USCA Fall 2013 Board Meeting Notes

Gabrielle's notes from the September 11-13, 2013 meeting

New Projects in USCA Arena Curling

Olympic years are a big deal for curling - but particularly for arena curling. We add dozens of clubs every cycle, and all of our clubs are overrun with new people interested in the roaring game. Kim Nawyn, who's in charge of USCA's new Growth and Development effort, is working on a couple of major new projects with the Arena Curling Committee that need your help - and that will make the Olympic boom time easier and more successful

Project 1: New Information Resources for New Clubs

We're putting together a database of information for new clubs (and developing ones) so no one has to reinvent the wheel. It will include topics like: How to run an open house; How and why to become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit; How to get stones; How to advertise and recruit members, etc. We'll be calling around to get folks to submit sample materials and write short advice summaries, but if you know you'd like to write about something in particular, please contact Gabrielle at

Project 2: New Club Mentor Program

During the Olympics, the USCA is inundated with thousands of calls from people interested in starting new clubs. To help serious prospects get the help they need to succeed, we're setting up a new club mentor program. Each club would get a "big buddy" from an existing club who can answer their calls, help point them in the right direction for info, and help connect them to the larger curling world. You do not need to be an expert to help - we will provide "senior mentors" who will help you, online info about lots of topics (see Project 1), and a list of contacts who are specialists in different parts of the curling process. If you have a particular area of expertise (ice making, rock storage, corporate event organizing, junior programs, etc.), you can also be an "on call" person for that topic. Again, we'll be calling around to recruit, but if you'd like to volunteer, let us know. The more people who get involved, the easier it will be, and the more new people who will be able to enjoy curling!

Gabrielle's Fall USCA Meeting and Governance Notes

Here are my notes from the board meeting and the governance meeting. The USCA needs your input on possible major changes to how the USCA is run and how decisions are made. Please read my governance notes as an intro and email me with questions ( I will hold two conference calls to talk about governance and get feedback. Everyone is welcome to participate. The calls will be on Thurs, Oct 18 and Mon, Oct 22 at 7 pm. Please email me to let me know if you want to join in!

Gabrielle's USCA Fall Board Meeting Notes

Gabrielle's Governance Introduction Notes

Here are additional materials from the Governance Task Force to help explain the possible changes:

Governance Task Force Report

Summary of Similarities between Current and Proposed Governance"

"Why Combined Grassroots and Elite Curling Benefits All"

Fall USCA Meeting Dates - Sept 14-16, 2012

The meeting starts Friday morning and goes till early Sunday afternoon. It will likely be held in Minneapolis. Please email Gabrielle ( if you would like to go!

Report from USCA Spring 2012 Board Meeting

Here are my notes from the USCA Spring 2012 Board Meeting in Minneapolis, April 20-22. Some highlights: Governance update; Changes coming to Member Services; Changes to Club Nationals; Plans move forward for Arena Championships, and more!

Spring USCA Board Meeting Dates Set

The spring board meeting will be held Fri April 20 - Sun April 22 in Bloomington, MN (near the Mall of America and MSP). Everyone is welcome to attend, though you should check with committee chairs first to be sure that their meetings are open. The meetings begin early Friday and end by early afternoon on Sunday.


Fall USCA Board Meeting Update

The USCA's fall board meeting was last weekend, Sept 9-11, 2011 in Minneapolis. The two highlights were a board vote on a major USCA governance overhaul (the whole structure may change) and a fabulous intro-to-curling video by our own Nick Kitinski. For my full notes on the meeting, check out . Nick's video should be out soon!...

And as always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me (Gabrielle) at


Gabrielle Coleman