Draft Testimony Encompassing Senate Bills 8, 258, 415

Please note: Each witness will have two minutes total to testify on any or all the bills. If you would like to provide written copies of your testimony, please bring 20 for the committee members, with your name on each copy.  While you are waiting for your turn to testify before the committee, we encourage you to call Senate offices expressing your opposition and to visit your senator to voice your opposition.

Good morning/afternoon, my name is [name] and I’m speaking today on behalf of [myself/my organization]. Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you today.

When a person has made the decision to end a pregnancy, they deserve to have access to a safe and dignified medical experience.

A woman must be able to make her own decisions with the advice of the health care professional she trusts without interference from politicians. Texas politicians need to stop playing politics with reproductive health care, shaming women, and interfering in decisions that don’t belong to them.

Senate Bill 415 is part of a larger effort to ban abortion in Texas. The bill bans the safest medical procedure for some patients and stands in the way of doctors’ ability to provide the safest care or their patients, even going so far as to dictate medical procedures that aren’t aligned with medical training and practice. According to medical experts, this bill does nothing to make women safer, and if passed, would actually harm Texas women.

SB 258, with its requirement that patients be forced to complete an invasive and medically unnecessary form, serves only to shame Texans seeking abortion care and further stigmatize medicine. SB 8 interferes with medical practice by prohibiting lifesaving research.

We must stop politicians who want to put abortion completely out of reach from passing more laws that stands in the way of women and the care they need.

Background and Key Messages On Each Bill

Senate Bill 8

Summary: This bill bans the donation of fetal tissue from abortion clinics for research purposes and contains a copy of a federal ban of a common, extremely safe medical procedure.

Key messages:

Senate Bill 258

Summary: This bill requires Texans seeking abortion to complete a state-mandated tissue disposition form prior to their abortion, and allows their private information to be shared with unregulated charities who may offer financial assistance with burial.

Key Messages:

Senate Bill 415

Summary: This bill would make the safest method of performing some abortions illegal.  It prevents physicians from using their best medical judgment when providing abortion care, interferes with the doctor-patient relationship and places women’s health at risk. There is no safe alternative if this bill passes and physicians do not have all of their skills and tools available to them, which harms their patients. Passage of this bill will also and will lead to costly litigation.

This bill is another thinly veiled attempt to ban abortion. It criminalizes medicine, creates another dangerous intrusion into the doctor-patient relationship and denies pregnant people their right to abortion care.

Key messages: