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Letters and Comments from members of the Strings Attached Community

Strings Attached has performed with 3 Grammy award winners with 5 Grammys among them and 7 Grammy nominees with at least 26 nominations among them and two Rock and Roll 'Hall of Famers.

I used to attend the St. David's service at Bethell Hall with my aunt, Paula Starche. I loved the music at that service and I was totally hooked on SA after the first concert, which was Guy Forsyth, I think. I lived in Austin from 2002-2008. I also remember Eliza Gilkyson (I think that rendition of Man of God nearly blew the roof off), Ray Wylie Hubbard, Shawn Colvin, and an incredible Led Zeppelin show. I know there were more, but those spring immediately to mind. Also saw a gospel bluegrass show at a different church with Guy and Wendy Colonna that was amazing. I remember starting to sing along with Guy to a song that it took me a moment to realize was The Master's Call by Marty Robbins. I was raised on that stuff and apparently so was Guy since his mother is a big fan. He & Jeska did a Mother's Day show from her porch this year that included several Marty Robbins songs, to my delight

The show last night was truly balm for my soul. All Guy & Jeska's Zoom guests have been great, but you and Karen were my favorite. Your instrumental composition was so moving and I'm thrilled to have been introduced to Karen's talent. I would love to hear the Paul Simon shows. I was raised on Simon & Garfunkel (in addition to Johnny Cash and a host of old country singers), but I expanded my own horizons to Paul Simon. Guy does a cover of An American Tune that brings a tear to my eye. Loved Still Crazy... What other Simon songs do you and Karen like to perform? - Carrina Gassman

I’ve been enthralled with your music since the first days at First English Lutheran Church…with Eliza Gilkyson.

(You sure know how to predict winners!)

I live in Austin & Love Will Taylor and his music.  Even in a town like Austin where musicians are on every corner, Will Stands out With his unique collaborations and concerts,  He truly is "One of a Kind."  Thank you Will.  Please keep your awesome and unique music coming!!!!  YOU would be sorely missed were you to leave!!!

Pam B, Ph.D

Will, last night's show was magnificent. Now I remember why I felt at home when I came to Austin in 1980. There is something precious here, (Holy, actually) and you are a part of that. Thank you. Shara T. 2018

WillTaylor's Strings Attached is some of the most beautiful and magical music you will hear. Treat yourself and help him treat others. Share the magic of this music! - Maria Webster  See a show here:


"I know this sounds sacrilegious, but I have enjoyed your renditions of the Beatles more than the Beatles--and that has caused me to appreciate them."

"Man,  that's a beautiful record. That should have sold a million copies. You  really transcended the dated-ness of the original versions of those  songs and made them timeless."

"These  guys find the essence of the music and enhance it with rich vibrations  of sound. I have never made it through a show without crying--true  story."

"Once  again, very magical and heart felt music, we can feel it when it comes  from your hearts, because like tuning, it strikes our chords as well  and moves us."

"Will  Taylor has a musical proposition for you -- a playful, dignified,  off-kilter idea that brings honor to Austin's identity as 'The Live  Music Capital of the World.' It's a cool concept. But it's just a bit .  . . different.

"Imagine what might  happen if you dared to blur all these boundaries between pop music and  jazz, between rock music and classical music, between the musical realm  and the lyrical realm, between the honky-tonk and the church, and in  the spirit of art and fun and experimentation, you reached out for  something . . . transcendent"-- article from Austin American-Statesman

"Wow,  we are so grateful to you for such an incredible evening. George and I  were so high from the creative energy and the almost other-worldly  sense of collaboration. What a divine life you have to be able to  participate in such moments of group creativity. It made me jealous  that my work world is so isolated. Ah well, it was just heavenly to be  part of the experience. We can't wait for the next Strings Attached concert." -- Sarah Bird, award winning author

I dropped by The Townsend for the first set  last Friday…

Holy shit.  The musicianship was off the charts.

Karen’s mandolin  playing was simply gorgeous.….

Your playing was a delight, and the SOUND in the room was perfect!

And the song you wrote for David Glaser sounded like a jazz  standard…

I felt like I was back in college and the bandleader said,  “ok pull out the

Fake Book and lets do this classic tune ….”


Keep up the good works Mr. Taylor - Davis Mclarty, (Joe Ely, Bruce Robison’s booking agent)

Beatles show testimonial:

Hey folks,

Just want everyone to know that Will Taylor and Strings Attached are truly what Austin is about. Truly a must see and hear.

Saw their incredible Rubber Soul show last night, 7/16/16, (in their still somehow rural South Austin front yard no less!) and it was a purely sublime interpretation of a Beatles classic work of art. What's amazing about the Will Taylor arrangements is how he and the group manage to actually enhance and bring new life to what are already bonafide classics. The ensembles' renditions merely serve to remind the listener of the genius that was the Beatles and how even like Beethoven or Gershwin, will easily stand the test of time and interpretation.

Anyone with a lyrical soul would love to see and hear this amazing group.

Thank you Will Taylor

& THE Strings Attached ensemble.

My wife jo and i very much enjoyed the beatles show at the townsend (first set) last friday.  the arrangements and the musicianship of every player were superb.  it was nice to see betty soo performing outside the constraints of charlie faye and the fayettes.  newcomer jennifer did a very nice job, too.

if I had to pick one song, GIRL was the most amazing.  the song had different sound styles at different points.  and the ending had sort of a orchestral/choral sound.  very powerful. - Myles Fox

Adored it!

You all are so talented, and it was so magical to lie on the ground and stare at the sky and let your music flow over us.

Thank you so much, and please give our thanks to all!

Anne Elizabeth

Patron’s Night Out

To us, the night was magical. We stopped in to check our new local happy hour spot, and by HAPPYstance we experienced this wonderful evening of utterly fantastic music and entertainment in such a luxurious yet intimate setting. - Stan W.

"What a great way to connect with people and share a love for music in a comfortable acoustic environment, sharing songs conversation and laughter."

Guy Forsyth

Songs on the Bridge 2017

Hey hey Will! Thank you! This sooo cool! The event was magical~ composition of notes and environment filled my soul. Thank you for following your vision. Eden Davidson

The crowd was great too, friendly and in love with your music. While you played kids playing ,people listening & sharing wine etc. can't wait to hear your October show. I need season tickets to Will Taylor!  - Good Mel

" it was a great set! Grace was wonderful as were all who played. I love the simple natural and intimate setting. My friend from out of town was equally blown away. Keep up the great work all of you! I look forward to coming out and watching the community grow."

"It was an incredible evening. Very intimate setting, really had a chance to see the personal side and hear the backstory to the songs written. Will, Grace & Laura were amazing!!"

"the music was great and it was fun that the musicians were enjoying themselves. "

Will…what a pleasure to spend some time with you and Karen last night and to do the lovely house concert.

I really appreciate you having me last night and totally dug ya’ll playing on my songs and every note you and Karen played. I’m honored to be part of what you are doing and hope ya’ll stay in touch. - Bob Cheevers


Was Super Fun

Your arrangements, your leadership, and your playing -- all fantastic

Was also More Validation of Your Greatness and Goodness

I'm so glad I made it out to hear Guy Forsyth playing with Will Taylor's talented ensemble. It was soooo fun to dance on a packed dance floor with so many smiling faces and tappin toes! Been too long! Thank you for playing the song 'True Friends' Guy... You that one gives me a big case of the feels. 💚  Helen Hoffman

Love you Will Taylor! I wish so much that I had followed your 7th-grade passion for music as pure expression. I was blinded by ego and complacency and wound up in a second-rate cover band. But hey, the search for truth and beauty doesn't end until the final encore. Would love to reconnect with you sometime. - S. Cutter

I feel better about the world knowing SA is out there doing the work, making the art! - Dr. Stephen Kinney

I appreciate your tireless efforts at organizing all of these events and promoting them. I applaud your enthusiasm for the importance of setting the events in the right venue and offering such amazing talent at reasonable rates. You do a lot to keep the “old Austin vibe alive!”

Thanks, Barbara (husband ran liberty lunch)

I encourage all Austin Music Fans to go and support these performances. These are dedicated seasoned musicians that are hip and experienced enough to present the musical smorgesborg that they do on a regular basis. Avail yourselves of these unique opportunities to have real, exceptional musical experiences with real people. If you allow yourself to, you will be moved and love it. You may even end up testifying like me.

Andy Murphy, Award winning sound engineer

Karen, Will and Jen

And the music was PERFECT.  (no surprises there!)  Hope you can collaborate again soon with Jen - the synergy with ya'll was really fun to watch and listen to.  It was mesmerizing and transportive!  

Your work over the years has added such a depth and breadth to the fabric of Austin's music, Will.  We are so lucky to have you here!


Marc and Will Duo

Hey  was very amazing...  I actually studied percussion at Oberlin Conservatory  a few years ago.    You both blend well together  and have an amazing sense of creating comfort for listeners.   You play with no effort like you could do it in your sleep.   Great work.  lovely concert.  One of the grandest parties of the year so far.   thanks for making the effort to come and join in our community.  - David W.

I think you guys have a big variety of music ,

To me the most boring concerts are the ones that put you to sleep with the songs

that all sounds the


Thanks s for a great night of music

My little girl had fun singing at the end - Tom N.

1000 Sustainer Movement

I've always enjoyed YOU, your creative spirit and tenacity to do what you love and connect us all through music. Who you are as a person is inspiring! - Cam Frost

Thanks Will Taylor! This is yet another reason I enjoy coming to see your shows. The guests you bring and your arrangements of their music is powerful and surreal. From the very first song, I got a sense of well-being and happiness. The joy continued with each song and "At Ease" caused this old retired military man to reflect deeply on a past that was sometimes not pretty. God bless!

Songs of Stevie Wonder Show 2014

Will I always enjoy your shows :).   Great performance, awesome group of musicians and to top it off you were performing at one of the best venues in South Austin!


Be blessed and keep on doing what you do!! - -Kim

Hey Will!

The Stevie show the other night was just awesome! we had a blast! I LOVE Strings Attached and hope to go to more shows-in fact I will be going to see you Friday(?) at Central Market with my friend Kim Yarbrough. I'd love to see you do more stuff with Courtney Sanchez-you are so good together. I'd go listen to that girl sing the phone book lol

-Tracie B.

-----------------------------------  Strings on Grass Sunset Concert Series  ---------------------------------

Strings Attached are such a valuable part of the Austin live music environment. I love the eclectic range of genres that they embrace, the way they improvise together so well, and their commitment to the Austin live music culture with their inclusion of a wide variety of guest performers and artist tributes at their shows. Their Strings on the Grass show turned a 3rd date at an outdoor show on a hot, humid Austin evening, which could have been disastrous, into a magical and romantic experience. What a great night. Thank you, Will! - Rod

Will,  Loved the show and loved the hug in the kitchen.  Got a super hug from Paula too, an old co-worker!  Nice to meet your Dad - Chuck, the poet, too.  Chuck was very gracious and helpful to escort me to the back house to use bathroom.  It was dark and I was not so sure of my step...So appreciate his assistance.

Can't say enough great things about Strings Attached on the Grass and the terrific show.  Wilson Marks - did I get that right - is a very talented song writer.  This was my first exposure to Wilson and I was impressed by the way he incorporated different genre/sounds to create something fresh, intelligent, and "real".  I will be watching for his future performances.

Guy is always so awesome and continues to grow as a musician/songwriter/human in new and interesting ways.  His music/lyrics are poetry!

Loved the show and will be looking forward to more from Strings Attached.

Hugs, Kindali (Alice Mabry)

PS BTW - Your music is inspiring!

Last night I spent a glorious evening at an outdoor house concert presented by Will Taylor and Strings Attached. The musical guest was my dear friend Dana Cooper, a true poet and beautiful person. With his partner, the brilliant and beautiful Karen Mal, Dana, and Will's awesome string band, we were mesmerized by the coming together of such gifted souls. It was a magical night, with an audience that was more family, even though we didn't all know each other. It was such a delight to watch little Corelina, dressed like a mini hippy/fairy/angel, dashing about in time with the music. It was a perfect evening.

Often in our busy days we forget that it's not what we do, but how we do it and who we do it with that creates the value of any experience. When we do anything with love in our hearts, that truth is communicated on an unconscious level to others around us. When we are expressing our bliss and our joy, we are sharing the finest of ourselves with the world. And when we surround ourselves with our Earthly brothers and sisters to share the experience, it becomes something exponentially greater than it's individual parts. WE are something greater than our individual parts! We are just scratching the surface of our potentiality. Unique, precious, and one-of-a-kind, yet part of something so much greater than ourselves. When we gather together in celebration of life, as we did last night, we feel a kinship with that which is beyond form, something that sings to us in the depth of our souls, and unites us on an energetic level. The music delivers the message, and the message is LOVE. Thanks to Dana, Karen and Will for sharing their love.

Woke up wondering if last night's concert in Austin with Strings on Grass was just a lovely dream. Judging from the messages coming in, it really happened. Playing music with Will Taylor, Karen Mal, Charles Prewitt, Carmelo Torres, and Michael Stevens was soul stirring and heart lifting. Consummate musicians one and all. Thanks to each of you for bringing my songs to a new high. And to all the wonderful folks who came to listen, I wish I could thank each of you in person. Truly a dream gig. - Dana Cooper

Will, I really enjoyed the show. Honestly, I really had no idea who Dana was. Your posts on Facebook helped uncover his aspects and talents. There was a moment when I felt an amazing sense of peace during one of the songs (couldn't tell you which one). Tearfully, I rode along on waves of emotion shared between you and Dana. I felt totally at peace and floated within the haunting solo's of guitar and violin. I appreciate the way you bring these fine musicians together and hope to continue to see as many shows as I can. One day, I'll retire and hope to be a better benefactor than just an attender of the shows that you so generously put on for people like me. Blessings, Don

Such a cool show. Very cool and laid back vibe. Your little girl with her, Hello Daddy, was the highlight of the show! Thank you

The evening was magical ...the best of Austin in the summer! - Renee

Hello Will,

Last night was my 'virgin' experience at Strings Attached with Gina Chavez. It was such a sensational evening!!! The trees, the violin you masterfully played, the combination of your talent with Gina' was simply over-the-top! Thank you for a wonderful evening!

Thanks for your help and for such a great evening.

Geri Wilson

Last night was beautifully raw, soaring, open-hearted, fearlessly authentic concerts I've seen. Each artist on the stage inspired and wowed my heart, mind, and soul. Truly. I can not wait to see Karen  again sometime, especially with a longer set of her beautiful songs, and to experience your own charm and prowess as you host another show!

I did not get a chance to express to Libby how much I ADORED every second of her unfiltered, fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants exploration of art -- something rare to see in a live show. Please forward this email to her! As a lyric/vocal-driven artist, it was refreshing and inspiring to see glimpses of her creative process on an intimate stage -- and how everyone else collaborated on the spot. I love that she shared songs in progress -- I will lookout for opportunities to see her again!!

Still wonderfully energized by last night on this sky blue day! Thank you!

- Bill Claussen

Will and Strings Attached members are top-notch musicians who make you feel as if you are invited into their inner circle. Strings Attached concert on the grass setting is soul nourishing and a delightful way to spend a Saturday evening.  It’s my favorite event of every month! -  Laura S.

It Will take some time to loose the grin it put on my face, what a delight! - Mark J.

I finally made it to a Strings on Grass concert last weekend. What a delight. The setting is quintessential Austin, and the music was awesome. Will Taylor and the rest of Strings Attached were their usual creative virtuosic selves, and Gina Chavez - Wow! Will's arrangements of Gina's songs were refreshing and surprising and her cover of Joni Mitchell . . . well you just had to be there. What a fun Saturday night. - Ken W.

this was our first show and we were very pleased. Highlights were - nice volume, good music of course, loved the talk about the musicians past jobs - Linda and George

It was like Austin when I was a kid.   Thank you! -Emily

I am looking forward to the next show! Love the interpretations, atmosphere, and concept. I hope it doesn't grow too much but thats where I am selfish. Tired of the thousands of us that flock to every good concept in austin. Even though, i have already told to many friends. Please keep it up!!! Violins Cello, lap, electric drums, and outstanding vocals oh my whats not to like!! Loved what the cowboy singer brought wish I had his passion and moves. Like you he has a lot of dif musicians living inside him!

Will has an uncanny ability of bringing the finest together. Feels like a spiritual experience every time! - Don T.

Hi Will, yes my husband and I really enjoyed the whole experience last night. Every performer was superb!  And, what a talent. I am a music professor at UT and really enjoy finding unusual musical experiences. This was a highlight of my summer.

Thanks for sharing music at such a high level of professionalism...and fun!


Suzanne Pence


Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful house concert, thank you DeAnn! Will Taylor, Shelley King, Guy Forsyth, and Karen Mal put on an outstanding acoustic show and I encourage every music fan to check them out. I happened to record this small portion and wanted to share. Apologies for the poor low light video quality and think the audio more than makes up for it. - Steve Miller VIDEO IS HERE

y'all are great. we have had a good time every time. Isabella, my daughter, really enjoyed it. And afterward she said, ya know we should do stuff like this more often. It's a lot more fun than playing games on my phone. A mom's dream words to hear. Anyway, we are loyal fans. - Heather H

My wife and I attended the 'Strings on Grass' concert by 'Strings Attached' with guest artists: Libby Kirkpatrick, Anthony DeCosta, and featuring Jimmy LaFave. It was a delight. An informal house concert in the backyard with an adoring audience, and great musicians having a great time performing and improvising accompaniments.

I forgot how powerful live performances are with the spontaneity and joy that goes with it.

It was a perfect date night with my wife. -Jay N.

Will and Strings Attached members are top-notch musicians who make you feel as if you are invited into their inner circle. Strings Attached concert on the grass setting is soul nourishing and a delightful way to spend a Saturday evening. It's my favorite event of every month! Laura S.

Will Taylor and Strings Attached is an Austin gem!  His informal house concert series, Strings on the Grass, is an event we look forward to each month.  As a talented and collaborative musician, Will attracts top talent to share the stage and joy in the music they create.   Don't miss any chance you see to experience this wonderful group of musicians. - Renee R

Molly Venter Guest 9/26/2014

This was my first Strings Attached event and I could kick myself for not attending all these years when I wanted to!

I am so impressed with the musicianship, the groove and the soul of the performance.   And Molly, what an amazing soul along with amazing talent.

Being able to experience such beauty amongst the trees, stars and kindred spirits topped it off for a perfect night.  Beverly A.

 I loved, loved, loved last night.  It was worth the drive and even worth all the mosquitoes!  I'm very excited about the show on the 26th!.

Thank you so much for sharing your gift : ) - Stefanie S.

Loved the show!! Molly's voice is spectacular, Will's arrangements were magnificent and the fabulous execution of the players made for a magical experience. Can't wait for the next show. - Joy Simon

Yes, magic.. Great music & hospitality. - Cynthia L.

It was absolute magic. I was riveted by the vocals and magnificent arrangements....we are new to Strings Attached...can't wait to see more! - Pamela M.

We enjoyed the concert with all the various pieces and presentations! Karen Mall's rendition of Joni Mitchell's , "Both Sides Now " was well received and her interpretation was outstanding. Molly Venture was a pleasure to watch and hear as well. I really like her originals and the obscure cover of Joni's that she recorded. All of the strings along with the added trumpet and keys was the icing on the cake. Glad to have finally been able to come out to the Strings on Grass and enjoy some friendly hospitality and live music… Marilisa

The quality of the sound mixing was so fantastic. I felt like every voice was heard with appropriate emphasis. Of course Molly is beautiful in every way. It was a true gift to be allowed to commune with people and really high quality music and musicianship. Thank you. Chris C.

First of all...when walking up to last night's venue, I felt like I was in Austin back in1978! It was an amazing evening...I was awestruck that I was listening to such beautifully composed and arranged music in a funky/artistic South Austin backyard. It was a magnificent night!...thank you! Looking forward to The Red Shed show.

It was absolute magic. I was riveted by the vocals and magnificent arrangements....we are new to Strings Attached...can't wait to see more!  Pamela N

Absolutely magical! Molly's voice brought tears to my eyes. Looking forward to the next show. -Christie W.

Will, the show was AMAZING, Molly's voice combined with your band was just great. I bought both her cd's & haven't stopped listening since I pulled off your property. Sherri P.


A real treat to enjoy such accomplished musicians in a relaxed and hospitable venue. - Lynn

Such a beautiful night! More please!!!! - Margaret

Hey Will, had a great evening listening to great musicians.

We brought 8 others with us and they are now W&S fans also.

Loved the layed back picnic atmosphere. Thanks, Otto

We had family with us that were visiting from California and they throughly enjoyed themselfes as we did also. -Tim

Great, Awesome! Totally enjoyed every minute! - Cheri

Awesome! Can’t wait for the next one - Geoff

You guys sound wonderful! - Morgan

Strings on Grass rocks!  This was so much fun - Paul

 I love the way you interpret songs we all know and love, and make us love them all over again in a new way. I also love the whole everyone be comfortable being yourself vibe, from the barefoot dancers on caliche, to half dressed children running and playing, to our parents generation sitting quietly in chairs and clapping politely. You make everyone feel as if the concert was created for him or her personally. Bravo! And did I mention that the musicianship is stellar! What talent! - Cindy

I enjoyed the outdoor setting.  The music was beautiful and the concert was a wonderful experience - Linda

Very relaxing, down to earth, real good times - Marisela

Fabulous! Amazing! Love every tune - Sandy

You guys are the real deal! - Jenni

The music and hospitality were absolutely fantastic! The outdoor setting was great. It was very casual and comfortable. I sincerely hope that you will do this again soon. I would gladly pay a cover charge for the experience. - Geoff G.

Love the informal setting, and being outdoors, ...Price is right, I don't want to miss one. - Robert k.

I love the richness of the music that Strings attached with Karen Mal and Steve Carter vocals. The music makes you want to toe Tao, country swing dance, slow dance and be taken back to a time where music fills your soul with joy. - Krissi

Thanks for being so thoughtful in the selection of music and their arrangements. Totally enjoyable night out for us. - Mark

Will and company, keep up the great work. What a treat this was! To hear such talented, humble musicians play beautiful, timeless music. Hey, and every once in a while there was even a nice breeze! Magical night. Thanks for doing - Juan

It was a nice, cool, breezy evening under the stars for pure Texas style swing in a laid-back country atmosphere. Excellent musicians! It was a highly enjoyable evening!!

Will the show was awesome!  I can't wait to get the CD. - Traci

This was such perfect evening in every way. (7/26) Loved, loved, loved the music. Karen's voice is so lovely. It was my husband's first show and he is now a fan. I had only been to one other show in the past, but now I'm a "groupie!" Best night ever! - Kathi

Very much enjoyed the show, the atmosphere, the musicians, the space, the weather and the vibe and look forward to the next show with you guys! - Sebastian

You guys truly created the Bob Wills/Willie vibe. I only wish my dad were alive to have heard what I was privileged to hear. It would’ve brought a big smile to his face, as it did to mine. Your playing was tight and your musical conversion was rich and deep. Karen’s singing was heartfelt and even raised goose bumps. BTW, your bootleg CD that was offered at the table was a pleasant surprise. I played it all the way home, then put it on the stereo and stayed up until2:30am listening to it. Really excellent!


Always happy to support great art/music in Austin, and looking forward to attending your next show when I’m in town.


Michael G

I cannot express how much we enjoyed the show Saturday. What a wonderful evening.

We look forward to coming back again....oh and what a wonderful moment under the carport. We were all blown away by your daughter. What an amazing voice and performance. We look forward to hearing more from her as well.

