has access to all the powers and privileges that the President possess.

Secretary: The Secretary is in charge of recording the club’s minutes, and turning them in on a timely manner. The Secretary also takes note of who attended each meeting. Treasurer: The treasurer handles the club’s funds. All transactions and monetary issue must be approved by him/her.

Judiciary Position

Advisor: The advisor serves to pass judgement upon certain aspects of the club routine, such as communication, work habits, responsibility, and give advice on how best to address the inevitable problems between student relations. If a conflict arises, he/she will have the power to instill his/her decision.

Article IV – Dues

The club will not require its members to pay dues. However, donations are welcome.

Article V – Meetings

Weekly meetings shall occur during Lunch every Thursday at G06 in Ms. Brook’s room. Club officers must notify members of all school meetings or events at least a week prior. All club officers have permissions to begin each meeting at the club’s discretion.

Article VI – Amendments

In order to makes changes to the constitution, a proposal must be made by one of the members. The executive officers will then take the proposal to create a bill. The officers will then notify all members one week prior to the week of voting, of which the majority and the club advisor must be present. If a sufficient amount of members is not present, then the voting period will be postponed for one week. On the voting day, the officers will present their bill, and a voting will commence. If 2⁄3 of the registered members agree to bill, it will become a new amendment to the constitution. If the bill fails to become ratified, then the officers will revise the bill and present it again at another meeting.

Article VII – Committees

Development: This sector will be led by the club President and the Treasurer. They manage events, club fundraisers, and donations from outside organizations. Members from this committee will also be responsible with discovering new methods to raise the funds and obtain resources. In addition, this committee will also find and assign appropriate members to each of the committees.

Public Relations: This sector will be led by the combined efforts of the club’s Vice President and Secretary. They publicize the club and its events, as well as recruit new dedicated members through the use of sign­up lists, PA announcements, posters, and club rush.. Additionally, they are in charge of receiving and acknowledging and bringing attention to feedback from members and other students.