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Date of arrival                 Eggs laid                Eggs hatched                    Chicks died                Unringed Intruders                Blue Darvic Intruders

THE  LOCH  GARTEN  SEASON  SO FAR . . . . .                      Fish Skeleton.jpg  March & April count: (06 EJ) / (35 Odin)

March 23   EJ at 16:45

March 31  Odin at 14:35

April 09   EGG #1 at 19:03

April 12  EGG #2 at 12:25

April 15  EGG #3 at 09:09

DU Archive: 2017 March & April















07  Blue Darvic left leg










EGG#1 c 19:30


18       EGG#2 c 06:30

Male Blue Darvic PP7( Cromarty)

Odin last seen 13:20



  Unringed intruders


 EGG#3 revealed c 08:30

Persistent unringed intruder


 Unringed male intruder

Chicks #1 and #2 die


 Unringed male intruder

Chick #3 dies


Male Blue Darvic FC5


Blue Darvic CT6

Unringed intruder*


  Two unringed intruders

Blue Darvic CT6


Blue ringed intruder(Female??)

Unringed intruder*


Blue Darvic HS8

(2014  female Isle of Bute)

(Known as “Iris”)


Unringed intruder



Unringed male*


Blue Darvic no ID

Fish Skeleton.jpg  May count  ( 25 Odin  ✔ )    ( 04 EJ )                   ||                  ***  March to May TOTAL:  Odin: 60  ***   EJ: 10  ***


Fish Skeleton.jpg  June count  ( 11 EJ )



03   Blue Darvic no ID

 Two unringed intruders (males?)



Mystery skydancer






Blue Darvic FC8

Unringed male


Blue Darvic FC8

Unringed male



Blue Darvic FC8



Blue Darvic no ID



Blue Darvic (FC8 maybe?)

Unringed male


Blue Darvic KM3 (unconfirmed)

Unringed male

 (3 males altogether)



Blue Darvic no ID ( possibly FC8)

Unringed male


Blue Darvic FC8

Pale Unringed male




Blue Darvic FC8

Pale Unringed + Unringed male


Blue Darvic FC8

Pale Unringed male


Blue Darvic CT6

Pale Unringed



Pale Unringed


Pale Unringed

Two  intruders (One Blue Ringed)


THANK YOU: to all dedicated Updaters who have started threads and contributed with reports, pictures and videos throughout the season.

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Please click link above for Daily Summary for July & August

June 30

03:47 - Day cam / Very wet

04:58 to 05:02 - EJ lands, flaps and squeals, then soft chirps / She looks around, leaves

CC’s video: EJ defends

Scylla’s video: EJ to nest mildly defending 0457hr

05:12 to 06:15 - EJ returns with a stick /  EJ looks out from the right side of nest for a long time / She leaves

Scylla’s video: EJ with stick, spends over an hour watching

07:12 - Coal tit on the nest, the EJ arrives with soft chirps / She looks around, flaps and leaves

Scylla’s video: EJ on nest 2 mins chirping almost constantly

11:45 - EJ returns to the nest, she stands on the right side, her head not in view / She turns and flies off

11:50 - EJ is in the camera tree have a good thorough preen / VC in the background

12:32 - A poop and a stretch

12:34 - EJ flies off to the nest

12:39 - She leaves

BNN’s catch-up videos:

  • 11h45 EJ returns
  • 12h31 EJ in the camera tree
  • 12h34 EJ on the nest side view

13:22 - EJ on the Fish perch

13:29 - EJ flies from the perch back to the nest  / 13:32 - EJ flies to the camera tree

13:38 - A long preening session in the camera tree

BNN’s video: 13:30 EJ from nest to camera tree smoothing feathers

13:58 - EJ coughing a pellet

BNN’s video: 13h58 Something stuck in EJ's throat

14:04 - She flies off

16:20 - EJ lands with chirps and mantles, she has a whole fish in her talons / Fish

BNN’s video: 16h20 EJ lands alarm chirping with fish in talons

Catlady’s great report and photos of her visit to LG today

18:26 - GSP on the nest - BNN’s video: Woodie

22:49 - Night cam

June 29

04:21 - Day cam

04:58 to 05:30 - EJ on the campost, then to nest / She quietly looks over her shoulder / She leaves

Scylla’s recap snapshots

05:48 - EJ’s chirps heard off cam

06:04 - EJ on the nest / She has a wing flap / She stands right-hand side of nest / She leaves at 06:18

BNN’s catch-up snapshots & video - 05:00 to 06:18

06:21 - EJ lands briefly nest, she screams and flies off / Screaming heard for more than a minute off cam

06:30 - EJ on the nest mantling furiously / Pale Unringed lands briefly, he flies off, EJ mantles

06:30 to 06:41- EJ more relaxed but still alert looking out / She leaves

06:43 - EJ returns mantling and alarm chirping

06:51 - She leaves

06:53 - Back again calling furiously

Mike’s post at 07:40 : Major kerfuffle was over a blue ringed female who got too close and eventually was chased out of the area by EJ. The more minor spats were with an unringed male who has also now gone as has EJ.

BNN’s catch-up videos:

  • 06h21 EJ lands and leaves screaming
  • 06h30 EJ lands, PU lands briefly, EJ mantles
  • 06h39 EJ mantles and shouts twice before flying off
  • 06h41to 06h51 Uncut - EJ defending against unseen intruder
  • 06h53 More mantling and calling on the nest
  • 06h57 EJ touches down, flies off, someone follows her

07:13 - EJ back briefly on the nest with a chirp / And off

07:48 to 08:17 - She lands again with a chirp, looks around her and potters

08:29 - EJ lands followed by an intruder / She mantles, intruder on the rim of the nest almost with the back to the camera / He flies off / EJ moves some sticks

BNN’s video: EJ mantles at another intruder landing

Moffer’s snapshots

14:37 - EJ is spotted in the lookout tree with a fish / Fish  / Heavy rain

16:11 - Lovely snapshot by CC: A moody broody beautiful Scottish mist (EJ in the lookout tree)

16:44 - EJ flies off

BLOG by Chris T - Just an idea… (Brilliant, LG Team!!)

18:50 - EJ on the nest defending

18:52 - Unringed male lands on the nest / There is someone else above / The male flies off / The second bird flies over forward / EJ gone at 18:54

CC’s videos: EJ defending with another? / EJ defending 2 / EJ defending 3

Scylla’s video: Was it PU and partner intruding on EJ?!  (one male, the second female , possibly)

19:08 to 19:17 - EJ is back / Looking out / Gone

June 28

04:00 - Day cam

04:17 to 04:20 - Scylla’s snapshots & video: Unringed male lands, EJ lands, male flies, paddles on EJ's back

EJ leaves

05:28 to 05:34 - Scylla’s snapshots & video: Another faux mating by PU Pale Unringed / EJ leaves

05:41 - EJ returns to the nest

05:59 - Lovely wing flaps from EJ

06:10 - EJ on campost, then on nest, mantles and crouches

Scylla’s catch-up videos:

  • 05:28 - Another faux mating by PU Pale Unringed
  • 05:41 to 06:00- EJ arrives and waits, lovely lovely wings

06:43 to 06:46 - Scylla’s video: EJ here again for flaps and a potter

No one seen or heard until 13:37

BLOG by Alice H - Beauty and the Beetle…

13:37 - Camera operator finds EJ in the lookout tree

14:22 - Noisy crow in the camera tree

14:53 to c15:02 - Skydancing heard, EJ flies off to the nest / Alarm chirps heard off cam / She mantles with sweet chirps, then helicopters off / Camera operator follows EJ and spots two other ospreys flying in the distance

14:57 - Three in the sky

CC’s video: EJ on nest then 3 in sky

Moffer’s great snapshots of the action

BLOG  by Stuart Benn - Good times!

Scylla’s snapshots & video: EJ to nest then with unseen suitors in the sky

16:25 - EJ in the camera tree, beautiful!

CC’s video : EJ in wind

16:32 - EJ flies to the nest

16:50 - EJ hops to the campost and back down to the nest

16:51 - Then she flies to the lookout tree

Catlady’s lovely report of her visit to LG today

Scylla’s video: EJ waiting for the next instalment (covering events from16:24 to 16:52)

17:22 - EJ flies back to the nest / Lovely redstart captured by Moffer

17:48 - EJ jumps and flaps on the nest / She leaves at 17:51

17:58 - EJ returns with a twig / She has a nap

18:40 - She flies up to the campost / (Or maybe she flew off???)

19:19 - EJ back on the nest

20:02 - EJ flies to campost

Scylla’s videos:

20:47 - Scylla’s video: EJ comes to nest, flies off screaming and screaming

21:00 - EJ lands with a quiet alarmy chirp / She flies off quietly at 21:04

21:27 - EJ is back again, she stands quietly on the right looking out

Scylla’s video: Yet another nest visit by EJ, 21:27hr for 25mins, quiet (until 21:53)

22:50 - Night cam

June 27

04:01 - Day cam

04:34 - EJ on the nest looking alarmed

Scylla’s video: EJ to nest early to defend, that was quick!