Thanks again for a great night. - - Gary

Never enjoyed a show more than Saturday evening. What a fabulous, relaxed setting, great music and the wonderful carport encore which was outstanding. Cannot wait to come back. - Gary

Wow, thanks Will Taylor! for sharing your talents, home, lawn and incredible fun and fantastic music with us! I brought my two sons and my boyfriend, and it really lit up our week! I shared my fun evening with others and invited friends and students to the next event! Have a great day! Your friend, Clare

Performance for hospice patient

HI Will,

I met you and Charles yesterday at my cousin's house. That was an incredible event. I can't thank you enough. After you guys left he just sobbed! He has so little joy in his life right now, and yesterday was truly remarkable for all of us. Thanks for your wonderful concert and for making him so very happy.

- Susan

"I appreciate your efforts and conscientious intent to be a part of the whole of humanity.

You are mirroring many of the things I did when I was younger.

I used to go to retirement homes, the county jail and the State school to play for others.

We just had the mission of sharing happiness through music.

I'm not sure you can get into a jail to play anymore, but continue your efforts please."  

- Marty Rigby (

Dark Side of the Moon Show 2014

Thank you for a fabulous goose-bumpy teary-eyed warm and wonderful night! - M. Mcmillian (Dark Side show)

Amazing concert last night! It is still playing in my head. Thank you for sharing your talent with us, great way to start SXSW Austin Homegrown Music! - Irene

Just wanted to say, "You have continued to amaze me." Tonight's show, "OUTSTANDING". Strings continues to get the best out of all the performers. Great arrangement. Thank you! - Don

Just got home from seeing friend Will and Strings Attached perform Dark Side of the Moon in their own unique arrangements. This show was phenomenally deep and really fun to watch unfold! I just had to document the last songs, so look for the movies which are uploading now! Such a rich bunch of music to play, these artists are accomplished and love playing together. Thanks for the great experience!!! - CJ

Patron Sustainer Subscriber

I've been going to see Will Taylor for over twelve years. The shows have always been a cut above musically and the way he arranges the shows, simply amazes me. He has a way of bringing the finest local and out-of-town artists to speak a language that transcends everything. He is versatile in all genres of music and covers some of music's best...The Beatles, Joannie Mitchell, Pink Floyd, Sting, Willie Nelson...the list goes on!

I am encouraging all my friends to be a part of The Strings Attached Patron Sustainer Circle. A small or large monthly contribution would keep shows like Will puts on, "keepin on". Please consider joining me and others.

"I appreciate your efforts and conscientious intent to be a part of the whole of humanity. You are mirroring many of the things I did when I was younger. I used to go to retirement homes, the county jail and the State school to play for others. We just had the mission of sharing happiness through music. I'm not sure you can get into a jail to play anymore, but continue your efforts please."

Hi Will,

I'm a patron!

I'd like to share a few more thoughts about the show.  

I loved the song selection.  "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" always felt kind of cliched to me, but when Karen sang it last Friday it wasn't that way at all.  I heard the song in a new way and the lyric felt new and wonderful and genuinely comforting.  

I'm so happy you played "St Judy's Comet"!  That song lodged in my memory at an impressionable time-my freshman year of college.  I remember being in Boston, riding on the Orange Line out to Jamaica Plain to the scenery shop where I was doing my winter work-study term, hearing that song in my mind over and over.  I wasn't a father then, with no thought of ever being one, but somehow the song captured me.  It's a sort of odd song, evidenced by Mark's somewhat apologetic remark after he finished singing it.  But it was one of the highlights of the show for me.  

"Under African Skies" was fantastic.  A fantastic song, and you guys did it so well.  There was a great balance of polish and freshness in the performance.  I saw Paul Simon play, with Bob Dylan, at the Frank Erwin Center, maybe 10 years ago.  The performance Friday was so much more satisfying for me; partly because of the intimacy of the venue, partly because of the quality of performance.  Your interpretations of the songs tread a wonderful fine line between being true to the originals we all know and love and also being new and a little different and embodying the talent of you and the band and the moments we share together.  

I saw the James Taylor show at the church in... 2010... wasn't it really that long ago?  I'm a big fan, and I've seen JT perform many times.  But in a way that show was more fun than seeing JT.... pretty much for the reasons I described above.  That was a great song selection also!

As I reflected on the show later, there was one song I would loved to have heard.  It's selfish to even bring it up, especially after hearing "St Judy's Comet", but.... "Something So Right" also hit a chord with me.  It's a song for those afflicted with low self-esteem, and I'm recovering from that.  But hey, you can't play every one of every audience member's favorite song.  

I went to see Jackson Browne at Bass sometime in the last year or so.  His music was pretty important to me in my young life, then I sort of set it aside for.... well, 25 or 30 years.  I only know the music of his first couple of records, but those songs still mean a lot to me.   Have you ever done or thought of doing a Songs of Jackson Browne show?  It would be so cool to hear you all sing "Jamaica Say You Will"!

Somehow there's often something going on and I don't get to see you and the folks you play with that often, but I really really respect and enjoy what you do and I'm happy to be helping out and participating with it as much as I can.

Take care,

Rob Feeney

Beautiful! Knocked it out of the park again. My husband was skeptical because he is not the biggest Simon fan, but I told him Karen was singing, so he had to come! He had a great time and said it was a fantastic show!! I don't think you guys are capable of putting on anything less.  - Jennifer Romero

Blown fucking away by your show

Thank you sooo much for inviting us.

We had many various shows to take Jake to tonight, (my son) but your show was by far the BEST experience!!!

One day, I would like to tell you how funny and serendipitous the experience was! BEST show we have seen together by far! We have seen a lot of amazon musicians in ATX. But what y'all did tonight... Wow!!!!!

I LOVED the show!!!

Truly a marvelous evening and you played most of my favorites.

The infusion of TX songs was terrific; heated up the already very warm audience....and oh the children!!!

I am a fan and I want MORE so that I can bring the friends whom I've been raving to along next time.



"Will Taylor was phenomenal yesterday. It was enjoyed by patient, family and staff alike. I was in a good mood all day after that, too

We appreciate all that you do and the joy you bring into the lives of our patients."

: ) <3

Last week my mom was treated to a wonderful special music hour thanks to Swan Songs.        Will Taylor played the violin and was so kind to mom.   I was very touched.        Although my mom was a little disconnected (she sleeps a lot),  we knew that when she was awake and smiled that she knew the songs.        After everyone had left,   mom asked me if I thought he might know Beethoven!   Ha


Thank you for your organization and what you do, and please thank Will.



Nancy Guariguata

Hi Will,
You preformed yesterday for my father-in-law, Ben Conroy. I just wanted to say thank you. What a generous act of love. Such a Gift!
He had a vibrant musical life and for you to offer your music (and time!) to him at this point in his life is a very soulful and compassionate gesture. So THANK YOU!
Hope to see you in the future.
Warmest Regards,

Will, Lucy and I watched your Bugle Boy concert from the comfort of our own home, and found the show absolutly  DELIGHTFUL!

Thoroughly enjoyed the show!  Loved watching all the communications between yourselves as you were playing the music...the joy of listening/watching live music!  I’m not a music scholar by any means, but I loved listening to the your music and look forward to future shows. - Dawn

Dear Will and Karen,        BRAVO,  your music was terrific and made the party! All of John Joseph’s family will not forget the day and especially will not forget Karen’s sweet voice, Will’s talent in releasing the beauty of the music and the great Jazz songs of the era of so many of us old folks.  Gene A.

I really, really, really love what you arranged for "edward". i just listened to it for the first time in forever...oh, man. what a beautiful string arrangement...thank you, will ♥ you always bring such stirring depth to whatever music you touch

Sara Hickman

“What an awesome event, Again you've just demonstrated the heart of music pays attention and pitches in times of crises! Job well done everyone. I'm sure it is well appreciated by those follks whose lives were damaged by the wildfires”  Barbara E.

