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We want Coloradans to know the truth: Everyone needs health care.

Please help the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care with a donation today so we can get the word out about the Colorado Health Care Cooperative, a life-saving, money-saving, practical and efficient way to help Coloradans be healthier in mind, body and wallet.

Our recent economic impact study shows that Sen. Irene Aguilar M.D.’s proposal for the Cooperative would save our state billions, slow the escalation of health care costs, and ensure every Coloradan has quality health care when they need it. Our next step, with your help: Involve Colorado businesses in a plan to implement the proposed Colorado Health Care Cooperative in a way that works for Colorado.

Please contribute today. $10 helps. $25 helps more. Your generous donation of $50 or more today will help us reach the $6,000 we need to raise by August in order to move forward. 

Ask your doctor about health care

We’ve all seen the ads on TV: The aging grandfather surefootedly carries his grandson on his shoulders through the waves. An aging mother stands up from gardening with a smile. A soothing male commands: “Ask your doctor about Lumatrix*.” The images are so alluring you feel your fingers itching to write down the drug name even as a the voice reads a long list of possible side effects: “If your fingers fall off while taking this medication, contact your doctor right away...

Every day drug companies bombard us with their health care messages. They make profits so effectively that they can afford millions in fines for fraudulent marketing and for delaying the production life-saving generics.

We don’t have millions to pour into an ad campaign. As a supporter, you know that universal health care would save money and lives across Colorado. You understand that we all need health care, and that it’s smarter and costs less when everyone’s included.


We’re fighting every day to do the research and education to show Colorado that we all win when we all pay for and all receive quality health care. We need your contributions now.

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*Lumatrix is a made-up moniker.