Aviemore Ospreys Facebook - Photo of EJ fishing at the Lochan on the screen of Douglas Mcvittie’s camera


10:39 - Osprey in flight in the distance /  Camera follows, no one found

11:37 - Camera searches again but no one found

12:26 - Female GSWoodpecker on the post just below the nest

13:37 - Camera finds an osprey in flight in the distance

No one on the nest since 04:34

Pam’s report of her visit to LG

June 26

04:40 to 04:45 - EJ lands on campost, then down to the nest for some tidying up / She moves her favourite stick, the Silly Stick / She flies off

Scylla’s snapshots & videos:

  • EJ lands, potters for 5 minutes
  • EJ lands, mantles mildly, flies off

08:07 to 08:10 - Pale Unringed lands followed by CT6

Scylla’s snapshots & video: 08:07 - PU and CT6 on EJ’s nest

08:12 - PU and CT6 return

08:22 - CT6 flies off and PU alarm calls on nest / Then he flies off / Alarm calls off cam heard

Scylla’s video: 08:12 to 08:22 - Second visit of PU and CT6, on 'n off, alarm chirps

08:32 - PU (or another unringed male perhaps) returns with a stick and an alarm chirp, then CT6

Moffer’s snapshots & Catch-up of events from 08:08 to 08:32

12:37 - EJ lands with alarm chirps, she mantles and alarm calls but intruder not seen

BNN’s video - EJ defends her nest, intruder not seen

15:10 - Someone on the campost / It’s EJ, she drops down then flies off

15:16 - EJ in the camera tree

BNN’s videos:

  • 15h10 EJ flies to campost
  • 15h11 EJ from campost to the nest
  • 15h16 EJ in the camera tree, flies off, camera searches

16:32 - Distant alarm calls heard

16:57 - Camera spots two ospreys in chase and follows them

BNN’s video: Osprey chase

17:34 - Skydancing heard

17:57 - EJ lands on the nest / Someone skydances for her

18:04 - EJ alarm calls

18:06 - EJ defends the nest with loud alarm calls / EJ is dive bombed by the intruder and she follows in pursuit

CC’s video: EJ defends nest, chases intruder

18:16 - EJ returns to the nest, still looking very alert / She relaxes and stands on the right side of the nest looking around her

18:38 - EJ leaves

19:59 to 20:03 - EJ on the nest, she flaps her wings, potters, leaves


June 25

03:36 - Day cam

04:24 to 06:33 - Blue Ringed (FC8 probably) on the nest / He stands on one leg near the rim for a long time waiting for EJ / Food soliciting calls heard / He changes position / He flies off

Scylla’s video: FC8 waited on the nest for EJ for over 2 hours

08:11 - Pale unringed male lands on the nest briefly and flies off

BNN’s video: Pale unringed lands briefly on the nest

10:07 & 11:06 - Skydancing heard

No one seen or heard since 11:06 (last updated 16:03)

Catlady’s report & photos of her visit today (Thank you, Catlady)

18:44 - EJ on the nest, she moves the silly stick / On the nest for 7 minutes

23:01 - Night cam

June 24

BNN’s catch-up with snapshots and videos:

  • 03:41 - Day cam
  • 04:44 - EJ with fishtail / Someone lands on campost
  • BNN’s video: EJ arrives with fishtail and chirps, someone lands on campost
  • 04:53 - EJ returns, stays on the nest for 13 minutes / Blue ring FC8 drops down from campost / Both off
  • 05:32 - A lovely Crestie sings and explores the nest
  • BNN’s video: Crestie on the nest
  • 05:57 - FC8 returns to the nest / He remains in the lookout position for a long time
  • 06:38 - BNN’s video: FC8 nibbles at some bark
  • 06:46 - FC8 leaves

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - Another stunning image of EJ fishing at Aviemore Ospreys last week (R Forsyth)

09:27 to 09:31 - Distant alarm calls heard

09:32 - EJ lands defending, flies to campost and then off

BNN’s video: EJ alarm calling, to campost, flies off

09:37 - EJ calling close by

09:50 - EJ back mantling, another bird alarm calling

BNN’s video: EJ returns, mantles, moves stick, mantles

09:55 - Two birds flying in the distance, EJ mantles

09:59 - More calls off cam, EJ mantles

10:13 - EJ tackles the silly stick

10:17 - EJ mantles, one intruder alarm calling near, another one far

10:29 - EJ leaves

11:15 - Loud alarm chirps close by / Unringed male lands briefly and flies off / Another unringed male lands and off

BNN’s video: Two unringed males touch down

11:24 - A brief touch down by one of the unringed males

Empty nest since (last updated 16:15)

June 23

Scylla’s wonderful compilation video: EJ’s day on 22 June 2017

03:26 - EJ still perched on the lower branch since last night

03:47 - Scylla’s video: EJ goes fishing after stopping off on the nest

04:35 - Scylla’s video: EJ's early morning appearances from the zoomed out side cam

MaryGK’s photos of the Aviemore Lochan (Thank you, Mary)

05:01 - Scylla’s video: Osprey fly thru, who? / Not EJ

BNN’s snapshots of the passer-by

Scylla’s video: Probably male osprey lands on EJ's nest, poops

BNN’s catch-up:

  • 05:28 - Someone lands on the nest, a hint of blue on the left leg
  • 05:47 - A crow lands on the tree to the left
  • 06:13 - Osprey flies off
  • 06:19 - Video: Alarm calls from someone flying
  • 06:21 - Video: Someone flies past, one chirp

Scylla’s video: 06:13 - After FC8(?) left nest there were intruder sounds n sights

09:58 - Stunning views of LG reserve as camera searches for action

10:58 - A distant fly-past

11:25 - EJ eating her fish in the Love Tree / Fish

13:21 - EJ flies off from the Love Tree

13:24 - EJ returns to the Love Tree

14:22 - EJ flies off

15:00 - A look around but no one found

15:49 - EJ returns to the Love Tree / A crow lands near, it flies off, EJ follows / EJ returns to the Love Tree

c16:40 - Again in the Love Tree

18:26 - EJ brings a stick to the nest

Scylla’s video: EJ lands with stick, alarm chirping, doesn't last

18:39 - EJ leaves

Aviemore Ospreys - Fabulous photo of EJ by Ross Forsyth:

22:55 - Night cam

June 22

03:55 - Day cam

10:47 - EJ in the Love Tree with fish

11:41 - Two crows disturbing EJ while she eats

12:19 - EJ flies to the nest and leaves at 12:26 / Camera follows her and finds her perched in a different tree

13:33 - Crow perched at the top of a pine / It flies to a tree near the one where EJ is

14:01 - EJ flies off / High pitched calls heard / Camera searches for EJ

14:06 - EJ flies to the camera tree

CC’s video: EJ on cam tree

14:08 - EJ flies off

14:10 - Camera finds two ospreys flying high up in the sky

14:46 - Camera searches for action, no one found / Back to side view of the nest

14:55 - Male Siskin flits across

Scylla’s video: Male siskin flies by

Captures of EJ’s  previous partners 2007 to now

21:49 - EJ flies to the lower branch of the nest tree

EJ still there (last updated 23:19)

Camera is showing the long side view of the nest / No IR , black screen for the night

June 21

03:47 - Day cam

04:23 - EJ lands, no vocals, defending mode

Scylla’s snapshots & video: EJ lands, defensive posture, no shouting, sits nestcup, leaves

04:30 - EJ leaves

04:39 to 04:49 - EJ lands on campost, then down to nest / Moves stick, stands right hand side of nest, nestorises / Flaps across the nest, looks out to her right, leaves

Scylla’s snapshots & video: EJ's second landing, slow flaps, potters, leaves

05:07 - EJ returns (3rd visit)

05:54 - EJ leaves

Scylla’s video: End of EJ's 3rd visit, fly-leap again, then fly-off

06:18 - EJ back (4th visit) / More lovely snapshots here & here 

06:45 - EJ protesting in a flap

06:46 - EJ leaves

Scylla’s video: End of EJ's 34th visit, helicopter into fly off

07:03 - EJ is back (5th visit) / She leaves at 07:08

Empty nest since (last updated 12:53)

13:49 - EJ arrives mantling with a chirp / Someone lands on campost / Blue Darvic FC8 lands next to EJ / She stands in defence mode but doesn’t call

Camera changes to side view with EJ and FC8 side by side

CC’s video: EJ and FC8 together

Scylla’s video: EJ and FC8, the encouraging story so far this morning

14:17 - CC’s video: A bit of fish chirp?

14:27 - FC8 getting comfy / CC’s video: FC8 yawns

14:31 - CC’s video: EJ fish chirps again!

RSPB Loch Garten Facebook - EJ and Blue FC8 on the nest today. A happy-ish couple?

15:16 - FC8 still on the nest / EJ calls for fish / Camera changes back to the nest

15:26 - FC8 flies off

15:28 - FC8 tries to land on EJ but lands on campost / He tries again but EJ flaps / He leaves / She screams at him and mantles

15:33 - BNN’s video: FC8 returns but EJ not pleased

16:15 to 16: 23 - EJ is in the camera tree

Back to side view of the nest

Scylla’s video: EJ+FC8 - The middle and the end(?!) of a beautiful friendship

16:39  to 16:42- EJ mantling on the nest / Unringed male, or Pale Unringed, lands on the nest  / He flies off

17:16 to 17:20 - EJ back in the camera tree, it starts raining

Scylla’s video: "Ugly Unringed" is unwelcome on EJ's nest

RSPB Loch Garten Facebook

23:05 - Night cam

NB. Unringed male = Pale unringed

June 20

BNN’s catch-up:

  • EJ lands on the campost at 04:11 and leaves at 04:12 (+ video)
  • EJ on the nest from 05:47 to 05:52 approximately
  • On the nest again from 07:14 to 07:39

08:36 - Distant alarm calls

09:44 - EJ lands on the campost and drop down to the nest

09:56 - EJ mantling and defending

09:57 - Unringed male lands briefly

10:01 - Skydancing and alarm calls off cam, not from EJ on the nest

10:37 - Mantling and soft chirps from EJ still on the nest

10:38 - Roving camera spots an intruder flying above the nest / Camera tries to focus on intruder in the camera tree but it flies to the nest / Camera back on the nest but intruder gone / Then it tries to focus again on the intruder in the camera tree/ It has a Blue ring but it flies off so number not identified / It flies over the nest and lands in a tree to the left of the nest / It flies off and EJ flies in pursuit / Both land in the camera tree / Camera tries to focus again on Blue ringed intruder but it flies off

10:45 to 11:00 - Close-up of EJ alone in the camera tree (MUST SEE)

11:00 - EJ flies to the nest / Camera provides side view of the nest

12:04 - EJ flies off / She returns with a stick and nestorises

12:18 - EJ flies off

12:43 / 12:52 / 14:02 / 15:22  - Roving camera searches for action but finds no one

Scylla’s great catch-up with snapshots and videos of main events today:

  • First landing from campost 0547hr
  • 2nd visit 0714 0740hr
  • EJ's 3rd visit, intruder touchdown, skydance snatch
  • More defending, intruder appearances, EJ closeup on perch, to nest
  • EJ smooths a feather  (Fantastic slideshow!!!)