"Wish I was there!  Love your choice of music and think what you are doing is way cool.  One of my favorite music performance moments was one of your very first (if not the first) at Uptown doing the Beatles.  It was enchanting!  Magical!  Need to get out more."--Betsi Schaefer

“…was a very special evening and we accomplished our goal – to send that roomful of people out into the world with a deeper understanding of Swan Songs and the profound impact these concerts have on everyone involved.  You all were just perfect and I am eternally grateful.  We also raised $3500, which is a great thing and will help to keep the wheels in motion! (Or the wings in flight, so as not to mix metaphors).  

 Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


Christine Albert (About will and karen performing at a Swan Songs benefit)

Last night at CM was GREAT!  The last "cool" evening until November...lovely light, and fantastic music.  Thank you for your dedication the way you share your talents.  Pam


Let It Be is one of my all-time favorite albums, more so the Let It Be Naked version that strips away the Phil Spector "Wall of Sound" crap, and allows the listener to hear the true genius and talent behind the artists.

That said, I have to tell you that I was blown away by the Let It Be show you did last night at Central Presbyterian Church. I think those were some of the most thoughtful, and beautiful, arrangements you have done to date! I hope you are planning to record a cd of this music, with the amazing Brandy Zdan on vocals, and all the extraordinary musicians who played last night. I will purchase a copy immediately when it is availble.

On a side note, I was so surprised to see Marc Utter playing the upright bass. Lil and I always enjoy seeing him perform, as he is so animated and entertaining, but I thought he did an especially great job last night.

Stephen, Doug and Dave, as always, did an amazing job as well. And, of course, your guitar playing, once again, shows how versatile and talented you are. We are fans forever!

Thanks for being who you are, and doing what you do.


“Thanks for following up. I don't know if you remember, but we first met you at the Joni Mitchell house concert, I believe in July 2007. We had found out about the concert on Joni Mitchell's website. I bought us all tickets to celebrate Andy's birthday. We drove in from Houston, sat on the first row and absolutely enjoyed the night.”

Best regards,


"I was just telling Karen the other day that this is the happiest I've ever been in an internship. I am so happy to be in a field that I love and work with people that are so passionate about what they do. 

Just know that I'm up for anything and if you ever need anything else, throw it my way. "


Holley McConnell

"Just to let you know we haven't dropped off the earth,..but we are out of town a lot between now and end of November.   Hope to pick up with volunteering after that or in the new year.

 Wanted to let you know how awesome the "Dark Side of the Moon" concert was!  enjoyed volunteering very much.  You did a remarkable job of capturing the essence of Pink Floyd, and adding your own unique touch.  Can't say enough great things about it!"

 See you soon,

Janet and David Luft


"The show tonight at Threadgill’s was awesome.  Tameca was just great and also Mark Utter.  Thank you for a fabulous show and how nice that we had cool weather!  See ya at the next one." --Carol Ahlgren


"Thank you for being a trooper tonight.

The audience was totally into the show and you guys rocked!"

All the best,


 "The performance last night was wonderful.  I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.  Please record a cd with Darden and do the same stuff you did last night.  See you in the am."

- K. Nunn


"If you do it again, I'm coming to see it.  I really wanted to see the Led Zep, but the one you hooked me on was the White Album and I'm your fan for life because of it...see, I was born in '59. grew up on the Beatles, but never saw 'em play.  And of course, for a long time, they were too untouchable to cover.  Hell, I remember whenDevo covered the RS's Satisfaction and a whole lot of people..held their breath.  And KR LOVED it.   And then you had stuff like Sonic Youth covering the entire Exile on Main St album.  But...I just never heard any of the music from the White Album live.   And I know every note of it.   

So I saw you guys do it and it was a bizarre, wonderful, emotional 4th wall breaking experience that I found memorable and noteworthy. 

So if you're doing PG, I'll give him another look.  I sat on a gym floor to watch the "Selling England by the Pound" tour and a year or so later, saw the Lamb Lies Down in a theater.  Totally mind blowing stuff that influenced the way I regard music and theater.

Incidentally, since I'm pretty sure I'm not on your radar, I do some music for theater here in Austin, often at the VORTEX but various other things.   I have a show opening on Sat, in fact." 

Have a great day, Will. 



"Thank you so much for the wonderful music yesterday. Everyone was so pleased with your choice of music.  It covered the many generations in the room yesterday."  

 Thanks again.

Patty Loose

"It was a GREAT show last night at Threadgill’s—thank you so much for sharing your talent and music.  It was a fabulous job of your arrangements and Lisa, Tamecca and Mark were just great." --Carol Ahlgren

"Everything was great! Thank you so much. Everybody complimented your music." --Brad

"You've probably gotten lots of feedback, but I wanted to let you know that the concert was awesome, in the old-fashioned sense of the word.  They happen to be my two favorite singer/songwriters, but your concert was so moving.  Karen Mal sings like a soulful angel.  I loved the first Joni Mitchell concert,  your recording of Joni Mitchell songs is one of my favorites of your recordings, and I've bought several copies to give as gifts, but last weekend's concert left me longing for a recording of Karen's singing Joni's songs.  I brought four friends, two of whom had never been to one of your concerts.  All the way home we all raved.  I think you touched the hearts and souls of everyone in the audience.  Thanks for the magical evening." Cheers – Michael

"Listening, I was wafted on the breeze of gentle tunes; wrapped in the silk of melody. The graciousness of you and your friends to allow me a Saturday night moment to hear a blessing is … well … a blessing.  My thanks also to Lori and Ron for again opening their home and to the many friends who volunteer. The artist are WOW! I have already almost worn out the CDs I bought. Ya'll are all wonderful."

Thank you,


"Man, that's a beautiful record.  That should have sold a million copies.  You 

really transcended the dated-ness of the original versions of those songs 

and made them timeless. That said, I don't see myself being part of your

Joni touring idea.  I couldn't hold a candle to the gals you have singing on that

disc.  Even if I could, I'm really focused on my own new record, plus the Woody

Guthrie tribute (more up my alley) for the time being.

I'm honored to be considered, though.  Good luck with the project."

 - Slaid Cleaves

"I enjoyed hearing you, karen, mark and the band perform last night...thank you again! as always strings attached was a true inspiration for me.

gretchen couldn't stop talking about your clean shaved face :) it was good to see you."


"Thanks so much for playing with us tonight.  You brought the most Amazing Energy to the stage and I am more than Grateful!  I think the World of Karen, and Man, I was so lucky to get to make Music with such Awesome Talent tonight.  Thank you. "

    God Bless,

    Michael Clay

"I really enjoyed this show in particular.  Lots of high energy up on stage!"


"Last night's show was one of the best I've seen. Thanks for the invitation and the pass.

 Thought you might like to know what my teenaged daughter had to say about you. She said that she always forgot how unbelievably brilliant you are until she saw you again. She was quiet for a bit, and then she said that it was hard for people to remember brilliance, especially brilliance that comes from a gift they don't have. She said people can recognize that kind of beauty, but never remember the details.

 I think that means you and your entourage rock.Thanks again." -- Dane

"Will, it was a great show tonight. The translation of Stevie Wonder was awesome and it is great to hear this music again. I have been using "Songs in the key of Life" as the banner on my page for sometime because I think Stevie captures how important music is in expressing all the events in our life from the birth of child to the social injustice we might see around us to the glorious and happy times. I love your playing and you surround yourself with great musicians and vocalists. Your interpretation of this music was joyous and a lot of fun. Thanks also for the tickets to next season. I am really looking forward to hearing a reprise of your best work." --Donald

"Thank you for the call last evening. It is amazing how special a personal call can lift one's spirit and focus the mind. I have felt a special bond with "Strings Attached" ever since Doug and I attended the Joni Mitchell concert. Living in College Station, I don't get to Austin too often. You mentioned that your Dad was a prof at TAMU. Would you consider a concert in College Station? I remember meeting a couple at the Joni concert that were from here. I am sure that we could help.

 I mentioned that my son, Chris Thomasson, lives in Buda and teaches music at New Braunsfel High School. His wife, Joanna, teaches music at three Seguin middle schools. Their children are musicians as well; one a soprano at Sam Houston State Universtiy and a jr high son who sings and leans toward several instruments. I would love for them all to attend a concert. Especially Jordan  so he can see how much fun instruments can be and the value of learning now. 

