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French 5.1


French 5.1 is a course designed to teach French on an Intermediate Low-High level. French information and directions form much of the course.

By the end of this course, students will be able to speak a variety of uncomplicated communicative tasks, and include personal details, responding to direct questions or requests, and ask simple questions to provide personal needs. Using the language alphabet, they can write familiar short simple communications, compositions, or requests that are loosely connected. Students may reference a variety of tenses, but write primarily in present tense with basic sentence organization. Students will listen for contextual words and can comprehend one sentence construction with comprehension with some understanding of oral content from advanced speakers, practice reading short connected texts and derive some meaning from descriptive and narrative topics.

Content in the course includes global challenges, science and technology, contemporary life, personal and public identities, families and communities, and conceptions of beauty and aesthetics. Students work to express themselves with correct grammar, rich vocabulary and clear pronunciation. Expect simple conversation practice to be used extensively.

Expectations for the student include completing writing and speaking assessments using video, active engagement in their own learning, practicing vocabulary over time, comprehending grammar patterns, using various forms of verbs, participating in simple conversations and speaking prompts, analyzing and comparing cultural products, practices and perspectives between French speakers and Americans.

Required Materials:

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This online course requires a Web browser capable of running the Adobe Flash Player plug-in 10.1+. Required course elements will not run on mobile devices, including iPads, that do not support Adobe Flash.

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Course Outline:

Unit 1: French School System

  • Unit Themes: French school system; College & higher education; Life in France
  • Grammar: Present verbs ending in -er, ir, -oir; Definite/indefinite articles; Possessive adjectives; Numbers/dates review; Irregular Verbs: etre, avoir, faire, aller; Adjective agreement; Double verb sentences; Near future; Negative
  • Culture: Parental authority and grading system in school; French regions

Unit 2: Tourism in Francophone Countries

  • Unit Themes: Tourism in francophone countries; Transportation/Vacations; Hotels/vacations; Francophone food/restaurants
  • Grammar: ll y a; Geographical prepositions Interrogatives; Adverbs of location; Indefinite pronouns; Comparatives; Expression: il faut; Linking words
  • Culture: TGV & Eurostar trains; French people & vacations; French castles; Tourism in Francophone countries; Eiffel tower; French dialects; Algeria; Importance of food in France & Senegal

Unit 3: Weather and Media

  • Unit Themes: Written press; Weather; Television; Media
  • Grammar: Demonstrative pronouns; Reflexive; The imperative; Passé composé & past participles; Imperfect; Simple past
  • Culture: Freedom of the press; Old French weather song; La Fontaine fables; Idiomatic expressions; Victor Hugo poem; French & leisure & culture; Haiti

Unit 4: Art and Architecture

  • Unit Themes: Art; Art & architecture
  • Grammar: Passé composé vs. imperfect; Plus-que-parfait; Relative pronouns; Verbs: vouloir, savoir, devoir, pouvoir; Adverbs
  • Culture: Statue of liberty: gift; Rodin / Monet; Museums; Paris/ its bridges/ history/ monuments; Tunisia; Ecological habitat; Lyon/its monuments/bridges

Unit 5: Technology and People

  • Unit Themes: Technology & people; Latest technology & the industry; Science & health
  • Grammar: The simple future; future anterieur; Conditional; Past conditional; Making hypotheses; Idiomatic expressions w/ avoir, faire, prendre
  • Culture: French gadgets & inventions; Conquest of the air; Air France & the concord; Difference between French & American health systems; French scientific contributions/ Nobel prizes; Women & science

Unit 6: Fashion

  • Unit Themes: Fashion; Sport clothes
  • Grammar: Possessive pronouns; Present participle & gerund; Direct object pronouns; Indirect object pronouns; Y vs. en
  • Culture: French fashion schools; Fashion & body image; Fur; French perfume; Baudelaire poem about perfume; Yannick Noah & other French sport celebrities; French customs in stores; Large companies accountability; Ecological clothes