16:18 - Roving camera is rebooted, image seems easier to focus

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy Facebook - A great GIF / Slideshow with Moffer’s amazing snapshots

18:15 & 16:28 - Alarm calls heard

23:05 - Night cam

Images Of The Day (credits)           

2017-06-20-09h57 Unringed male Moffer.png 2017-06-20-10h01 - Skydancing Moffer.png 2017-06-20-10h37 EJ mantling Moffer.png

Unringed male                                               EJ watches intruder skydancing                EJ mantling  (all by Moffer)

2017-06-20-10h38 Blue ringed intruder Moffer.png 2017-06-20-10h38 Intruder above nest Moffer.png 2017-06-20-10h45 EJ smoothing feather Moffer.png

Blue Darvic intruder            Intruder above nest                                                EJ smoothing feather (all by Moffer)

June 19

04:01 - Day cam

04:18 - EJ on the campost, then on the nest with a chirp

04:25 - EJ still on the nest, her back to the camera & Up to the campost

04:27 - Back down having a flap around the nest & Stick work going on

Scylla’s videos:

04:42 - EJ leaves

05:46 - EJ returns and has a go at the stick / She flies to the campost at 05:51

06:00 - She drops down to the nest again / She leaves at 06:03

Scylla’s snapshots and video: EJ down from campost for a potter, back up and off

Moffer’s great recap and snapshots from 04:22 to 06:05

10:21 - EJ perched far away

10:51 to  - EJ flies off and lands on the nest / EJ looking so beautiful / More preening

Moffer’s recap and snapshots from 10:52 to 11:15ish

12:03 - EJ still on the nest having a nap

12:36 - More of beautiful EJ / She leaves

12:41 - Camera changes and shows EJ in the camera tree

Great snapshots by Scylla

Great snapshots by Limpy

13:02 - Camera zooms out and shows two crows sharing the tree with EJ

13:09 - Close-up of EJ in the camera tree (Thank you, AMAZING camera operator!!!)

Check out some amazing snapshots on this page

13:15 - EJ flies to the campost, then drops down to the nest

CC’s wonderful video: EJ the beautiful

Scylla’s videos:

13:47 - EJ flaps, maybe an intruder

14:08 - EJ flies to the camera tree

14:16 - EJ having a good preen

14:48 - Alarm chirps from EJ on the nest  /  EJ flies off

14:52 - A lovely crow in the camera tree (by CC) & here (by BNN) & here (by Scylla)

Empty nest since 14:48

RSPB Loch Garten Twitter - EJ doing some housework, then intruder interrupted her

June 18

03:44 - Day cam

09:35 - Scylla’s video: Osprey shadow on nest twice, flyaway

09:38 - Blue Darvic intruder, KM3(?) very likely, in the camera tree very briefly

BNN’s video: Blue Darvic KM3

14:02 - EJ in the Love Tree

14:10 to 15:12 - A lot of action: three intruders in the area and EJ defending the nest:

14:15 - Camera spots osprey flying around, then EJ lands on the nest to defend / She mantles

Scylla’s video: EJ defends, another’s chirp heard

Julie Q confirms there has been three males flying around

BNN’s videos:

Scylla’s video: 14:25 - CORRECTED - EJ and intruder activities (we're told there were 3 males)

Moffer snapshots:

16:15 - EJ in the Love Tree

16:43 - EJ flies to campost, then drops down to the nest

16:44 - EJ tackling the branch (Moffer’s great captures)

16:44 - EJ furiously attacks the annoying branch (Hilarious!) / BNN’s video: EJ relaxes afternestorising

Scylla’s video: 16:16:41 - 16:55 - After intruders gone, Ej tackles branch, rests in nestcup

Moffer’s brilliant summary/analysis of the action

18:22 - EJ back on the nest alarm chirping / She leaves

June 17

04:19 to 07:35 - BNN’s snapshot catch-up from  PART1 & PART2 (+BNN’s video)

  • EJ was on the nest several times, she brought a huge branch and spent some time tackling it, rearranging sticks and even nestcupping / No sign of other ospreys while she was on the the nest
  • No one seen or heard from 07:35 to 15:41

Aviemore Ospreys Facebook - EJ was last in and flew with a fish

15:42 - EJ eating her fish on a perch (not the Fish Perch) / Fish

18:05 - EJ alarm calls from the perch and flies off

18:20 - Blue Darvic Intruder on the nest alarm calling

Could he be FC8?

18:26 - Skydancing heard while Blue ringed is on the nest

18:28 - Blue ringed flies off /  Alarm calls and whistles heard off cam

Scylla’s video: Blue ringed male lands, he alarm calls, other calls, skydancing

18:57 - Alarm chirps start again

20:27 - Unringed male bring a stick to the nest / He leaves

Scylla’s video: Unringed male leaves a fresh stick on the nest, flies

21:23 - Scylla’s video: Another rending call from out there

June 16

03:47 - Day cam

08:15 - Bird calls heard - Scylla’s video: What bird’s “song” please

Aviemore Ospreys Facebook - Six ospreys so far including Blue DF and EJ / Fish

Empty nest all morning

13:18 - EJ eating her fish in the Love Tree

13:52 - EJ flies off / Crow flies to the branch for fish scraps / Roving camera finds EJ in camera tree

13:57 - EJ and crow in the camera tree

13:58 - EJ alarm calls / EJ and crow fly off

14:00 - EJ lands on a lower branch in the camera tree

BNN’s catch-up videos:

14:48 - EJ flies off

BNN’s video: EJ in the lower branch, flies off

15:19 - Crow in the camera tree

Camera back to nest view

17:22 - Alarm calls from EJ off cam, then she lands on the campost / She drops down to the nest and flies off

17:23 - She returns to the nest chirping and stamping

BNN’s video: Alarm calls, EJ on campost then to nest twice / Then she flies off

Alarm calls heard in the distance

18:51 - EJ back on the nest / EJ tidies up the nest, moves sticks

Scylla’s video (highlights from 13:18 to17:41): Sightings of EJ this afternoon, intruder alarms, skydance at end

Scylla’s video: (highlights from18:51 - 19:12): EJ's evening visit to nest, nestorising, watching, waiting, off

19:15 - EJ leaves

19:36 - Distant alarm chirps or distant skydancing heard

CC’s video: Skydancing early evening

19:54 - CC’s video: Very close bird call (What is it?)

20:15 - EJ back alarm calling and defending / And flown

Scylla’s video: EJ defends v unknown intruder, flies off

20:32 - Someone zooms past the nest

20:52 - Alarm calls off cam heard

23:57 - Scylla’s video: Whoever was this crying out, just before midnight?!

June 15

03:52- Day cam

12:27 - Four alarm chirps

12:30 - EJ with fish tail in the camera tree  /  Fish  

Scylla’s snapshots & video: Alarm chirps, then EJ found eating fish, flies off with tail

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - Busy day at our feeder …. EJ just made her first appearance of the day

Empty nest since 12:31

16:32 & 16:35 - Blue ringed intruder lands on the nest (two very quiet landings)

Scylla’s snapshots & video: Who was this landed twice on EJ’s nest?

19:28 - EJ lands on the nest / And flies off

20:02 - Scylla’s video: EJ defends vs male banded intruder, he lands, leaves, she to campost

Great snapshots of EJ defending (by Moffer)

c22:50 - Cam down

June 14

04:00 - Day cam

04:49 - Scylla’s video: EJ flies to campost, down to nest, campost flies off screaming

08:12 - Flyby - Redstart??

10:34 - BNN’s snapshots & video: Willow warbler collects EJ’s down feather for its nest

12:08 - Willow warbler back on the nest

19:19 - Scylla’s video: Flyby glimpsed and a few alarm chirps heard

20:10 - EJ on the nest / More great snapshots here & here & here

CC’s video: EJ on nest long time

20:45 - EJ still on the nest, she moves sticks and has a go at trying to cut the grass

CC’ s video: EJ on nest long time pottering

20:56 - EJ leaves

CC’s video: EJ on nest long time, stares and leaves

Scylla’s video: 45 minutes watching paint dry? No, it’s EJ!