 Anyway, thank you for taking the time and effort to call. It will surely make a difference in the future as to where I focus my entertainment dollars."


"My son and his family were so thrilled with your music at Jonestown. So was I, goes without saying, I love what you are doing." --Diane Green


"A campfire high on sacred mushrooms.  Someone put Abbey Road on the boombox.  All four of us were students of the esoteric sciences.  While listening to Abbey Road we all four at once realized that the album was not a comglomeration of various tunes but actually told the spiritual history of mankind!  Even after our drug-induced haze, for weeks we came up with remarkable correlations between the music and battle between spirit and ego, lemuria and atlantis (ancient continents) falling, etc, etc. I won't go into the details but my hair still stands on end in when listening to Abbey Road and the memory of that night.  Thanks for keeping the mystery music alive!" --Lawrence Berger

"So, it was already a pretty good night. CC and I were heading up 183 in the convertible; screaming with the music, laughing, pounding to Led Zeppelin on our way to the house concert, the songs of Simon and Garfunkel were promised. We met our friends; got amazing foot rubs from the multi-faceted Steve, laughed and sang in our hearts and memories to the tunes Will Taylor and Strings Attached presented, in a metamorphosing set. It is a most magical thing to be in a room with musicians who are not only talented but exuberant; with a crowd that is expectant and ready for transformation. Energizing the atmosphere with simple words that resonate so completely; we are captivated, catapulted, capitulated into a viola extravaganza. Caught up in the pounding of that ‘oh so simple’ box Matt persuades percussively to make us move, mesmerizing us with his voice, it’s so wispy and wizened. Mark and Aimee delight in the line list vocals each arriving somewhere familiar and yet totally new. The arrangement choices that make one laugh; placed so thoughtfully, where the familiar would have floated past, these new moments linger a bit longer… it was all so easy, so joyous, so fun; it’s a pleasure to join you anytime for music. No time for interviews, we bolted; having to get back to town. And yet we detoured, briefly, into the Krispy Kreme drive-thru and we switched to Cream sailing with seat heaters back with Strange Brew blaring….  Good vibrations, that’s what your concerts are… have you ever done the Beach Boys? Nilsson? I’ll keep spreading the word, you guys just keep it up; working hard at playing fantastically and keeping it effortless, it’s a pleasure to absorb. I'm deliriously tired, but going to bed happy, thanks." --Tina Pumilia with Hindsite 20/20

" just wanted to send a quick note to tell you thank you for the great performance last week.  It was just fabulous!  I know the kids really enjoyed it.  My son is still practicing saying "pississippi"!!"

 Thanks again. --Anne Noonan

"A good night, it has music to carry the pain

music to heal the soul

sounds to bare the cold and the hurts

and then soothe them free.

Will et al:

The concert last night was especially wonderful.  I got the sense everybody there was just as much in love with the music as you all are, and whenever and however that happens it is simply magical.

Thanks for all you do-" --Deb Wilson

"I did get the message. You are terribly kind to check. Strings Attached definitely gets my vote for all time best customer service for relatively small outlay in patronage dollars. I am looking forward to hearing the music that came linked to my message. Unfortunately my work computer is not wired for sound. So, are people who signed up for season tickets way back on, say, Sunday eligible for the fabulous bonus deal or is that just for newer subscriptions?

I've been telling many people about how Will Taylor Himself  called about Strings Attached season tickets and isn't that cool. Some of my friends seemed impressed, others were probably just glad that I was finding something to talk about other than my toddlers and dogs." --Jennie

"Just a quick note to let you know that you have a new fan, my mom. She saw your Leonard Cohen show this year and liked String's Attached so much that she actually arranged to see your Paul Simon show as well!

This is significant because she has never shown this much interest in a band and also lives out of town- willing to travel.

Needless to say, we will be seeing you guys for Paul Simon!

Thanks so much for all of the wonderful music." --Tessa

Congratualations, again, ( I am the woman who pointed out that "Schneider" means "tayor").

What an absolutely amazing show, everything worked well with the music, yall sounded just great. And the place fit the music so well, unusual and utterly charming.Just a PERFECT afternoon. Thank you! --Verena

"My friend and I truly enjoyed the Strings

attached Joni Mitchell house concert recently. Here's

wishing you a good rest of the holiday season and

please keep me in mind for keyboard work with the

ensemble- it is one of the most enjoyable projects

I've been involved with."


        David Webb

"My first experience with Strings Attached was the

concert at Shady Grove this summer. I was (and remain)

entranced. For years I always maintained that only

Joni could do Joni. You have proved me wrong!

Best wishes for a great holiday season."


"The CD is great!  All the singers are excellent, but I'm especially enjoing Molly Ventner's numbers.  I hope the CD can get some national attention, what with Joni's new CD and the new Herbie Hancock tribute newly out as well!  If it's listed on I'll write a positive review for it."


"I have received "Back to the Garden".  It is superbly done. The ladies have so much passion in their voices.  Your accompaniments are clear and precise.  I wish I'd had an opportunity to see you guys live for the show but sometimes, I do have to work weekend nights.  Oh well!  I will do my best to see you and Strings Attached when the chances arise.

 I pray that your Christmas is alive and full of joy."


 Don Traylor

"I sent you my unsolicited thoughts yesterday, but since you asked again, I'll

say it again - the CD kicks ass.  I love Joni - or let's say, the Joni of the

time period that you chose to cover - you chose the exact time frame that I

think should have been covered.  It's funny though - some of the songs that

were the highlight of the live performances for me were not necessarily the

highlights of the CD.  I really enjoyed the more straight reads of the Hejira

songs in the live performances.  I love the Hejira album most of all and Libby

channelled Joni's vocals in an other-worldy way.  Also Woodstock sent shivers

down my spine when performed live.  But although I like Libby's stuff on the

CD, the stuff that really jumps out at me is Joni's older stuff - the

reworkings of the iconic early songs.  Like I said yesterday, Chelsea Morning

starts out the CD wonderfully; A  Case of You is beautiful; and I also like the

YouTube song that you covered.  Very nice job on it.  I'm glad you included that

too because it tipped me off as to what a treasure trove of early-Joni material

you can find on YouTube.  I've spent a lot of time recently looking at those

old clips...

Your CD is a great tribute to a poet/musician who is very overlooked and too

quickly dismissed.  It blows me away that so many people only know her for Big

Yellow Taxi.  Not that it's a bad song or anything, but it's really

inconsequential to her whole body of work.  Plus it's a song about a

social/environmental issue.  That's not what Joni's ealy work was about at all!

It's about honest, poetic self-exploration.  That so many people only know her

for Big Yellow Taxi is a sad state of affairs.

Anyway, sorry for the rant, but talking about Joni is a lot more fun than my job

which sadly is what I need to get back to."

Thanks again,

Scott Fleming

"Hi Will...sorry you're having to deal with the blank CD hassel...We've been loving our Back to the Garden as well as ourCollaboration CD's daily...looking forward to your 2008 season of fantastic music!

hope you enjoy a happy, healthy and fun spirited holidays with those you love....make some great memories!

in love & peace,"

Cheryl & Walter

"Again, great show on Friday.  It was one of the best shows I've been to in a while.  I think having solid but new players pumped up the energy.  My friend Sheila has been talking about the show all weekend."



"Will, just checked my email one last time tonight and saw this note. Thanks

so much for sending. We are indeed two fortunate guys to have such wonderful

women we each love so much in our lives.  In the words of Bruce


Rain and storm and dark skies

Well now they don't mean a thing

If you got a girl that loves you.....

We are indeed both very lucky. Wish the two of you a great weekend.  

Take care.  Goodnight. Ben"

Thanks Will,

thanks Will.

it's been fun working with you and the crew as well.

y'all are amazing and i get a big lift out of singing with y'all.

see you at noon. - Suzanna Choffel

Thanks again for another great concert !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I don't know what it is, but your music invokes a "Nirvanac" experience in me.

I guess your performances are so perfect in their own way, they send a spark to that perfect place within.

