Links to Unit-Related Math Games & Exercises:

Use with Prime Time 1.1

The Factor Game

Use with Prime Time 1.3

The Product Game

Use with Prime Time (Inv. 1)

List of the first 1,000 prime numbers

Use with Prime Time 1.3

Intro to Product Game Video

Use with Prime Time 3.2 ( Click on the box that says Prime Factorization of One Number

Math Playground Factor Trees

Use with Prime Time 3.3 ( Click on the box that says Find the Prime Factorization of Two Numbers- GCF & LCM)

Math Playground Factor Trees

Equivalent Fractions Game

Match the Equivalent Fractions Memory

Least Common Denominator Game

Fruit Splat Game (LCD)

Mixed Numbers match to Improper Fractions

Improper Fraction Pac Man

Order of Operations

Order of Operations Connect 4

Operation Order Algebra Game at Funbrain

Use with Covering & Surrounding

Perimeter Logic Problems from Henry Anker

Use with Covering & Surrounding

How to Label Shapes, etc. in geometry

Ordered Pairs: ID & Plot

Ordered Pair Practice from Henry Anker

Ordered Pairs

Feed Billy the Bug Game

Link to IXL (SCASD):  (note updated 12/13/17, change any bookmarks you have)

IXL for SCASD students

Links to Fluency Practice:

Grand Prix Math

Xtra Math (you will need your username and pin from your teacher)

Great American Multiplication Challenge