22:55 - Night cam

June 13

03:39 - Day cam

Aviemore Ospreys Facebook:

08:49 - EJ in the camera tree / EJ not seen at all yesterday (Thank you,Mike)

09:15 - BNN’s video: FC8 on the nest

14:03 - EJ lands alarm chirping / She flies off

14:08 - Alarm calls off cam

14:20 - EJ in the camera tree

14:25 - Something gets caught in EJ’s throat

14:28 - EJ flies off    /    Roving camera finds her in the Love Tree

Scylla’s video (14:03 to 14:20): EJ to nest alarm calling, more calling off cam, EJ on tree

BNN’s video (14:20 to 14:30): EJ in the camera tree, flies to Love Tree (uncut)

15:34 - EJ back on the nest  /  EJ

15:39 - CC’s video: Noisy bird calls

16:02 - EJ flies off

16:07 - EJ returns to the nest with a thin stick / She starts moving other sticks

BNN’s video: EJ busy moving sticks

17:44 - EJ lands on the campost     &    And she flies off

No sighting of EJ since she left at 17:44

June 12

Three landings today:

  • 04:11 - EJ lands and looks around, flies off as if to land on campost, not heard landing there
  • 04:14 - EJ flies to campost, waits, drops down to the nest / She hovers over the nest and flies off
  • 04:30 - EJ lands with chirps, looks at someone, mantles then flies off

Scylla’s videos:

Scylla’s video: Coal tits have been eating eggshells

EJ nor intruders seen for the rest of the day

June 11

03:37 - Day cam

07:36 - EJ lands on the nest

Scylla’s snapshots & video: EJ’s first visit, up and down campost, flies off

07:56 - Scylla’s video: EJ’s second visit, tiny peeps then quiet

09:17 - EJ on the campost followed by loud alarm squeals / Shadow of someone seen

09:25 - Blue Darvic lands

09:40 - EJ on the nest with soft peeps

09:41 - Unringed male lands

BNN’s video: EJ mantles, unringed male lands

Scylla’s videos:

BLOG by Blair J - Go nuts for my latest blog (confirmation of Blue Darvic ID = FC8)

No one seen on the nest since 09:41

June 10

03:46 - Day cam

09:37 - Willow Warbler on the nest

10:40 - Willow Warbler again

14:11 - BNN’s snapshots & video: EJ’s very brief first visit to the nest today

17:37 - Unringed intruder lands on nest with fish / He flies off with fish / EJ lands seconds later

17:44 - Unringed male lands on the nest with fish again, EJ tries to snatch it, he flies off

17:53 - EJ mantles

18:04 - Intruder flies past the nest

18:37 - Blue ringed male lands on the nest with EJ

BNN’s CATCH-UP  videos:

19:08 - EJ calls to the BR on the nest (BR = Blue Ringed) / Is she nagging for fish?

EJ seems relaxed with the BR male on the nest

20:08 - BR male starts stickifying (He must be serious!)

20:13 - EJ scares BR off the edge of the nest / She keeps calling

20:28 - BR returns to the nest

Scylla’s videos:

20:51 - OMG!!!! This Blue ringed osprey is such an Odin-look-alike 

BNN’ CATCH-UP video: Close -up of FC 8

21:06 - FC8 (confirmed in Blog June 11)

21:08 - EJ finds fish dropped by the unringed male when he left at 17:33 (not visible on the video)

BNN’S VIDEO: EJ retrieves fish dropped by unringed male

June 09

06:41 - EJ spotted on the nest, then on campost (side view of the nest, out of focus)

07:45 - EJ back on the nest

08:08 - EJ spotted on the nest again

Scylla’s CATCH-UP:

08:58 - EJ flies off the nest, then to campost / She doesn’t stay long

09:34 - Camera back on focus

09:40 - Camera finds Wood Pigeon in the camera tree

Different views of the the nest as camera searches for EJ

11:56 - Camera spots EJ in the camera tree, great view of EJ preening

12:05 - More amazing snapshots of beautiful EJ (by Moffer) / EJ flies off

Camera back to the nest

15:21 - EJ preening on the nest / She watches someone above

15:34 - EJ starts mantling, head down, wings slightly open

Scylla’s CATCH-UP, snapshots and videos:

Moffer’s snapshots of EJ on the nest, mystery osprey (feet only) and one following the other

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - EJ seeing off a cheeky intruding osprey

No further sighting of EJ on the nest

June 08

03:40 - Day cam

05:10 to  05:56 - Scylla’s CATCH-UP snapshots & video:

08:05 - Scylla’s video: Outburst from Willow Warbler

11:28 - EJ eating in the Love Tree / Fish

13:34 - EJ flies off the tree

Camera searches for EJ, views of the reserve and VC

Side view of the nest /  Camera searches for EJ again

17:22 - Camera spots the famous osprey nest resident, the Redstart

Camera remain on the side view of the nest through the night

June 07

04:29 - Day cam

12:04 - Distant osprey chirps heard

No one seen yet

17:14 - At last EJ on the nest

17:40 - EJ mantles and looks up at someone, she doesn’t call

Scylla’s video: EJ spent nearly 30 minutes on nest, intruder alert

18:51 - EJ flies to the campost, then drops down to the nest

19:19 - EJ flies off

19:25 - EJ returns with nesting material

19:54 - EJ flies off

19:58 - EJ returns with a branch

20:03 - EJ flies off

21:27 - One more visit on the nest

June 06

05:21 - Scylla’s videos:

08:37 - A pair of Great Tits on the nest

10:46 - EJ in the camera tree with a crow

11:05 - The crow flies off

11:23 - EJ flies off

Moffer’s super captures of EJ leaving

Les Carr’s photo of the Osprey Perches

Scylla’s video: 10:47 to 11:21 -  EJ shares treetop with a crow for a while

RSPB Loch Garten Twitter - Poor EJ...not only is it raining, but she's having to share her perch with this fella :-)

12:54 - Nest cam on

The Osprey Perches 2010 (Thank you, SheilaFE)

BLOG by Chris T - Rain, rain, go away...

16:04 - EJ return to the nest

16:10 - EJ flies to the campost

BNN’s video: EJ on the nest, flies to campost

More great photos by Les Carr:

June 05

09:53 - EJ in the rain in the camera tree

10:12 - Sound is back on the webcam

10:16 - EJ shakes her head and vomits / Then flies off

10:20 - EJ found on the Fish Perch 

10:58 - She flies off

Karen’s post about Maya (manton Bay) coughing up fish bones

BNN’s video: EJ in camera tree, regurgitates, big poop, flies off

11:05 - Roving camera finds EJ on the campost

BNN’s video: EJ on the campost

11:07 - EJ flies off

11:18 - EJ is back in the camera tree

Moffer’s great captures, spot the one of EJ and Mr Chaffinch

11:30 - EJ flies off

BNN’s video: 11h30 - EJ flies off the camera tree

13:39 - EJ returns to the nest

13:56 - EJ returns for more nestorising

BNN’s video:

14:46 - EJ lands on the campost

EJ moves a clump and almost works on the nestcup

BNN’s video: 14h46 EJ drops down from campost, moves big clump

14:55 - EJ flies off

15:01 - Camera finds EJ on the Fish Perch

15:27 - EJ flies from the perch to the nest / Camera tries to follow but gets out of focus / Camera tries to focus on EJ on the nest but she flies off / She lands in the camera tree

16:17 - EJ flies back to the nest

BNN’s video: 16h17 - EJ alert, she flies back to the nest

16:35 - Skydancing and nest rustles with a chirrup

Male redstart and Mr Chaffinch make an appearance in the camera tree

CC’s capture of EJ - It looks as though EJ is wearing a woodland crown (Well spotted, Pandy! ;)

18:30 - Coal tit on the nest

19:45 - Heavy rain

Les Carr’s photos:

RSPB Loch Garten Twitter - EJ shows an interest in the skydancing male above the centre!

June 04

03:48 - Day cam

05:43 - EJ flapping animatedly and gone

Scylla’s snapshots & video: EJ drops onto nest, flaps, flies up to campost

Osprey seen flying in the distance from one tree to another

06:30 - Scylla’s video: EJ returns and does some nestorising before campost

10:22 - EJ with a fish on the distant tree / Fish

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy Facebook - EJ on a very distant tree with a large fish

11:20 - EJ still on the distant tree mantling over her fish / Threat over at 11:24

Aviemore Ospreys facebook - EJ (by photographer Kenny White)

RSPB Twitter - Busy day at LG, lots of red squirrels,and EJ with fish

EJ still with fish on the distant tree

17:15 - EJ finishes eating her fish

18:43 - EJ flies off

Kenny White’s STUNNING photos of EJ

Kenny White’s Facebook page

June 03

03:46 - Day cam

04:00 - Scylla’s video:  No birdsong

Aviemore Ospreys Facebook - EJ seen fishing / Fish

10:44 - Blue ringed female on the nest, followed by unringed male and another unringed

See Moffer’s great captures here

BNN’s snapshots: Comparison between unringed intruder today and on May 20

Scylla’s video: Blue ringed female lands, then two males, chase-off!

Les Carr’s great photos:

Strathspey & Badenoch Herald - Still no sign of Odin near Cairngorms nest

EJ not seen on the nest today

22:50 - Night cam

June 02

04:03 - Day cam

Aviemore Ospreys Facebook - ”...will find out shortly if she (EJ) was one (of 4 ospreys there) this morning”

09:14 - EJ on the nest for 10 seconds

Scylla’s video: 0914hr EJ landed with alarm calls, only stayed few seconds

12:46 - Three alarm chirps heard

EJ last seen on the nest at 09:14

June 01

03:46 - Day cam

04:54 - Scylla’s video: The two wing flaps and chirps heard this morning

09:02 - Alarm calls heard off cam

09:12 - EJ lands with chirps

Scylla’s video: 0902hr alarm calls, 10m later EJ spends 17m on the nest

No one on the nest since

14:32 - Skydancing heard

BNN’s video: Audio of skydancing

BLOG by Alice H - Botanical beauties!