Whatever it is, I like it !!!!!

 Since this is the "future concert" suggestion link, I'm not sure how it would work, but I wonder how the Moody Blues would sound "Taylorized".

Whatever you come up with next, I'm sure it will be amazing !!!!


I look forward to seeing ya'll perform again,


You performed an absolutely stunning show this week!!  Wow—I have been to your performances quite a few times so of course I am already a fan.  But this one was so “up close and personal” –it was just awesome!  I brought a couple of friends who had not seen your group before and they were just amazed.  Thanks for a wonderful performance.  All of you put everything you have into each performance, it is obvious.  Your featured vocalists were wonderful, especially Malford, of course!

Carol Ahlgren

"Thanks and I will pass this on. It's Mary Londos' last night here before she leaves for Atlanta tomorrow and we have something else planned. My experience of last night is well embodied in my memory of some of the finest music I have ever witnessed in my young life.


Good luck tonight and I look forward to many more concerts,"


"You outdid yourself tonight! "The Dark Side Of The Moon" was an incredible experience! I not only thoroughly enjoyed the 7:30 pm show live, but re-lived the wonderful experience live again on KLBJ-FM at 10 pm! I don't know how you keep coming up with new "incredible" Austin talent, but you did it again tonight. I could rave on and on about all the talented musicians who make up "Will Taylor and Strings Attached" (and I have) but tonight I just have to rave about Lisa Tingle and Dave Madden and their incredible contributions to the show. I was amazed, impressed and blown away by their performances. However, please don't think that their incredible prowess in any way diminished my total awe at the incredible talent of your "regulars." You have found an unbelievable mix of a solid band and incredibly talented "guest" artists. "The Dark Side Of The Moon" was, once again, an un-unmatched interpretation of a rock classic. Congratulations on another whopping success. I used to be surprised by your shows - now I just expect excellence and I'm still just blown away by them.

 Tonight was a magnificent experience. Thank you for once again making my weekend. I only hope that the remainder of this weekend's shows are equally successful for you."



"Thank you so much for your performance at our party. I will gladly referrence you when I am either doing another party or if someone asks me if I know anyone who plays beautiful music. It was so perfect."

Thanks again,


"Will, consider this a love letter to all involved with Strings Attached.  We have had season tickets for two years after being acquainted with SA through our friend, Stephen Zirkel.  Unfortunately there were many conflicts in our schedule for this season, so we've had to do it ala carte, but were able to attend last evening with Guy Forsyth which was awesome.  We've seen him a gazillion times, but Strings Attached puts a singer/songwriter in a whole different light and the outcome is so exquisite.  We are huge music lovers in general and feel so fortunate to be here in Austin, and especially find the Strings Attached performances to be just so fine...and just wanted to say thank you.  Love, Tamara and Glenn Kikel"

LOVED it!!!....especially the psychedelic violin!...xoxo...thanks!


"Hi Guys, I am sitting here at my computer and listening to the CD I purchased on Friday nite. As I listen to "My Favorite Things", I am so aware that one on MY favorite things is becoming absorbed in the talents of Strings Attached. WOW!! You guys are soooo awesome. I've said it many times. I am listening to Eddy and Steve and Will musically paint a picture of sheer JOY to my ears. I love it!! I would be remiss if I failed to mention the unmistakable talent of Kat Edmonson. The entire list of artists was a delight to my ears. Thank you so much for your hard word and great talent. It certainly makes life easier as I sit and listen again and again to the sounds of the Mighty Strings Attached!!

Have a wonderful Holiday."

Ruby Henderson

"Just wanted to say how great Strings Attached really is.  We appreciate your group even more after attending the James McMurtry show at Gruene last

night.  No way was he even close to the performance that he gave in the

Church with Strings Attached.  Your musicians made the difference!  We're

looking forward to coming back soon for another performance with you."


Vanita & Joey

"The Saturday night show was AWESOME! Your work and attention to

details was evident in the amazing performance from so many different

artists--that really strengthened the show and made it even more

interesting to your fans (I've developed two more for you...)...I am

so glad I bought season tickets--that night..."

Keep up the great work!


"I just wanted to say thank you for a very special evening of live music.  A friend and I drove up from Houston for the White Album concert after seeing you the week before with Bob Schneider at Grace Church.  We had a wonderful time and will be returning to support you in your future endeavors.  In fact we are considering buying season tickets for ourselves and our friends.  I see a lot of live music, and the Strings Attached concept is one of the most exciting things I have experienced in a long time.   The music of the Beatles was also an inspired choice.  If there's anything I can do to help you in the creation of what promises to be a very special musical community, let me know. "

                                                                            - Anthony

Karen and Will,

It WAS the most amazing day!  I loved being in your space and making music with you.

You are both such pros, and so kind to welcome me! I have enjoyed the fresh greens and the lovely

eggs, along with memories of the day.

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner.

I am in the midst of buying a house ( I'm really excited), so i am trying to cover a lot of territory

in a short time frame.  But I LOVE the song and what you two have done with it!

Karen's beautiful voice and harmonies really take the song to the next level. I like the extra "ou"s.

I don't know which of you played the violin, but it is PERFECT in tone and spacing.  Really great stuff.

Will's skillful licks add so much. And the ending is WONDERFUL!!!

 I just can't tell you enough how pleased I am, and I hope I will get to work with

you two again soon!   Martha P

Hi Karen

I came across your band's website and heard that tune about the secret of life and wow that was really something, beautiful music and so slick in the best way, a great recording. Loved the string piece at the beginning. Dug all of it and I had a great time, it sounds like so much fun, and classy too. A kick in the ass, a shot in the heart...Congratulations to all, I certainly wish I was involved in something like that here. The whole vibe is really charming.

Happy Holidays,

Michael S. Writer of “The Dutchman”

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Homage a M Cohen

So in honor of the explicitly Cohenesque recent discovery in my old diaries, I thought it would be churlish to pass up the opportunity to go see a Leonard Cohen tribute concert this weekend.

Irene and I and friend Linda accordingly trucked ourselves out to beautiful downtown Marble Falls (a fairly remote town but it has a nice downtown, a bit tarted up for the tourist trade which has its plusses and minuses) where we took in a marvelous show put on by the astonishing (and amazingly eclectic) group Strings Attached. It was among the best concert experiences of my life. They managed not only to present the poetry but to make a musically coherent and varied experience out of, let's face it, LC's perpetual droning.

I also enjoyed the random reference to cooolllld snoooowy Monntreal in the stage patter; you could almost hear the shivering. It was T-shirt weather in Central Texas yesterday.

They were brilliant. Watch out especially for the astonishing young vocalist Molly Venter.

Some of us (names are embargoed) were reduced to tears at various points during the show. I am eagerly awaiting release of the recording of the very performance we attended.

I am now a Will Taylor/Strings Attached fan for life. (They also have done a Led Zepellin tribute! A Paul Simon tribute is coming up and I can hardly wait for it.)

Austin really lives up to its billing as the music capital of the world and I find it a great joy and privilege to live here.

Posted by Michael Tobis at 9:05 AM 1 comments 

I'll call my favorite Zeppelin musical experience TnT, which stands for Tingle 'n Tameca.

It was true musical dynamite to hear the two best singers in Austin singing songs from my favorite rock band with instrumentation by you and your fellow musicians.

I was at the Zeppelin performance you did last August at Ruta Maya, and was blown away by the justice done to their music.

I never had the good fortune of hearing the orginal Zeppelin live.

Instead, I had the good fortune of hearing Robert Plant's equals right here in Austin singing along with excellent interpretations of Zeppelin songs.

It's all part of the reason why I still haven't left Austin after coming here to attend UT back in the 1980's.

Thanks again, and see you tomorrow night.

I'll be there with a bunch of friends--a number of which also attended the show last August and can't wait to see it again.

Chris Kite

Will Taylor and Strings Attached actually played at a Blue Grass-style worship service at WHPC, not just a christening. They provided accompaniment to our hymns and anthems and added such a lively and joyful touch to the service. I'm sure their music would be a wonderful addition to any event. I would recommend them highly. 

