Communication Plan for Ms. W’s classroom

This document outlines how I plan to communicate with parents and members of my class community throughout the school year.




Who creates?

Who receives?


How often?

What is the reason?

What tool is used?

Who writes the communication?

Who receives the communication?

What will be communicated?

How often does it happen?

Class introductions

Introduce students to each other; build class community

Google Slides

Teacher with a page made by each student

Students & families

  • Student name
  • Student photo
  • 3 fun facts about each student        


Parent night survey

Gather feedback

Google Form

Teacher; parents respond

All families in the classroom

  • Rate the quality of the presentation
  • What additional questions do you have?


Class calendar

Publish important events; invite parents to events; schedule meetings

Google Calendar embedded on class website


All students & families

  • Special event dates
  • Assignment deadlines
  • Exam dates
  • Meetings with parents        


Class newsletter

Share class updates

Google Doc emailed to class Google Group

Teacher with articles written by students

Students & families

  • Topics of study that month
  • Upcoming events & field trips
  • Requests for parent volunteers 


Community forum

Build class community, answer student questions, extend classroom learning

G+ Community

Community members (family, friends, students)

Community members (family, friends, students)

  • Student questions
  • Extension activities
  • Videos/posts relevant to course content

Ongoing / as-needed

Class website

Communicate basic information

Google Sites

Teacher, students

Classroom community (students, families)

  • Class calendar
  • Teacher biography and information
  • Sample projects
  • Class newsletters
  • Homework assignments

Ongoing; updated weekly

Class email list

Email information to the whole class

Google Group



  • Announce events
  • Send reminders