19:09 - BNN’s video: Coal tit on the nest

21:00 - CC’s video: Weird squeal / Who made that noise?

22:39 - Night cam

No ospreys on the nest since 09:29

May 31

03:31 - Scylla’s video: Osprey emerges thru far trees, flies right , chirps

03:51 - Day cam

05:39 - Scylla’s video: EJ flies in, up to campost, down again, off looks full of beans

06:58 - Sudden osprey chirps heard

07:45 - Three osprey calls, high pitched and short / No one seen

Aviemore Ospreys Facebook - Look who was in fishing / Fish

Calls/Chirps heard but no one seen since

11:40 - Two ospreys call and fly from the distant tree, contact chirps

All quiet again

14:22 - EJ lands  with alarm chirps / She has a full crop / She doesn’t stay long

CC’s video: EJ alarms on nest

14:29 - Wide camera view with EJ in the Love Tree

15:19 - EJ flies off

15:55 - Alarm calls heard in the background

16:30 - Blue ringed intruder on the nest / But which one? / More snapshots here

CC’s video: Blue ring on nest

16:59 - EJ returns to the nest chirping, then flies off

CC’s video: EJ defends again

BNN’s report and photos of her visit to LG today

18:16 - EJ back with chirps, no alarm calls

CC’s video: Another short EJ visit

18:56 - CC’s video: Long EJ gander

Lovely snapshots by Moffer here and here

May 30

04:07 - Day cam

04:51 - Scylla’s video: EJ to nest alarm calling, to campost, flies

04:55 - EJ returns to the nest, doesn’t stay long

06:57 - Wood pigeon (?) flies by

07:29 - EJ returns quietly to the nest, she looks around and over her shoulder, moves sticks

07:39 to 07:48 - BNN’s GIF of EJ

08:01 - EJ flies off

08:20 - EJ returns chirping / Then she calls as if someone around / EJ quiet looking around

08:27 - Quietly waiting / She potters then stops and looks around again

09:09 - EJ flies off quietly

09:25 - EJ is back with soft chirps, is she defending the nest?

09:26 - Unringed male lands on the nest, EJ doesn’t alarm call but is in defence mode

BNN’s video - EJ mantles, unringed intruder lands on the nest

Chris T’s post -

  • Just to give you a brief update, we have had very little action around the nest today. You will have seen the unringed male land on the nest earlier - EJ seems to be slightly happier with him than with some of the others so we'll have to keep an eye on him! We've also had a couple of flybys during the afternoon but we couldn't see any rings, or even whether they were male or female. Sorry for the lack of updates, but I promise we'll let you know if anything really significant occurs.

BLOG by Chris T. - L.G. (Latest Gossip)

No one seen or heard since 09:26

22:43 - Night cam

May 29

04:13 - Day cam

06:03 - Scylla’s video: Redstart visits with flutters

06:13 - EJ lands on the nest, she is watchful

06:17 - EJ flies off

Scylla’s video: EJ arrives, defensive @06h13, no threat seen, she waits, leaves

07:46 - Scylla’s snapshots & video: Crows (probably) bring EJ to nest, she protests and stays

08:33 - EJ still watchful on the nest

08:42 - Scylla’s video: Sudden flapping, squeals, chirps, shouts - EJ flies off screaming

Volunteer Les Carr’s post about his week at LG / Redstart nesting underneath the osprey nest

08:43 - EJ flies off screaming / No one seen or heard since

14:00 - EJ heard alarm chirping, she must have landed on the camera tree (???) / EJ could be seen flying but hardly visible (tiny spot on the screen)

RSPB Loch Garten, Abernethy - EJ currently eating a fish on the perch below the nest, roving camera out of action temporarily / Fish

15:54 - EJ alarm calls off cam, she flies over the nest twice with her fish in talon

BNN’s video: EJ alarm calls off cam, flies over nest with fish

Scylla’s video: Alarm calls from 2 birds? EJ flies over twice with fish

No one seen on the nest since

May 28

04:57 - Day cam

07:18 - Mrs Redstart makes an appearance

07:31 - EJ alarm chirping

07:39 - EJ in defence mode / Unringed male lands

07:48 - EJ flies off

Scylla’s video: EJ comes to defend nest, unringed male lands, leaves, no contact

08:10 - Unringed intruder on the nest briefly

Scylla’s video: Probably the unringed male who intruded on EJ this a.m.

08:10 to 22:34 - No osprey seen or heard

22:34 - Night cam

May 27     

04:48 - Mrs Redstart on the nest collecting feathers & here

07:02 - Scylla’s video: First appearance of EJ on the nest this morning, alarm calling

10:43 - EJ on the nest with alarm chirps 

Scylla’s video: EJ arrives alarming, on watch 13 minutes

10:53 - She looks around and fiddles with the multi pronged stick

11:16 - EJ back on the nest with chirps, doesn’t stay long

BNN’s video: EJ arrives with chirps

13:28 - Blue ringed intruder on the nest / Female maybe???

Scylla’s video: Blue ringed intruder pays a quiet visit, where is EJ?

14:09 - Scylla’s video: EJ arrives chirping, watches out from campost, flies off

RSPB Loch Garten Facebook - HS8 three-year-old female (2014 / Isle of Bute)

15:42 to 16:05 - EJ back on the nest, quiet looking around / She flies off abruptly

17:01 - Scylla’s video: EJ lands in excited state, soon leaves, no-one seen

The unringed male was not seen on the nest today

May 26

03:51 - Osprey on the nest & Scylla’s video: Early male osprey intruder takes EJ’s fish from nest

03:58 - Day cam

04:34 - Scylla’s video: EJ arrives alarm-chirping, doesn’t stay

06:05 -  Scylla’s video: EJ tangles with Blue ringed intruder on nest

Scylla’s slideshow: Slideshow of EJ’s battle with BR intruder on nest

Scylla’s video of the first intrusion yesterday: First intrusion, VLC version

Female Redstart makes lovely appearances on the nest, takes some of EJ’s down feathers away & Here

08:52 - Scylla’s video: Someone clunking on/around the nest

A pair of Coal Tits on the nest

RSPB Loch Garten Facebook - No sign of EJ since early morning

13:27  to c 13:40 - EJ alarm calling on the nest, she mantles, an unringed intruder lands / EJ adopts  defence position but allows male intruder to stay / He flies off, EJ remains on the nest (lovely close-up view of EJ) / Male returns, then flies off

BNN’s video: Uncut - EJ tolerates unringed male

Scylla’s video: EJ allows unringed intruder on the nest, where will this go?

14:09 - EJ returns with chirps

RSPB Loch Garten Facebook - Talk about a cold shoulder!

14:40 - EJ mantles, someone is near

15:09 - Fish and alarm chirps from EJ

CC’s video: EJ alarm and fish chirps

15:33 - EJ moves the multi pronged stick / EJ leaves

16:15 - CC’s video: Blue ring intruder (It dive bombs EJ!!!)& Moffer’s snapshots

CC’s video: (Skydancing) EJ alarming

16:42 - Male unringed intruder lands alarm calling

CC’s video: Unringed male alarming

16:57 - CC’s video: Unringed male back alarming & Moffer’s snapshots

17:18 - Unringed male back

CC’s video: Same unringed hungry male & Moffer’s snapshots

CC’s video: Another unringed visit

17:32 - Mrs Redstart back on the nest

May 25

04:03 - Day cam

04:53 - Scylla’s snapshots & video: EJ visits nest, calling, picks up, drops eggshell

05:12 - Scylla’s videos:

07:05 - Scylla’s video: Male intruder defending, sounds like Odin sometimes

07:20 - Another male is driven off by the previous male

Scylla’s videos: VLC versions of the two earlier intrusions

08:27: Scylla’s video: EJ comes to nest, calls, picks up, sets down eggshell

10:17 - CT6 is back in the camera tree (Amazing snapshots by Moffer)

Scylla’s video: Intruder CT6 caught preening briefly

10:31 - EJ alarms calls heard / Skydancing heard

All very quiet at LG, no ospreys seen or heard

15:19 - EJ lands on the nest with a fish in talon, she mantles and is dive bombed by a Blue Darvic intruder

BNN’s video: EJ with fish on nest, dive bombed by Blue Darvic intruder / Fish

No one seen or heard since / EJ’s fish left in the nest after the intrusion

May 24

04:18 - Day cam

04:23 - Scylla’s video: EJ lands/leaves with fish? Unringed intruder a minute later

07:04 - Same intruder (?) lands on the nest again

08:24 - Blue Darvic intruder on the nest

09:12 - EJ on the nest

10:03 - EJ in the Love Tree

10:19 - Camera changes to wide view with EJ on the nest

10:41 - EJ flies from the Love tre back to the nest

10:43 - EJ defends the nest

10:44 - Blue Darvic intruder CT6 lands on the nest (Thank you, Mary) / He flies off and dive bombs EJ

BNN’s video: Blue Darvic intruder on the nest

12:18 - Camera pans and finds EJ in the Love Tree / Deer pass near the tree

12:29 - EJ alarm calls and flies to the camera tree / She doesn’t stay long

MaryGK confirms the intruder is CT6

MaryGK’s amazing report and photos of the Blue ringed intruder today at LG

14:47 - EJ alarm calls, someone seen flying past the Love tree

15:44 - EJ lands briefly to defend the nest

16:18 - Unringed intruder lands on the camera tree and stays for two minutes

CC’s video: Unringed intruder Close-up

19:04 - EJ lands with a thump / She alarm calls and flies off

CC’s video: EJ lands alarming

22:19 - Night cam

May 23

03:14 - Scylla’s video: Who’s this little bird greeting first sign of dawn?