Just read that Alicia Keys disocvered Gary Clark Jr. by way of a Strings Attached video. From this blog (

"....Clark's impressed Paul McCartney, jammed with the Roots on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and collaborated with Alicia Keys, that last one inspired by the R&B singer discovering Clark's rendition of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" with Will Taylor & Strings Attached.

"She saw a video on YouTube of me doing the song down in Austin," he confirms.

Here’s that video

Buy the album with that song here:

White Album Show Reviews

The source:

As Director of Music and a community artist myself, I find the Strings Attached collaborations to be of highest musical quality and of highest creativity. Will Taylor is himself a master musician, but this particular series allows him to use his considerable gifts as arranger and co-creator of experiences that have been of superlative quality.

--David Stevens, Director of Music Organization


We believe that Mr. Taylor has been one of the main people responsible for creating a bridge between the classical and non-classical music and musicians in Austin. AMN has and will continue to support Strings Attached through promotion and sponsorship efforts designed to fill seats and share this great experience with the world. We look forward to a long healthy relationship between AMN and Strings Attached. They are what Austin is all about.

--Louis Jay Meyers General Manager, Austin Music Network

Folks just don't do things that way anymore, so I really appreciate when someone takes their time and care to make something ordinarily good so much better by adding their TLC to all the details. Simply responding to an email (twice, no less) was that kind of touch. Your program will surely grow from this good nurturing. I look forward to coming to a concert next season, and to meeting you face to face sometime. Thanks again for your spirit.

--Lynne Weynand, Strings Attached Fan

                                jean c

I was lucky enough to catch this show and it was BRILLIANT! A huge shawn colvin fan, i was amazed by the insightful interpretation of her music by the band and by the dancers. I will never forget how awesome it felt hearing and seeing the ballet... it was breathtaking.


Strings Attached Song Comments

The Secret of Life by James Taylor / Sung By Karen Mal

I love you will and Karen. Thank you for reminding me not to try too hard and just enjoy. Beautiful song. You guys really "get it". Happy 4th weekend! Wishing you all the joy in the world

Love Leah

Hi Karen,

I came across your band's website and heard that tune about the secret of life and wow that was really something, beautiful music and so slick in the best way, a great recording. Loved the string piece at the beginning. Dug all of it and I had a great time, it sounds like so much fun, and classy too. A kick in the ass, a shot in the heart...Congratulations to all, I certainly wish I was involved in something like that here. The whole vibe is really charming.

Happy Holidays,

Michael S.  - Writer of The Dutchman

You came down the aisle in the dark playing solo violin - it was my first show - I was hooked. Jennifer P

I was there! It was hands down one of the most amazing live music performances I have ever witnessed. Unbelievably amazing beauty in a gorgeous setting. And Kashmir was perfect. – B. Dawson

We're sitting around the fire here in the countryside, visiting family. Grandpa's been playing satellite radio holiday "music" for hours. When I noticed Grandma rolling her eyes, I put on Karen Mal and Will Taylor's A Mandolin Christmas! Everyone appreciated the beautiful music, especially my aunt who whispered in my ear that if she heard the Mormon Tabernacle Choir one more time, she was doing to deck someone's halls.

Your gorgeous music has truly brought peace to our home :-)

Many happy wishes this season! - B. Dawson

I have been listening and LOVE it! [Classic Rock Cover Vol. 1 and White Album Live] I really love the song choices - some of the lesser known cuts (if there is such a thing by the Beatles!). Your arrangements breathe new life into some of my favorite songs while still staying true to the soul of them. It's that way in everything you do, and why I love the band so much!

Happy New Year, Will! Looking forward to seeing you again soon!



We are both super excited to see the show, and especially Will Taylor and Strings.

We saw your show several years ago, which was a fund raiser, and Xander, age 8, took the bucket around and raised over $1300 from the audience. You all brought him on stage to thank him, and that stuck with him forever.

Since then, Xander, now age 12, has become the lead singer in a band (next gig at Hills Cafe), and has been in guitar instruction at Don't Stop Rockin' for 3 years. He's also just begun violin instruction in his school orchestra.

I just wanted to let you know who we are and that, again, we are really looking forward to seeing y'all! !


Sarah P.

Hi Will and gang,

I don't have your phone number so I'll tell you via email why I should have a ticket to tonight's show!

I enjoy Strings Attached because I love strings! I play cello and there is no better way to experience classic music than to hear it played by strings. And by great musicians! I've actually only been to one show -- the Rubber Soul show earlier this year -- but fell in love with the sound. It'd be great to see y'all play some more music.

James Taylor is probably my favorite songwriter of all time. I have several stories about what his music has meant to me but I'll confine my rambling to just a couple anecdotes. I have a tattoo of his lyrics. They are from the song Enough to be On Your Way. The lyrics speak about the idea of home and I got the tattoo right before moving across the country to Austin, my new home. One of the special things about JT is how he brings people together. My parents are divorced and have little to nothing in common when it comes to taste in music, but I have seen JT in concert with each of them on different occasions and they were both brought to tears.

Thanks and I'm looking forward to the show tonight!

Claire Morris

February 22, 2017 - Maine - That was really beautiful Will! You made me cry by 1:30. Your mother is beautiful too. I felt like I was in that waiting room. I feel like I'm there now so it's really nice to know that there are people like you in the world. Music heals, no doubt, but not without the intention of healing. I really was able to use the Dalai Lama quote just now too. I remember when I was in Boston around 2010-11 and he had announced he was stepping down (I forget the details) and he had designated a man to perform his public duties (forgive me if I have this wrong) but I saw a picture of the man and a brief description. He was affiliated with Harvard somehow. Anyway, I was at Starbucks on Tremont Street and I saw him walk by the window. You're the first person I've ever had occasion to tell that to. I'm gonna go from here and look that up for the factual aspects of it. I find intentional healing music more divine than anything. Surely it's the only truly soulful language we know. Thanks for sharing your beauty and goodness the way you do. I'm happy to be affected by it today. Peace
I found a link about the story:

Marian Pickett - from LA

Great Tunes - Affectionately, Artistically and Respectfully Covered

I didn’t used to have much patience for cover bands, or covers in general. After all, I featured original folk music at my Café years ago. Several things changed my mind about all that!

One was jazz music, where covers became “renditions” or “interpretations,” and originals were often “standards.”

Another was a former partner’s take on covers, which was that when people hear a familiar tune, they tend to be interrupted from whatever else they’re doing to stop and listen. In theory, if the cover was “rendered” in a way a person appreciated, he or she might be more likely to listen to the musician’s original music. “If they can do that great song that well, they must be a pretty good band. Let me check out more of their set.”

Finally, at M’s, we decided to bend the rules and allow the occasional cover tune at our open mics, if the audience wanted to hear it enough to pay to hear it. If the musician could get the crowd (maybe 5, maybe 50 people there) to put up the $10 “fee” for a cover, the musician was allowed to play the tune. And to my surprise, the audience usually paid the fee (which then went to buy the musicians drinks, of course!)

When I recently came across an opportunity to get not one but two albums from one of my Café’s earliest performers, Will Taylor, and his band, Strings Attached, well, I was really excited! Already, I had loved their Joni Mitchell tribute album for years. Now offered was their Classic Rock Covers Vol.1 for only $10, and for purchasing that one album, another album, White Album Live, was thrown in as lagniappe (a little something extra!). All this for joining Will’s email/blog list!

Let me say, much like their Back to the Garden: A Joni Mitchell Tribute, both of these new-to-me cover albums are absolutely wonderful!! Why? Because they’re great tunes – affectionately, artistically and respectfully covered.

My suggestion would be to check out Will Taylor and Strings Attached at the link below!  I think if you’re a Baby Boomer, a Beatles fan, a 70s and 80s rock fan, a lover of strings and/or vocals… or just always tend to trust my taste in music, you’ll LOVE this stuff! Get goin’ on joining me as a fan of Will Taylor and Strings Attached. TODAY!

Here’s the link…do I have to tell ya you can get three free downloads there? Just do it!

Strings Attached Cares

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