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Community Patch special abilities changes
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AOE special abilities like auras or bebilith web or feats like terrifying rage are now undispellable.

Creature ability fixes and features:

All auras

Aura of blinding

Aura of fear

Aura of fire, electricity, cold

Aura of protection

Aura of unearthly visage

Aura of hellfire

Aura of stunning

Dragon fear aura

Stinking cloud

Troglodyte stench

Tyrant zombie fog

All bolt spellabilities

Bolt: acid, cold, fire, knockdown, lightning, shards

Bolt: confusion

Bolt: death

Bolt: drain ability (cha, dex, str, con, int, wis)

Bolt: knockdown

Bolt: paralyse

Bolt: slow

Bolt: web

All cone spellabilities

poison and disease)

Cone: sonic

All dragon's breaths

for custom content dragons with 40+ HD. DC calculation is now 10+1/2 dragon's HD+

dragon's constitution modifier so builder can adjust it (this change matches DnD manual for dragon abilities).

Dragon breath: fire, acid, cold, lightning, gas

Dragon breath: paralyse

Dragon breath: sleep

Dragon breath: acid

Dragon breath: fear

Dragon breath: weak (str decrease)

Dragon breath: lightning

Dragon breath: prismatic

All gaze spellabilities

Gaze: paralysis

Gaze: petrify

Gaze: fear

Gaze: doom

Krenshar scare

All howls

unscaled effect as well)

Howl: fear

Howl: paralysis

Howl: stun and Howl: death

Howl: doom

All pulses

Pulse: holy

Pulse: level drain

Pulse: lightning

Pulse: negative

Pulse: vrock spores

Pulse: whirlwind

Bebilith web (x2_s1_bebweba, x2_s1_bebwebc)

Belker's Smoke Claws

Deflecting force (prismatic dragon ability)

Demilich's and Dracolich's paralyzing touch

Dimensional door (Phase spider, blink dog teleportation) (nw_c2_dimdoor)

Dragon disciple breath weapon

Dragon wing buffet (unimplemented spellability)

Eyeball familiar: bolt abilities

Eyeball familiar: inflict wounds ray

Ferocity, Intensity, Rage (monster)

Intensity and Ferocity (all)

Ferocity 2

Gelatinous cube: Onhit paralysis

Golem breath

Golem ranged slam

Harpy song

Hell hound Fire breath

Hellish inferno

Hurl rock

Mephit breaths (salt, steam) *or rather bolts

Planar rift (Black Blade of Disaster's onhit)

Psionic charm monster

Psionic mind blast (creature's, shifter's, greater)

Greater mind blast

Psionic mind blast 10m radius

Psionic mass concussion


Shadow special touch attack

Slaad Chaos Spittle

Suck brain

Class ability fixes and features:

AA's arrow feats (all of them)

Death arrow

Barbarian's Rage

Mighty rage

Terrifying rage

Thundering rage

Bard song

Blinding speed

Blinding Spittle

Command Horde

Curse song

Detect evil (unimplemented ability)

Divine might and Divine shield

to disturb other players

Divine wrath

Empty body

Lay on hands:

Purple Dragon Knight's feats:

Heroic Shield

Oath of Wrath

Pale Master’s hand powers

Death mastery touch

Undead Graft

Poison weapon

Polymorphing (wildshape, greater wildshape, elemental shape, dragon shape, etc...)

Polymorphing: spectre shape

Shadow Evade

Shifter: azer fire stream

Shifter: epic dragon breath

Shifter: spectre level drain

Shifter: vampire dominate gaze

Turn undead

Special item fixes and features:

All grenades

Alchemist fire

Choking powder


Holy water

Tanglefoot bag



Ioun Stone: Dusty Rose

Lich lyric

Magic electrifier

script improved (based on The Krit's Customizable Magic Electrifier):

- feedback messages were added in a few cases that did not have them

- feedback messages are private (no longer broadcast to nearby party members)

- electrifier energy is saved over server resets (if using server vault characters). More specifically, the energy goes with the electrifier item, rather than with the PC using the electrifier.

- charging an item does not uses up all charges if the charger energy is sufficient for more charges than item needs

- items can be limited to fewer than 50 charges (Ring of Nine lives and Golden Chalice of Lathander were limited to their base charge count)

- undroppable items have been blocked from destruction

- crafted wands cannot be recharged unless variable "ELECTRIFIER_CHARGE_MAX" is set to positive value

- any item with a variable "ELECTRIFIER_CHARGE_MAX" with value below zero cannot be recharged as well

- builder can specify the cost of each charge (in gp), by setting variable "ELECTRIFIER_CHARGE_COST" with value of single charge cost (1000gp is default)

Other creature related scripts:

- nw_c2_gargoyle: original source restored (the one added in expansions were wrong entirely)

- nw_o2_gargoyle: rewritten to use of an AOE for efficiency reasons, also improved the spawn "animation" (the new script will automatically in first heartbeat replace the placeable with no-heartbeat version, credits to henesua for the idea)

- nw_o2_skeleton: rewritten to use of an AOE for efficiency reasons

- nw_o2_zombie: rewritten to use of an AOE for efficiency reasons, also improved the spawn animation


All traps

Cold trap (minor)

- fixed visual effect (was fire)

Fire traps

- old evasion behaviour (now when evasion was applied will appear in log)

Electrical traps

- old evasion behaviour (now when evasion was applied will appear in log)

- all secondary targets took the same damage

- could affect one more secondary target, than intended

- will make a lightning beams even on those who do not take any damage and on

the first target

- saving throw subtype changed to traps (to unify with other traps)

Sonic traps (except epic and deadly)

- was missing target check (trap could affect party members on low difficulty)

- all targets in aoe took the same damage (minor)

Spike traps

- impact VFX will now appear always

- DC was fixed (15) for all spike traps, now (minor 15, average 18, strong 21, deadly 30)

Tangle traps

- was missing target check (trap could affect party members on low difficulty)

Gas Traps

- could struck one target multiple times

- gas cloud will now lasts only one round