04:06 - Day cam

04:15 -  Scylla’s video: Unringed intruder's early visit, does he pull apart chick or eggshell?

07:20 - Scylla’s video: Touchdown by the unringed intruder

c09:52 - EJ on the nest and defending from intruder

09:51 - Scylla’s video: EJ comes to nest, intruder passes over, with fish???

10:44 - EJ in the Love Tree

12:16 - EJ flies off the tree and back to the nest

13:22 - EJ flies off

RSPB Loch Garten, Abernethy Facebook - FC5 Blue Darvic male intruder at LG

14:50 - No one in view

16:47 - BNN’s video: Someone flies over the nest

BLOG by Chris T - All Quiet

May 22


Mary’s wonderful report and photos of her visit to LG

BNN’s photos of her visit to LG

Images Of The Day (credits)           



(All photos © BNN)


Scylla’s video: EJ, evening into night

03:21 - Scylla’s video: EJ calling, the webcam went down

07:41 - Cam back

Scylla’s video: Yay! Cam back up, EJ watchful while crow caws strangely

07:59 - Intruder around, EJ flaps / Movement in the nest, one chick alive

Mike’s snapshot

Scylla’s video: Unringed male intrudes, EJ flaps him away NO SOUND

08:11 - Another attempt to land by intruder, EJ goes bonkers

Scylla’s snapshot: Osplet sitting tall

08:32 - Scylla’s video: Is this the same unringed male? No fish for EJ

08:47 - Scylla’s video: Calm unringed intruder bides his time, pecks EJ’s stick, goes to campost, leaves

09:18 - EJ away, one chick moving

09:09 to 09:37 - Scylla’s video: EJ flies off five times, disposes of dead chick

13:11 - EJ preening but wary, osplet up calling intermittently

14:30 - Unringed intruder touches down again / Camera view changes

BNN’s video: Intruder on the nest briefly

14:38 - Intruder lands on the nest / It circles round and lands in the dead tree

BNN’s video: Same unringed intruder in the dead tree

Moffer’s snapshot from 14:30 to 14:40

16:41 - EJ flies off the the other dead chick

BNN’s video: EJ takes the other dead chick away

16:54 - EJ returns, but no fish / Little one food begging :’(

Scylla’s videos:

May 20

A wet night for EJ and chicks

04:42 - Day cam / No sign of any ospreys

05:35 - EJ calling and looking over her shoulder

Scylla’s video: Glimpse of passing osprey, EJ calls

05:41 - Another flyby, is EJ food soliciting?

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy Facebook: No news, I’m afraid

08:31 - EJ takes a quick break, both chicks are alive & #3 hatching / Egg#3 hatches

Rain / EJ silent (last updated 11:32)

12:20 - EJ mantles and defends the nest / Someone must have landed on cam post / EJ calling for fish

BLOG by Jess - A holding blog… (concerning intervention)

12:57 - BNN’s video - Unringed intruder lands

Sheila’s snapshots

BNN’s snapshots

CC’s video: Three chicks?

13:40 - Intruder attempts to land / Three chicks moving /  Intruder seems to be on the campost

13:57 - Unringed intruder back on the nest

Peter’s (Carnyx) The live stream from Loch Garten is now also YouTube LIVE (in ‘Live Camera - Help’ Thread)

BLOG by Jess - A heavy heart

16:07 - EJ gets up, very quick view of the chicks, two definitely moving, the other not visible (unsure)

17:27 - Intruder on the nest  again

17:40 - BNN’s video: Is this Odin on the nest with EJ?

19:32 - EJ has a break, three chicks seen moving

Otter Miemuis’ snapshots

Scylla’s video: Another bathroom break for EJ, movement in nestcup

May 19

c04:23 - Day cam

05:16 - EJ shouting at crows

Everyone in the DU thread (forum) worried about Odin

09:11 - EJ has a quick break, chicks beg for food

10:17 - No sign of Odin (Thank you Mike for phoning LG)

10:44 - EJ defends the nest

10:53 - Post from Chris T:

10:55 - Alarm calls heard off cam / EJ continues to defend

10:58 - Camera changes to the view of the camera tree, PP7 perched in the tree

11:12 - EJ alarm calling on the nest (camera back on the nest)

11:15 - Male alarm calls heard

11:21 - Update from Chris T:

Scylla’s video: Cromarty (PP7 2013) is back, EJ defends, Odin heard, PP7 casual

11:30 - PP7 very relaxed in the camera tree (Amazing snaps by Moffer)

12:07 - Camera showing PP7 on the camera tree

12:20 - PP7 too “at home” in the camera tree (More amazing snaps by Moffer)

12:30 - PP7 mantling in the camera tree / He flies off possibly to the nest / EJ goes crazy

12:31 - Sounds like Odin on the nest / Someone flew off / PP7 back in the camera tree / Someone lands on the nest (sound) male, alarm calling. EJ stops alarm calling. It MUST be Odin! (Moffer’s post)

12:33 - Someone flies past PP7, WHO?

13:08 - Camera back on the nest

13:13 - EJ calls again, intruder tries to land twice 

13:22 - PP7 brings a stick to the nest, EJ sees him off

13:35 - A bird tries to land twice, PP7 sees it off  / Then EJ sees PP7 off

13:47 - PP7 lands and helps EJ defend the nest

14:00 - More intruders around and EJ has to keep defending on her own

14:50 - CC’s video: Both chicks strong

14:54 - PP7 returns, EJ pushes him off / Someone alarm calls

14:55 - More alarm calls from EJ  and off cam, someone flies close over the nest

BLOG by Chris T - Worrying times

15:13 - Update from Chris T:

  • Hi all. Things have gone a bit quieter here in the last hour or so. Still no sign of Odin but Cromarty has also taken his leave for the time being. I've written a blog:www.rspb.org.uk/.../worrying-times.aspx
  • I will endeavour to keep you all updated as I know that you only get the view from the webcam! If anything is happening "off-screen", as it were, I'll let you know ASAP. Thanks for all your continued help and I hope you're all OK...we are feeling pretty worried at the centre as I'm sure you are too! Cheers, Chris

BNN’s videos

16:21 - Someone chasing PP7

Scylla’s catch-up video: 17:29-17:31hr PP7 lands twice, driven off by unringed male, WHO?

17:32 - PP7 lands, tries to defend / Unringed osprey on the nest, EJ does not scream at him / Two ospreys fly past chasing each other

Two snapshots of the unringed osprey at 17:32ish   &   Moffer’s snapshots

18:52 - EJ has a break 

CC’s video: Quick EJ break

19:12 - Intruders fly over EJ, she goes nuts defending

19:14 - CC’s video: Intruder but Odin was here?

19:14 - Unringed male lands, EJ screams him off 

19:15 -  Someone tries to land

Peter’s (Carnyx) video: From 19:11 to 19:16 tonight (Thank you, Peter)

19:25 - CC’s video: Another intrusion 2 ospreys seen flying

c19:24 - CC’s video: Intruder again

19:52 - And again

CC’s video: Tail end of Odin?

20:57 - EJ tired (by CC)

No more intrusion

21:27 - EJ shuffles and checks underneath

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy Facebook:

  • Hi folks, just to say there's still no sign of Odin and EJ has continued to be bothered by intruding ospreys. We've got everything possible crossed that there's going to be a happy ending to this. Maybe tomorrow will be better?

22:09 - Night cam

May 18  (Opening post by CC) 

04:22 - Day cam

05:52 - Big chirps followed by little ones

06:40 - Fish ✔  -  And TWO OSPLETS!!!!!!!!!  / EGG#2 hatches

Scylla’s wonderful video: EJ flies, Odin brings fish, we see TWO osplets

Scylla’s wonderful video: Treated excerpt to see two osplets better

07:26 - Two very strong little osplets on view / EJ moves the silly stick into the cup, then out

07:28 - Two little red mouths

Scylla’s video: Odin flies EJ, nuts, attacks osplets with stick, feeds, none for #2

09:56 to 10:32 - Odin returns with fish#1 / EJ takes it and feeds the chicks

11:30 - EJ gets up to eat / She flies off with the tail end and returns without it

11:52 - Odi alarm calls

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - Two hungry mouths to feed so far. Odin is going to be busy

BNN’s video: Odin alarm calls, intruder flies over the nest, shadow seen

RSPB Loch Garten Twitter - Intruding sat tagged osprey PP7 (2013) Cromarty visits LG

13:19 - Odin on the nest with EJ

EDIT: BNN’s video: Odin last seen before he went missing

14:56 - Intruder - Sat tagged  Blue Darvic - PP7 -  “Cromarty” PP7 (2013) at LG

15:02 - Chris T confirms it is Cromarty

15:05 - PP7 flies off and EJ goes mad on the nest (sound only)

15:27 - Little one’s head stuck in the eggshell

BLOG by Ellie C - Chicks are like buses…

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy FB - Exciting visitor arrived this afternoon

BNN’s video - Sat tagged intruder PP7 (Cromarty) at LG (UNCUT)

15:45 - EJ moves the silly stick to the right side of the nest

16:21 - EJ shouts again

19:15 - Alarm calls from EJ

Scylla’s catch-up video: AM intrusion over nest, PM visit by Cromarty PP7 (2013)

19:46 -  Crows nearby, EJ alarm calls

22:20 - Night cam (blurry cam for the night)

22:34 - Peter’s post re the camera

Images Of The Day (credits)    

2017-05-18 06h52_Fish & two osplets Scylla.png 2017-05-18-07h28 -Two little red mouths Scylla.png 2017-05-18-08h01 - EJ proud mom BNN.jpg

Fish for two osplets (Scylla)                      Two little red mouths (Scylla)                  EJ, proud Mum (BNN)

2017-05-18-10h33 - EJ alarm calls Intruder overhead Moffer.png 2017-05-18-13h47 Pink tongues BNN.jpg vlcsnap-2017-05-18-14h57m10s057.jpg

Intruder overhead (Moffer)                          Mum and little one (BNN)                           Sat tagged intruder PP7 at LG (BNN)


Little one’s head in the eggshell (BNN)

May 17  (Opening post by noc) 

01:14 - Scylla’s video: 01h14 glimpse of bobblehead, we’re clutching at straws here!

