Create a Limited Response Form, or Add an Enrollment Cap to a Course with Google Forms

There are two sample spreadsheets here - the Data spreadheet and the Class spreadsheet.  

You will need them both.

  1. File > Make a copy of this Sample Technology Class (Data)  spreadsheet
  2. Rename the spreadsheet to the title of the course you are offering.  Get rid of the words “copy of.”  Leave the word (Data) in the title to help keep the two forms separate.
  3. Form > Edit form
  4. Change the Title of the form to the title of the course you are offering
  5. Under “More actions” edit the confirmation message to suit your needs

  1. Select a Form Theme if desired.

  1. Return to the (Data) Spreadsheet.  In Column B set the maximum number of entries.  This is the number of seats open in your course.  
  2. Copy the URL key name in the (Data) spreadsheet URL (This is the code that falls between the = and # symbols.)

In this sample URL you just need the part in bold:

  1. Open this “Class Spreadsheet".  This one does not have the word (Data) in the title.
  2. Make a copy of the Class Spreadsheet and rename this spreadsheet to Match the name of the (Data) spreadsheet
  3. Double click on the Class Spreadsheet’s big blue box

  1. Replace the old url key name in the blue box with the new one that you copied from the (data) spreadsheet in step 6 and hit “enter.”

  1. Click on the “Data” tab near the bottom of the page of the Class Spreadsheet  to view the second page of the spreadsheet. To clarify, this is not the same as the (Data) spreadsheet referenced in steps 1-8.
  2. Click on “Max # of Entries” in cell A2 (Make sure you have “Formula Bar” checked in the view menu

  1. Paste url key name from step 6 here.  Hit “enter”

  1. Click Share and set access as “Anyone who has the link can view.”

  1. Share the link in this window with your participants.

Mark Garrison - - April 12/2012