03:27 - Scylla’s video: Even tinier peek when EJ resists getting up to flap

03:56 - Scylla’s video: Bathroom break for EJ reveals the osplet

04:14 - Day cam

04:39 - Scylla’s video: A brief bobble herein

05:27 - Crows alert EJ

06:29 - Crow must be in the camera tree, EJ not pleased

A look at the hatching window

07:01 - Fish  ✔

07:08 - Odin’s first view if the bobblehead

07:12 - Odin leaves the fish for EJ on the nest, she doesn’t start feeding yet

Some lovely views of #1 (by Scylla)

07:28 - Scylla’s video: EJ shifts a stick, scans the sky, osplet is hungry

Scylla’s video: Odin brings fish and meets first osplet of 2017

10:22 - Alarm calls from Odin off cam

12:44 - Distant alarm calls from Odin

 BBC News - Osprey chick at RSPB Scotland’s Loch Garten reserve

13:18 - More distant alarm calls from Odin

13:59 - Fish ✔

BNN’s video: Fish, zoom in, EJ doesn’t take it

14:03 - Odin flies off with the fish

14:22 - Odin returns with fish#2 / He flies off with it again at 14:29

BNN’s video: Odin returns, he drops piece of fish for EJ to eat

14:31 - BNN’s video: EJ loses balance, zoom on eggs

15:05 - Odin is back with fish#2 / He flies off with it again at 15:08

15:33 - EJ gets up and moves a stick, as the camera zooms in EJ puts the stick on the chick

Scylla’s catchup video: Osplet survives EJ’s stick and foot

15:34  - Odin returns with the fish / EJ feeds the little one, Odin moves sticks

16:23 - Odin is back, he claims what was left of fish#2 and takes it away

17:03 - EJ tries to sort of the “silly” multi pronged stick

17:20 - Odin returns with leftover of fish#2 / EJ doesn’t take, he flies off with it again

18:07 - Odin returns with tail end of fish#2 18:13 he’s off with it again

18:15 - EJ has a quick break and kicks the empty eggshell as she flies off

19:00 - EJ flies off and appears to be defending

20:59 - Another very quick break for EJ

21:19 - The camera goes very blurry on VLC and Carnyx

21:55 - Night cam

Strathspey & Badenoch Herald - Loch Garten proudest!

Peter (Carnyx) Update on blurry camera: Camera can only be refocused at the VC

Images Of The Day (credits)    

201705-17-07h45 - Chick#1 Scylla_a.png 201705-17-07h45 - Chick#1 Scylla_b.png 201705-17-07h45 - Chick#1 Scylla_c.png

Chick#1 (all by Scylla)

2017-05-17-07h48 - Copy Mum Moffer.png 2017-05-17-08h58 - The first morsel BNN.jpg 2017-05-17-13h50 - Fish Moffer.png

Copy Mum (Moffer)                           The first morsel 08:58 (BNN)                    Fish (Moffer)

2017-05-17-14h23 Odi returns with fish BNN.jpg 2017-05-17-14h40 - EJ & chick BNN.png

Did Odin try to feed EJ? (BNN)                             Zoom on EJ and chick#1 (BNN)

May 16  (Opening post by Moffer) 

01:07 - Eggs looking intact, not hatching yet

02:15 - Scylla’s video: EJ has an energetic flap on the nest, eggs intact

02:39 - EJ more fidgety than usual

Stream stuttering, hard to identify sounds

03:21 - Cam down 

09:14 - Cam is back!!! / Odin incubating

09:17 - Electricity issue caused the camera to go down (Peter from Carnyx)

09:53 - Odin takes a break, his crop is full (so maybe there was a fish delivery earlier)

10:14 - EJ’s stick gets blown onto her back

10:36 - Odin deals with the silly stick

12:19 - Odin alarm calls on the nest

13:43 - EJ checks the cup, no signs of hatching

14:46 - Wind, hail, rain in Loch Garten

14:52 - Sun out to dry EJ’s feathers

15:47 - BNN’s video: Odin tidies up, but drops stick on EJ’s back

17:09 - Side view of the nest with Odin incubating

18:32 - EJ return and takes over egg duties

Hatch window: 37 days has reached

Scylla’s catchup videos:

19:24 - “Croc Sounds” heard & Scylla’s video: Croc sounds at 20 seconds / EGG#1 hatches

20:10 - Possibility of quick view of the chick as EJ got up

Scylla’s video: Alan thought he saw a chick

RSPB LG Twitter - EJ's been restless on the nest today. Hopefully we'll see our first chick by the end of today.

20:23 - Scylla’s video: Another peek

20:52 - Scylla’s video: Lotsa peeks under EJ, is there an osplet there?

21:14 - EJ shouting at a crow

21:50 - Lots of paddling going on

Scylla’s video: EJ regrets picking up a downy feather

22:16 - Night cam

22:40 - Come on, EJ, just a flap  Please reveal your lovely chick to the world

22:55 - EJ reveals her wonderful little chick

Scylla’s WONDERFUL VIDEO: First sighting of EJ’s first hatched osplet

Scylla’s video: What threat alerted EJ?  and here crop+light

Images Of The Day (credits)

2017-05-16-22h55 _ EJ reveals her chick Moffer.png 2017-05-16 22-55 EJ reveals chick#1 Scylla.jpg

EJ reveals her first chick (Moffer)                                            EJ reveals her first chick (Scylla)

May 15  (Opening post by CC) 

04:34 - Day cam

07:09 - Fish ✔ - Alison’s video: Odin moves stick blockage (Thank you to Moffer and Alison)

Scylla’s video: Odin brings fish 07h10 and tidies sticks

11:28 - BNN’s video: EJ preens out a feather, tries to stick it back on

Superb photo of EJ by L MacKinnon

13:51 - BNN’s video: EJ brings another stick, slips into cup

13:59 - BNN’s video: What happened to the stick

15:43 - Fish ✔ - BNN’s video: Whole fish for EJ

Hatching window for EJ

16:23 - EJ returns with no fish for Odin

17:59 - EJ alarm calls and flies off / skydancing heard

Scylla’s video: EJ flies off alarm calling, returns cautiously

18:03 - EJ returns

18:44 - Odin brings more twigs to the nest and tidies up the nest

19:30 - Changeover, EJ on egg duties

20:54 - Odin zooms past the nest chasing a crow

21:50 - Night cam

Images Of The Day (credits)    

 2017-05-15-13h51 - Stick brought by EJ Moffer.png vlcsnap-2017-05-15-15h43m32s905 - crop.jpg 

Awkward shaped stick brought by EJ (Moffer)   Odin brings a whole fish for EJ 15:43 (BNN)

May 14  (Opening post by CC) 

00:41 - CC’s video: EJ night shot

04:40 - Day cam

09:03 - (Unseen) intruder alarm call from EJ

09:53 - More alarm calls, possibly corvids around

10:33 - Whole Fish  ✔

10:56 - Camera shows EJ holding her fish in the dead tree

11:53 - Cheeky crow flies to the dead tree (amazing captures by Moffer)

11:55 - EJ flies off the dead tree 

11:59 - Camera back on the nest, Odin incubating

14:09 - EJ returns to incubate, Odin leaves, camera shows side view of the nest

14:14 - Camera moves looking for Odin, they find him preening in the camera tree

14:31 - Odin flies off, camera showing wide view of the side of the nest

Great captures by Moffer here

15:31 - BNN’s video: Odin in the Love Tree, EJ flies by

17:12 - Stunning EJ, side view of nest

18:05 - Wind catches sticks and send them flying onto EJ

BNN’s video: Wind blows sticks onto EJ, precious feather gone

Scylla’s video: Gust of wind covers EJ with sticks

18:41 - EJ quacks at a passing crow

19:02 - Spot the osprey (by Moffer)

19:44 - Odin on the nest, crow too close / EJ quacks at crow again

20:29 - Lovely evening light on the nest (by Sheila)

21:00 - Stunning captures of EJ in the golden light here and here and here (by Moffer, Limpy and CC)

Scylla’s video: Golden EJ flies around, watches Odin cruising after crow

22:08 - Night cam

Lmac’s report and great photos of her visit to LG on 13/05/17

22:42 - EJ tackles the sticks

22:39 - BNN’s video: EJ tries to sort sticks

Images Of The Day (credits)     

2017-05-14-10h33 - Whole fish Moffer.png 2017-05-14-11h51 Pesky crow Moffer.png

Whole fish for EJ (Moffer)                                                         Pesky crow, what a cheek! (Moffer)

2017-05-14-11h56 - EJ flies off the dead tree Moffer_02.png 2017-05-14-14h31 - Odin flies off the dead tree Moffer.png vlcsnap-2017-05-14-17h11m06s036.jpg

EJ flies off the dead tree (Moffer)      Odin flying off at 14:31 (Moffer)         Stunning EJ (BNN)

2017-05-14-20h59 - Golden EJ Moffer.png vlcsnap-2017-05-14-22h40m20s447.jpg 

Golden EJ (Moffer)                             EJ tries to sort the sticks (BNN)

May 13  (Opening post by CC) 

04:41 - Day cam

07:21 - Scylla’s video: EJ has a flyabout, is it Odin who flies by?

C&T’s Countup Clock for LG (Egg#1 = 33 days / Egg#2 = 30 days / Egg#3 = 28 days)

11:12 - Camera shows EJ incubating, side view of the nest

12:45 - Fish ✔

12:47 - EJ eating her fish on the fish perch

Report by Lmac of her visit to LG today (Thank you, Lmac)

17:43 - Fish ✔

BLOG by Ellie C - Wood ants you like to know?

21:56 - Night cam

Images Of The Day (credits)     

2017-05-13 04_30_08 - EJ has a break Scylla.png vlcsnap-2017-05-13-12h45m01s386.jpg vlcsnap-2017-05-13-14h40m20s480.jpg

Early morning break (Scylla)             Fish for EJ at 12:45 (BNN)                  Odin landing at 14:40 (BNN)

2017-05-13-15h02 - EJ landing Moffer - 01.png

EJ landing at 15:02  (Moffer)

May 12  (Opening post by CC) 

02:24 - CC’s video: EJ’s nighttime break

02:22 to 04:02 - Scylla’s catchup

04:33 - Day cam

05:22 - Scylla’s video: EJ has a flyabout, shoots out a feather on her return

07:26 - Fish ✔

09:52 - Odin alarm calls

Both sharing incubation duties

EJ’s feather (by BNN)

15:25 - EJ very watchful but no alarm calls

17:25 - Odin-fest (by Moffer)

18:29 - Alarm chirp from EJ, crow nearby

19:03 - Scylla’s video: Odin dumps a bale of hay onto EJ

21:33 - Fish - CC’s video: Fish and EJ flies about

22:02 - Night cam

May 11 (Opening post by Scylla) 

04:41 - Day cam

06:38 - Fish ✔ - Scylla’s video: Odin with fish at 06h38, Odin slow to respond due to crows

09:38 - Contact calls between Odin on the nest and EJ flying around

09:41 - Single alarm call from Odin on the nest

EJ’s messier nest (by noc)

Odin and EJ share incubation duties

EJ pulling funny faces (by Moffer)

14:34 - Odin brings licheny stick,EJ pecks at it

15:43 - Big insect fills the screen (Intruder, LOL) & here

15:52 - Fish ✔ -  Scylla’s video: Super trout from Odin, EJ brings NONE back for him. Plus intruder (insect)

18:15 - Fish ✔ (a tail end)

19:23 - Brief alarm call from EJ on the nest

20:49 - Scylla’s video: EJ seems anxious, up for a gorgeou flap, down again

22:01 - Night cam

May 10  (Opening post by CC)   

01:32 - Scylla’s video: Bathroom break for EJ

03:31 - Cam down

09:53 - Cam back / EJ on the nest

EJ has two comfort breaks

11:10 - Odin arrives with a full crop

EJ’s messy nest (by noc)

13:25 - BNN’s video: What’s EJ doing?

14:23 - BNN’s video: Odin arrives fishless

15:23 - EJ brings a strange looking stick  & She does some nestorising

15:33 - Odin alarm calls off cam

16:11 - Odin plonks a stick on EJ’s back

18:28 - Odin arrives with a stick and tidies up the nest

18:59 - Alarm calls from Odin on the nest

No fish for EJ today (unless there was a delivery when the cam was down)

21:48 - Night cam

May 09 (Opening post by Scylla)   

00:23 - Scylla’s video: Whose voice is this in the night?

04:38 - Day cam &  Frosty looking EJ

05:52 - Scylla’s video: Sudden, short outburst from Odin, unseen

06:20 - Scylla’s video: Was this a cheeky little bird?

07:23 - Fish ✔ - Scylla’s video: Headless fish, long, slow handover

10:49 to 10:56 - Sheila’s catch-up and Moffer’s snapshots

EJ and Odin enjoy the sunshine at LG as they take turns to incubate

T&C’s Countup clocks (Egg#1 = 29 days)

BLOG by Chris T - Home Sweet Home!

14:47 - Glorious breezy day, EJ pants

Up to 17:50 - EJ incubates

20:50 -  Fish ✔ - Scylla’s video: Good headless fish at 20h50, Odin starts calling persistently

21:56 - Night cam & Scylla’s video: Only for EJ lovers

May 08  (Opening post by CC) 

04:46 - Scylla’s video: Cuckoo, mate? And other critter sounds

04:56 - Day cam

07:31 - Fish 

09:18 - EJ returns with fish

09:24 - Scylla’s catchup video: EJ returns from eating fish, they’re watchful, she gets tangled

11:08 - EJ eats fish on the nest, then flies off with it

Scylla’s catchup videos:

14:19 - EJ flies around, Odin watches

14:36 - EJ on the fish perch

17:10 - Odin naps on nest, EJ on the distant fish perch

17:22 to 17:34 - EJ and Odin on the nest, lovely!! / EJ leaves

18:45 - Scylla’s video: EJ bouncing while calling

21:55 - Night cam

May 07  (Opening post by Scylla) 

03:34 - Scylla’s video: EJ takes exercise, has poop

04:50 - Day cam

05:05 - Scylla’s snapshots and video: EJ under attack by unseen intruder

05:39 - Intruder back / EJ flapping

Scylla’s video: Another attack by unidentified intruder

05:50 - Scylla’s snapshots and video: Intruding osprey touches down / Video with timeline (Blue Darvic left leg)

07:02 - Fish ✔ - Scylla’s video: One third of a fish

08:41 - Scylla’s video: Odin flies in, just in case intruder gets too close

10:11 - Alarm calls from Odin off cam

12:10 - EJ brings a thick branch

12:55 - Odin lands alarm calling (great snapshots by Moffer) / Odin flies in pursuit

15:24 - Odin alarm calls off nest

17:35 - Alarm calls from EJ on nest, crows heard

Scylla’s catchup videos:

20:20 - Alarm calls from EJ on nest

21:42 - Night cam

May 06  (Opening post by CC) 

12:37 - Fish ✔

May 05  (Opening post by Scylla) 

04:47 - Day cam

07:54 - Fish ✔

May 04 (Opening post by CC) 

04:53 - Day cam

14:33 - Fish ✔

May 03  (Opening post by Scylla) 

070:46 -  Fish ✔

20:54 - Fish ✔

May 02  (Opening post by CC) 

04:58 - Day cam

Scylla’s catch-up video: Odin’s quiet, early morning nest visit

05:44 - Odin on the nest with frost on his back

MaryGK’s lovely photos of the nest in previous years & here

07:57 - Fish tail ✔

10:13 - Camera shows Odin in the lower branch of the camera tree

10:25 - EJ alarm calls from the nest, crows calling near, Odin flies off the branch

10:28 - Camera follows Odin, he’s in the dead tree & Then he flies off  (AMAZING snaps by Moffer)

Scylla’s video: Odin preening under nest tree and on dead tree

10:58 - Brief alarm call from EJ as a shadow passes across the nest

SheilaFE’s lovely snapshots and description of events

11:42 - More AMAZING snapshots of a changeover by Moffer: EJ leaving & Odin arriving

11:44 - Camera pans and finds EJ on the Fish Perch

12:15 - Camera follows EJ back to the nest, Odin leaves and flies to “Odin’s branch” (distant tree)

16:05 - Fish ✔  - Whole rainbow trout

BNN’s video - Whole fish for EJ

16:36 - BNN’s video: No fish for Odin, EJ returns with tiny clump of moss

21:27 - Cam down

21:54 - Cam back up

No IR light so nest is dark

May 01  (Opening post by BNN) 

05:03 - Day cam

05:20 - Alarm calls / Skydancing - CC’s video: Intruder

Corvids and geese heard in the background

06:10 - CC’s video: EJ leaves, Odin arrives

06:25 - CC’s video: Odin incubating

08:32 - Moffer’s CATCH-UP - Odin lands and potters / EJ doesn’t get up but calls for fish / Odin leaves

10:24 - No fish from Odin yet, EJ waits quietly / Loud corvid in the background

11:01 & 11:39 - Scylla’s video: EJ’s two crackly wing stretches

11:41 - A lovely wing stretch / No fish yet

12:11 - EJ alarm calls sitting on eggs

12:16 - Odin lands but soon leaves

14:14 - Fish  ✔ - Scylla’s video: Fish for EJ

15:12 - Odin flies to a distant tree

17:09 - Fish  

Scylla’s video: Fish for EJ, underwing close-ups

18:10 - Odin calls EJ as he incubates, he wants fish

18:17 - EJ brings back part fish and Odin takes it

Scylla’s video: Demo of cam freezes

20:24 - Odin entertains EJ flying around

21:36 - Night cam

Images Of The Day (credits)         

vlcsnap-2017-05-01-11h01 Wing stretch (5).jpg vlcsnap-2017-05-01-14h14m25s830.jpg vlcsnap-2017-05-01-15h10m44s962.jpg

EJ’s wing stretch (BNN)                      Fish at 14:14 (BNN)                           EJ back from lunch (BNN)

Created on 01/05/2017